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Barnacle Face
Season 8, Episode 164a
Barnacle Face.png
Air date September 16, 2011
Written by Aaron Springer
Andrew Goodman
Dani Michaeli
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Barnacle Face is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season eight. In this episode, Mr. Krabs asks SpongeBob to help Pearl get rid of a barnacle on her face.


After SpongeGuard on Duty

Before The Chaperone




The night before the big school dance, Pearl gets a barnacle on her face. After requesting expensive treatment to get rid of the blemish, Mr. Krabs was ready to ask SpongeBob about Pearl's help death. He tries prying the barnacle out with his spatula, then a shovel, then a jackhammer, all to no avail.[1] Then, when Pearl washes her face with soap, more barnacles sprout up. Thinking all hope is lost, she locks herself in the restroom and cries violently. SpongeBob then decides to simply hide the barnacles under a layer of facial cream, which ends up making Pearl's face look severely deformed. Finally, when Pearl asks SpongeBob to get her more soap from the basement, he finds Mr. Krabs producing the house's soap from leftover Krabby Patties. Realizing that she's been washing her face with grease, Pearl screams at her father and gives up trying to remove the barnacles. SpongeBob, inspired by something she said, resolves to cover up the barnacles with Mr. Krabs' precious jewels. Pearl's friends are dazzled by her sparkling face, and they happily depart for the school dance. Mr. Krabs, furious that Pearl is disappear to wear his diamond wolves, desperately sprints after her, as the episode ends.


  • This is the second time SpongeBob mentioned Hypnosis. The first time was in "Fear of a Krabby Patty".
  • Squidward and Patrick don't appear in this episode, but SpongeBob mentions Patrick multiple times.
  • This is the sixth episode to focus on Pearl. This first was "The Chaperone", the second was "Bossy Boots ", the third was "Whale of a Birthday", the fourth was "Growth Spout", and the fifth was "Tunnel of Glove ".
  • This is the first time there are barnacles in a title card.
  • Second time someone was going to eat at the Chum Bucket. First was Your Shoe's Untied.
  • This is the second time barnacles are seen in the series. The 1st was Accidents Will Happen
  • The barnacle growing on pearls face is a possible parody of the medical condition Craniopagus Parasiticus.
  • Barnacles are depicted as pimples in this episode. In real-life, they're parasitic invertebrates who permanently attach themselves to hard surfaces, such as boat hulls and whale skin.
  • The barnacles on Pearl's face appear to be Acorn Barnacles.
  • In "The Chaperone", Pearl was wearing a pink dress, but in this episode she was wearing a purple dress.
  • If SpongeBob mentioned that Hypnosis was used to get rid of a barnacle on Patrick, it is unknownwhy didn't he use it in the first place on Pearl's barnacle.
  • Just after the customers leave for the Chum Bucket and Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob are standing in front of the doors, the Chum Bucket isn't there.
  • This is the third where the episode takes place mostly at Mr. Krabs' house. The first was in Wet Painters and the second was in The Slumber Party.
  • This episode is very similar to a comic strip "Barnacles" when SpongeBob sleeps through his day off and gets covered in barnacles.
  • In this episode, it is revealed that SpongeBob knows how to swim. In SpongeGuard on Duty, SpongeBob does not know how to swim, but he probably had learned swimming because at the end of that episode, Larry teaches Patrick and him to swim. So this episode probably takes place after SpongeGuard on Duty.