Carrie C. White (November 18, 1874? – February 14, 1991), was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest person in the world around the time she celebrated her 114th birthday in 1988. A resident of a Palatka, Florida nursing home, she had been institutionalized since a nervous breakdown in 1909, about the time of her divorce. Her documentation was described as impeccable, but recent research has indicated she might in fact have been 21 rather than 35 when she was admitted, meaning she probably died at "only" 102 (instead of 116). If this is the case, Jeanne Calment became the world's oldest recognized person not when Carrie White died February 14, 1991 (considered the United States longevity record until broken by Sarah Knauss), but immediately on the death of Florence Knapp in January 1988. However, the 1900 census match could not be considered an unequivocal identification.

Other evidence suggests she was born November 18, 1873, rather than November 18, 1874, making her 117 years, 88 days old when she died, not 116.
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