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A Flea in Her Dome is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season five. In this episode, Sandy brings a flea back to her treedome.

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SpongeBob and Patrick are so sad that Sandy has gone to Texas for two whole days they decide to throw her a welcome home party. During their party, SpongeBob and Patrick notice that Sandy is scratching and biting her fur. Sandy explains that upon her return from a science convention in Texas, she unknowingly brings back a flea. Sandy asks SpongeBob to open her briefcase and take out the flea collar. The flea jumps out of her fur and lands on SpongeBob. SpongeBob gets bitten and grabs the collar. The flea then lands on Patrick and bites him, causing Patrick to take the collar. They fight over the collar, then Sandy grabs the collar and wraps it around all three of them. The flea then reproduces, causing the flea collar to be eaten away, rending it useless. Fleas take over Sandy's treedome, and no one can escape the dome. Patrick blames SpongeBob for throwing the party and getting infected, then blames Sandy for bringing the flea. SpongeBob states they may be living in a sea of fleas instead of salt water, thus giving Sandy an idea on how to get rid of the fleas. Sandy was unique crashing into the cauldron with fleas by infecting all their space in the dome with saltwater, but all the Bikini Bottom citizens are stuck in the dome at the end. Talk about a bad ending!


  • When Squidward was powerwalking, you could hear that the song he was listening to sounded similar to the smooth jazz song from "The Thing".
  • When Sandy opened the door, the water in the ocean was all filled up similar to the episode Reef Blower.
  • The title is a parody on the play "A Flea in Her Ear"
  • When SpongeBob says, "Glad to have you back, Sandy", the outline to Sandy's helmet almost disappears.
  • It is shown Squidward despises SpongeBob and Patrick more than the audience thinks when he doesn't rescue them.
  • This is the first time Sandy has gotten fleas. The second will be the special (SpongeBob's Last Stand).
  • In this episode, Squidward appeared in two cameos one in his garden then at the road.
  • When Patrick talks about being bit by "vampire fleas", after he falls on the ground, his flea bites are gone.
  • When Patrick regurgitates Sandy's cake, it is in the shape of Texas.
  • In one scene when the fleas make a face, the face resembles Bowser, a character from Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. Series.
  • When Sandy said, "There is no such thing as vampires", the flea collar that SpongeBob was wearing was gone, and it came back when Patrick was about to take it from SpongeBob.
  • Patrick eats an apple from Sandy's tree, while the tree is obviously an oak. In a later scene Sandy even picks an acorn to throw at the fleas.


Original Music

  • Welcome Home, Sandy - SpongeBob & Patrick burst out of Sandy's door. {Tom Kenny}

Classical Music

  • Toccata & Fugue in D Minor - "NOOOOOO!! I'm gonna turn into a vampire now! IT'S ALREADY HAPPENING!!" {Johann Sebastian Bach}

APM Music