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BraveStarr is an animated Space Western created by Filmation, and Group C Productions. The Series ran along side a toy line. The original 65 episodes aired in Syndication from September 17, 1987 to Febuary 24, 1988. Two Spin-Off series (Bravo! and Bugzburg) were in production when Group C Productions closed down.


BraveStarr is set in the 23rd century on a multi-cultural desert planet called New Texas. BraveStarr is a galactic marshal who battles the criminal element with his companion Thirty/Thirty, a cyborg horse. Like most Filmation shows of the era each episode strives to teach a moral lessen. One particularly notable episode is number 26 "The Price," in which a boy buys a drug called "spin," a hallucinogen similar to LSD, becomes addicted to it, and dies from an overdose. Violence, and Death are not uncommon elements in the series.


BraveStar - Galactic Marshal stationed on New Texas. He is a Native American, and can summon the power of spirit animals to aid him.

Thirty/Thirty - A sentient cybernetic horse who aids BraveStar. He is quick to temper, which often leads to disagreement between the two over the use of force in the line of duty.