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This is a list of notable people who died in June 2013.


  • Minella Borova, 66, Albanian stage actor.[1]
  • Akpor Pius Ewherido, 50, Nigerian politician, member of the Senate for Delta Central (since 2011), Delta MLA for Ughelli South (1999–2007), complications from a stroke.[2]
  • Roger Kahane, 80, French television director.[3]
  • Andrea Mamé, 41, Italian race car driver and entrepreneur, race collision.[4]
  • Paul Mulcahy, Irish rally driver, race collision.[5]
  • Thompson Oliha, 44, Nigerian football player (Nigeria Super Eagles), complications from malaria.[6]
  • Sir Keith Seaman, 93, Australian viceroy, Governor of South Australia (1977–1982).[7]
  • Sammy Terry, 83, American television horror show host.[8]


  • Khalnazar Agakhanov, 70, Turkmen diplomat and politician, Ambassador to Russia, Germany and Kazakhstan.[9]
  • Marge Anderson, 81, American Chippewa tribal executive, Chief of the Mille Lacs (1991–2000, 2008–2012), natural causes.[10]
  • Harisinh Pratapsinh Chavda, 83, Indian politician, MP for Banaskantha (2004–2008), Gujarat MLA for Danta (1975–1985).[11]
  • Jack Gotta, 83, American CFL and WFL football player, coach and general manager (Calgary Stampeders, Saskatchewan Roughriders, Birmingham Americans).[12]
  • Sarah Guyard-Guillot, 31, French acrobat (Cirque du Soleil), fall.[13]
  • Margherita Hack, 91, Italian astrophysicist and popular science writer, suspected heart failure.[14]
  • Gilma Jiménez, 57, Colombian politician, member of Senate for Bogota, cervical cancer.[15]
  • Jim Kelly, 67, American martial artist and actor (Enter the Dragon), cancer.[16]
  • Gerard Pipart, 79, French fashion designer (Nina Ricci).[17]
  • Paul Smith, 91, American jazz pianist, heart failure.[18]
  • Larry Townsend, 66, American politician, member of the Vermont House of Representatives (since 2008), cancer.[19]
  • Kishorchandra Vankavala, 70, Indian politician, Gujarat MLA for Surat West (since 2007), lung cancer.[20]
  • Kenny Wilkerson, 52, American sports broadcaster (New Orleans Saints, New Orleans VooDoo), cancer.[21]


  • D. João Alves, 87, Portuguese Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Coimbra (1976–2001).[22]
  • Yiye Ávila, 87, American Puerto Rican televangelist, heart attack.[23]
  • Rick Barber, 67, American radio talk host (KOA (AM)), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.[24]
  • Charlotte Brosnan, 42, Actress, Ovarian Cancer.[25]
  • Bhavna Chikhalia, 59, Indian politician, MP for Junagadh (1991–2004), cardiac arrest.[26]
  • Peter Lehmann, 82, Australian vineyard owner and vintner, kidney disease.[27]
  • Kenneth Minogue, 83, Australian academic and political scientist.[28]
  • Jim Nayder, 59, American radio producer and personality (WBEZ).[29]
  • Matt Osborne, 55, American professional wrestler (Doink the Clown).[30]
  • Jacques Planchard, 84, Belgian politician, Governor of Luxembourg (1976–1996).[31]
  • Sushil Kumar Sinha, 84, Indian geneticist.[32] (death announced on this date)
  • Tim Sisneros, 58, American basketball player (Middle Tennessee State University), OVC Player of the Year (1976).[33]
  • Silvi Vrait, 62, Estonian singer ("Nagu merelaine") and actress, brain tumor.[34]


  • Shafiq Badr, 87, Lebanese politician, MP for Chouf (1972–1992).[35]
  • Don Baizley, 71, Canadian sports agent (Teemu Selänne, Peter Forsberg), lung cancer.[36]
  • Stefano Borgonovo, 49, Italian footballer, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.[37]
  • Henrik Otto Donner, 73, Finnish composer and music industry executive.[38]
  • Maureen Duval, Australian model and television personality (Beauty and the Beast).[39]
  • Muhammad Emin Er, c. 99, Turkish Islamic scholar.[40]
  • James Harmston, 72, American church leader (True and Living Church of Jesus Christ of Saints of the Last Days), heart attack.[41]
  • Malachi Jones, 83, Canadian judge, member of the Nova Scotia Supreme Court and Court of Appeal.[42]
  • Charles O. Kilpatrick, 91, American publisher, editor and newspaper executive (San Antonio Express-News).[43]
  • Vincent Kuany Latjor, 74, South Sudanese rebel commander (Anyanya II).[44]
  • Alain Mimoun, 92, French Olympic runner (1948, 1952, 1956, 1960) and marathon champion (1956).[45]
  • Vittorio Missoni, 58, Italian fashion designer, CEO of Missoni, plane crash.[46] (crash confirmed on this date)
  • James Njiru, Kenyan politician, cancer.[47]
  • Bill Robertson, 75, American politician, Mayor of Minden, Louisiana (since 1991), complications from back surgery.[48]
  • David Rubitsky, 96, American World War II veteran, disputed claimant for Medal of Honor.[49]
  • A. C. Shanmughadas, 74, Indian politician, Kerala MLA for Balussery (1970–2003), cardiac arrest.[50]


  • Claude Bon, 61, French footballer.[51]
  • Hervé Boussard, 47, French Olympic cyclist (1992).[52]
  • Sarah Charlesworth, 66, American conceptual artist and photographer, cerebral hemorrhage.[53]
  • Ndungu wa Gicheru, 85, Kenyan sharpshooter (Mau Mau Uprising).[54] (death announced on this date)
  • Edward Huggins Johnstone, 91, Brazilian-born American judge, member of the US District Court for Western Kentucky (since 1977).[55]
  • Adam Koppy, 40, American mechanical engineer, traffic collision.[56]
  • K. Narayana Kurup, 86, Indian politician, Kerala MLA for Vazhoor (1963–1967, 1970–1980, 1984–2005).[57]
  • Sammy Lagmay, 55, Filipino comedian, complications of diabetes.[58]
  • James Liu, 91, Hong Kong-born Australian community activist.[59]
  • Byron Looper, 48, American politician and criminal, cardiac ailment.[60]
  • Dumitru Matcovschi, 73, Romanian-born Moldovan poet, complications from brain surgery.[61]
  • Kimberly McCarthy, 52, American criminal, execution by lethal injection.[62]
  • Justin Miller, 35, American baseball player (San Francisco Giants).[63] (body discovered on this date)
  • Nilton Pacheco, 92, Brazilian Olympic basketball player (1948).[64]
  • Abdul Rahman Mokhtar, 55, Malaysian politician, Terengganu State Representative for Kuala Besut, lung cancer.[65]
  • Marc Rich, 78, Belgian-born American tax evader, commodities trader and illegal oil broker (Iran Hostage Crisis).[66]
  • Bert Stern, 83, American celebrity photographer (The Last Sitting) and documentary maker (Jazz on a Summer's Day).[67]
  • Subhash Yadav, 67, Indian politician, Madhya Pradesh MLA for Kasrawad (since 1993).[68]


  • Giuseppe Berton, 80, Italian missionary.[69]
  • George Burditt, 89, American television writer and producer (Three's Company, The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour).[70]
  • Jack Cantoni, 65, French rugby union player.[71]
  • Mark Fisher, 66, British stage designer and ceremony producer (2008, 2012 Summer Olympics).[72]
  • Robert E. Gilka, 96, American photographer and news executive, director of photography for National Geographic, complications of pneumonia.[73]
  • Jim Hudson, 70, American football player (New York Jets), traumatic dementia encephalophathy.[74]
  • Lau Kar-leung, 76, Chinese Hong Kong martial artist, action choreographer and film director (The 36th Chamber of Shaolin), cancer.[75]
  • Harry Parker, 77, American Olympic rower (1960) and Olympic rowing coach (USRowing, Harvard University).[76]
  • Taghi Rouhani, 93, Iranian news anchor.[77]
  • Uma Shivakumar, 71, Indian actress.[78]
  • Mike Volcan, 80, Canadian football player (Edmonton Eskimos)[79]
  • Green Wix Unthank, 90, American judge, member of the US District Court for Eastern Kentucky (1980–2012).[80]


  • Mick Aston, 66, British archaeologist (Time Team).[81]
  • Emilio Colombo, 93, Italian politician, Prime Minister (1970–1972).[82]
  • Jackie Fargo, 82, American professional wrestler.[83]
  • Joannes Gijsen, 80, Dutch Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Roermond (1972–1993) and Reykjavík (1996–2007), cancer.[84]
  • William Hathaway, 89, American politician, member of the US House (1965–1973) and US Senate for Maine (1973–1979).[85] (death announced on this date)
  • Puff Johnson, 40, American pop singer and songwriter, cervical cancer.[86]
  • James Martin, 79, British businessman and computer scientist, suspected drowning.[87]
  • Alan Myers, 58, American New Wave drummer (Devo), brain cancer.[88]
  • Vadym Nesterchuk, 42, Ukrainian racing driver, dehydration.[89]
  • John L. Nickels, 82, American judge, member of the Illinois Supreme Court (1992–1998).[90]
  • Lutfar Rahman Sarkar, 80, Bangladeshi banker, Governor of the Bangladesh Bank (1996–1998).[91]
  • Andy Scott, 58, Canadian politician, MP for Fredericton (1993–2009), Solicitor General (1997–1998), cancer.[92]
  • Giorgi Tevzadze, 26, Georgian street racer and stunt driver, traffic collision.[93] (death announced on this date)


  • Pat Ashton, 82, British actress (The Gaffer).[94] (death announced on this date)
  • Bobby Bland, 83, American blues and soul singer ("Further Up the Road", "Turn On Your Love Light"), inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1992).[95]
  • Dick Bower, 83, American swim coach, complications from a stroke.[96]
  • Peter Fraser, Baron Fraser of Carmyllie, 68, Scottish politician and advocate, MP (1979–1987), Lord Advocate (1989–1992), Solicitor General (1982–1989).[97]
  • Frank Kelso, 79, American naval officer, Chief of Naval Operations (1990–1994), complications from a fall.[98]
  • Liu Qi, Chinese investigative journalist (Commercial Times), apparent fall from building.[99]
  • Richard Matheson, 87, American author and screenwriter (I Am Legend, The Shrinking Man, The Twilight Zone).[100]
  • Kunigal Nagabhushan, 70, Indian director and scriptwriter, cardiac arrest.[101]
  • Ron Pelligra, 57, American collegiate wrestler and football player (St. Lawrence University), NCAA Heavyweight Champion (1976), complications from a heart attack.[102]
  • Jeanne Arland Peterson, 91, American jazz pianist.[103]
  • Frank Stranahan, 90, American golfer, winner of The Amateur Championship (1948, 1950).[104]
  • Meamea Thomas, 25, I-Kiribati Olympic weightlifter (2004), traffic collision.[105]


  • Bruce Bradley, 79, American radio talk host (KMOX).[106]
  • Robert O. Cox, 95, American politician, Mayor of Fort Lauderdale (1986–1991).[107]
  • Leandro Díaz, 85, Colombian music composer (Vallenato), acute kidney infection.[108]
  • Beverly Fawell, 82, American politician, member of the Illinois House of Representatives (1981–1983) and Illinois Senate (1983–1999), chronic heart failure.[109]
  • Sergio Focardi, 80, Italian physicist.[110]
  • Gary David Goldberg, 68, American Emmy-award winning television screenwriter and producer (Family Ties, Spin City), brain cancer.[111]
  • Donald Hustad, 94, American evangelical church musician, academic and author.[112]
  • Alan Jones, 75, British journalist (Daily Mirror, Daily Express).[113]
  • Henning Larsen, 87, Danish architect, natural causes.[114]
  • Loránd Lohinszky, 88, Romanian actor and academic.[115]
  • Deric Longden, 77, British author and screenwriter, cancer.[116]
  • Essien Mbong, 37, Nigerian footballer (Hibernians F.C.).[117]
  • Alen Pamić, 23, Croatian footballer (NK Istra 1961), suspected cardiac arrest.[118] (death announced on this date)
  • Gary Pickford-Hopkins, 65, Welsh singer (Wild Turkey, Rick Wakeman), cancer.[119]
  • Wendy Saddington, 64, Australian jazz and blues singer (Chain), oesophageal cancer.[120]
  • Wolf Silvester, 55, German racing driver, suspected heart attack.[121]
  • Allan Simonsen, 34, Danish racing driver, race collision during 2013 24 Hours of Le Mans.[122]
  • Javier Tomeo, 80, Spanish writer, infection and diabetes.[123]
  • Jesús Humberto Velázquez Garay, 73, Mexican Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Celaya (1988–2003), respiratory disease.[124]
  • Soccor Velho, 29, Indian footballer, cardiac arrest.[125]
  • Jane Wicker, 44, American wing walker, plane crash during air show.[126]
  • Bill Wyman, 61, American football player (University of Texas), complications of Parkinson's disease.[127] (death announced on this date)
  • Mahani Zainal Abidin, Malaysian economist, cancer.[128]


  • Mohan Lal Chakma, 101, Indian politician, Tripura MLA for Penchartal (1978–1983).[129]
  • Diane Clare, 74, British actress.[130]
  • N. Dennis, 85, Indian politician, MP for Nagercoil (1980–2003).[131]
  • John L. Dotson, Jr., 76, American journalist, publisher and editor, inducted into National Association of Black Journalists Hall of Fame (2007), mantle cell lymphoma.[132]
  • Abdol-Aziz Mirza Farmanfarmaian, 93, Iranian architect.[133]
  • Genaro García, 34, Mexican boxer, shot.[134] (body discovered on this date)
  • Margret Göbl, 74, German Olympic figure skater (1960).[135]
  • Dame Barbara Goodman, 80, New Zealand politician.[136]
  • James P. Gordon, 85, American physicist.[137]
  • Marcelo Grassmann, 88, Brazilian engraver and draughtsman.[138]
  • Bernard Hunt, 83, English professional golfer.[139]
  • Ed Iacobucci, 59, Argentinian-born American technology executive, co-founder of Citrix Systems, pancreatic cancer.[140]
  • Mary Love, 69, American soul and gospel singer.[141]
  • Edgar Mann, 86, British Manx politician, Chairman of the Executive Council (1981–1985), complications of cancer.[142]
  • Kevin McDade, American metal bassist, traffic collision.[143]
  • Peter McDonald, 83, American tire tread expert and forensic author, aided investigation of the Oklahoma City bombing.[144]
  • Uzi Meshulam, 60, Israeli rabbi.[145]
  • Milorad Mišković, 86, Serbian ballet dancer, Chevalier of the Légion d'honneur.[146]
  • Sajid Qureshi, 53, Pakistani politician, Sindh MLA for Karachi, shot.[147]
  • Elliott Reid, 93, American actor (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes), heart failure.[148]
  • Dicky Rutnagur, 82, Indian cricket journalist and author.[149]
  • Curtis W. Tarr, 88, American civil servant and academic, head of the Selective Service System during Vietnam, pneumonia.[150]
  • Per Ung, 80, Norwegian sculptor, cancer.[151]
  • Zhang Guangdou, 101, Chinese hydraulic engineer and educator.[152]


  • Ibrahim Al Afghani, Somali militant (Al-Shabaab), shot.[153]
  • Moalim Burhan, Somali militant (Al-Shabaab), shot.[153]
  • Diosa Costello, 100, American Puerto Rican film and stage actress.[154]
  • Dawie du Preez, 67, South African boxer.[155]
  • Franz Xaver Eder, 87, German Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Passau (1984–2001).[156]
  • Lil Snupe, 18, American rap artist, shot.[157]
  • Vern Pyles, 94, American politician, member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives (1974–1980), heart disease and cancer.[158]
  • Scott Ricker, 59, American horse breeder and owner, cancer.[159]
  • Jean-Louis Scherrer, 78, French fashion designer.[160]
  • Günter Seibold, 76, German footballer.[161]
  • Philip Slater, 86, American playwright, actor and academic, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.[162]
  • Jeffrey Smart, 91, Australian artist, renal failure.[163]
  • Wu Zhengyi, 97, Chinese botanist, winner of the State Science and Technology Prize (2007).[164]
  • Pu Zoduha, 73, Indian politician, Mizoram MLA for Mamit (1987–1992), complications from hypertension and diabetes.[165]


  • Michael Baigent, 65, New Zealand author (The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail), brain haemorrhage.[166]
  • Eugen Böhringer, 91, German racing driver and hotelier.[167]
  • Edward Chininga, 58, Zimbabwean politician, MP for Guruve South, Minister of Mines and Mining Development (2000–2004), traffic collision.[168]
  • Chet Flippo, 69, American music journalist (Rolling Stone, Billboard), music critic and author, pneumonia.[169]
  • Vince Flynn, 47, American author (Mitch Rapp series), prostate cancer.[170]
  • James Gandolfini, 51, American actor (The Sopranos, Where the Wild Things Are, Zero Dark Thirty), cardiac arrest.[171]
  • Parke Godwin, 84, American author, natural causes.[172]
  • Brian P. Goodman, Canadian civil servant, Chair of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada.[173] (death announced on this date)
  • Michael Hodgman, 74, Australian federal and Tasmanian politician, MLC (1966–1974), MP (1975–1987), MHA (1992–1998, 2001–2010), emphysema.[174]
  • Gyula Horn, 80, Hungarian politician, Prime Minister (1994–1998).[175]
  • John Hughes, 78, Welsh ceramicist, creator of Grogg.[176]
  • Dave Jennings, 61, American football player (New York Jets, New York Giants), complications from Parkinson's disease.[177]
  • Bill Krause, 78, American convenience store executive and philanthropist, founder of Kum & Go.[178]
  • Danny Kravitz, 82, American baseball player (Pittsburgh Pirates), cancer.[179]
  • Paul Mees, 52, Australian academic and lawyer, cancer.[180]
  • Balraj Mehta, 92, Indian economic journalist, kidney failure.[181]
  • Miguel Morayta, 105, Spanish-born Mexican film director.[182]
  • Ólafur Rafnsson, 50, Icelandic sports executive, president of FIBA Europe and National Olympic and Sports Association of Iceland.[183]
  • Alfons Schilling, 79, Swiss painter, Parkinson's disease.[184]
  • Kim Thompson, 56, American comic book editor and publisher (Fantagraphics Books), lung cancer.[185]
  • Filip Topol, 48, Czech musician.[186]
  • Slim Whitman, 90, American country singer-songwriter ("Indian Love Call", "Rose Marie"), heart failure.[187]


  • Brent F. Anderson, 80, American politician, Mayor of West Valley City, Utah (1987–1994).[188]
  • Raghunath Bhattacharyya, 61, Indian judge, member of the Kolkata High Court (since 2010), COPD.[189]
  • Ruma Chatterjee, 50, Indian cyclist and national team coach, traffic collision.[190]
  • Alastair Donaldson, 58, Scottish musician.[191]
  • Vernon Fougère, 70, Canadian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Charlottetown (1991–2009).[192]
  • Gene Freese, 79, American baseball player, complications of back surgery.[193]
  • Garde Gardom, 88, Canadian politician, British Columbia MLA for Vancouver-Point Grey (1966–1986), Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia (1995–2001).[194]
  • Michael Hastings, 33, American journalist (Rolling Stone, Newsweek, BuzzFeed), traffic collision.[195]
  • John Kendrick, 91, New Zealand conservationist, filmmaker and sound recordist.[196]
  • Norman MacKenzie, 91, British academic and writer.[197]
  • Jean Melzer, 87, Australian politician, Senator for Victoria (1974–1981).[198]
  • Peter Millar, 62, Scottish footballer (Motherwell), brain tumour.[199]
  • Imran Khan Mohmand, Pakistani politician, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa MLA for Mardan, bombing.[200]
  • Michael Potter, 89, American cancer researcher, winner Lasker Award (1984), acute myeloid leukemia.[201]
  • Fahimeh Rahimi, 61, Iranian romance novelist, gastric cancer.[202]
  • Claudio Rocchi, 62, Italian progressive rock singer-songwriter and musician, degenerative disease.[203]
  • Kukoi Sanyang, 61, Ivorian Gambian revolutionary.[204]
  • Vijay Telang, 61, Indian cricketer (Viderbha).[205]
  • David Wall, 67, British ballet dancer, cancer.[206]


  • Carmen Carrozza, 91, Italian-born American accordionist.[207]
  • Peride Celal, 97, Turkish author.[208]
  • Atiqul Haque Chowdhury, 82, Bangladeshi playwright and TV producer.[209]
  • Pierre F. Côté, 85, Canadian civil servant, Chief Electoral Officer of Quebec (1978–1997).[210]
  • Peter George Diamandis, 82, American magazine publisher (Mademoiselle, Woman's Day).[211]
  • Bulbs Ehlers, 90, American basketball and baseball player.[212]
  • Jim Goddard, 77, English film and television director.[213]
  • Irwin Held, 87, American restaurateur (Barney's Beanery, 1970–1998), natural causes.[214]
  • James Holshouser, 78, American politician, Governor of North Carolina (1973–1977).[215]
  • Fuller Kimbrell, 103, American politician, member of the Alabama Senate (1946–1955).[216]
  • Werner Lang, 91, German car designer and constructor (Trabant).[217]
  • Albert Legogie, 76, Nigerian politician, member of the Senate for Edo North, malaria.[218]
  • Mitsue Nagasaki, 113, Japanese supercentenarian, seventh-oldest person in the world.[219]
  • Jalil Shahnaz, 92, Iranian maestro and Tar master, natural causes.[220]
  • Ray Stone, 89, American politician and educator, Mayor of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho (1986–1994).[221]
  • Geoff Strong, 75, English footballer.[222]
  • Karl Suleman, 52, Australian fraudster, founder of Froggy, heart attack.[223]
  • Tony Timpson, 80, New Zealand carpet executive, co-founder of Cavalier Corporation.[224] (death announced on this date)
  • Rafael Valek, 80, Colombian footballer.[225]


  • Sam Farber, 88, American industrial designer, co-founder of OXO, complications from a fall.[226]
  • T. Ed Garrison, Jr., 91, American politician, member of the South Carolina House of Representatives (1956–1967) and Senate (1967–1986), natural causes.[227]
  • Hans Hass, 94, Austrian diving pioneer.[228]
  • Khondakar Ashraf Hossain, 63, Bangladesh poet and academic, heart attack.[229]
  • Josip Kuže, 60, Croatian football player and manager (Dinamo Zagreb), leukaemia.[230]
  • Richard Marlow, 74, English organist and choral director, Non-hodgkin lymphoma.[231]
  • James Massey, 79, American information theorist, cancer.[232]
  • Bob Meistrell, 84, American wetsuit designer, co-founder of Body Glove, heart attack.[233]
  • Maurice Nadeau, 102, French writer and editor.[234]
  • Daya Perera, Sri Lankan diplomat and lawyer, Ambassador to the United Nations (1988–1991).[235]
  • Dave Petitjean, 85, American Cajun humorist and actor, complications from Alzheimer's disease.[236]
  • B. Raman, 77, Indian intelligence officer, co-founder of the Research and Analysis Wing, cancer.[237]
  • Bernard Sahlins, 90, American comedy writer and theater owner, founder of The Second City.[238]
  • D. M. Schurman, 88, Canadian historian.[239]
  • Yousef Madani Tabrizi, 85, Iranian Grand Ayatollah.[240]
  • Ottmar Walter, 89, German footballer (1. FC Kaiserslautern), member of 1954 World Cup-winning team.[241]
  • Thomas Züfle, 57, German police chief, traffic collision.[242]


  • Tatiana Belinky, 94, Russian-born Brazilian author.[243]
  • Herb Citrin, 91, American businessman, valet parking pioneer.[244]
  • Satypal Dang, 93, Indian politician, Punjab MLA for Amritsar West (1967–1980).[245]
  • Kamu de Almeida, 73, Angolan diplomat, Ambassador to the Congo, Spain and Egypt.[246]
  • Zukile Filana, South African boxer and boxing trainer.[247]
  • Heinz Flohe, 65, German footballer (1. FC Köln), member of World Cup-winning team (1974), complications from a stroke.[248]
  • Edgar Gilbert, 89, American mathematician.[249]
  • José Froilán González, 90, Argentine racing driver, respiratory failure.[250]
  • Joseph Hibbert, 65, Jamaican politician, MP for St. Andrew East Rural (2002–2011), Minister for Transport and Works, heart attack.[251]
  • Helen Hughes, 84, Czechoslovakian-born Australian economist, complications following surgery.[252]
  • Elena Ivashchenko, 28, Russian judoka, suicide by jumping from building.[253]
  • Thomas Penfield Jackson, 76, American judge, member of the US District Court for D.C. (1982–2004), cancer.[254]
  • Stanley A. Johnson, 88, American politician, member of the South Dakota House of Representatives (1968–1977).[255]
  • Sakaida Kakiemon XIV, 78, Japanese potter, Living National Treasure, cancer.[256]
  • Roger LaVern, 75, British rock keyboardist (The Tornados), prostate cancer.[257]
  • Stan Lopata, 87, American baseball player (Philadelphia Phillies), complications of a cardiac condition.[258]
  • S. Manivannan, 58, Indian actor and director, heart attack.[259]
  • Evaristo Márquez, 73, Colombian actor.[260]
  • Dennis O'Rourke, 67, Australian documentary film maker, cancer.[261]
  • Wangnia Pongte, 60, Indian football player and politician, Arunachal Pradesh MLA for Changlang North (1990–2009), traffic collision.[262]
  • Paul Soros, 87, Hungarian-born American mechanical engineer and philanthropist.[263]
  • Kenneth G. Wilson, 77, American physicist, winner Nobel Prize in Physics (1982), lymphoma.[264]
  • Syd Young, 95, Australian football player (South Melbourne).[265]


  • Leon Barwell, 46, British rugby union executive, Chairman of Northampton Saints (2011–2013), cancer.[266]
  • Betty Burstall, 87, Australian theatre director, founder of La Mama Theatre.[267]
  • Rod Bushie, 60, Canadian Anishinaabe elder, Grand Chief of Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (1997–2000), lung cancer.[268]
  • Al Green, 57, American professional wrestler, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.[269]
  • Hugh Maguire, 86, Irish violinist.[270]
  • Gene Mako, 97, American tennis player, doubles winner at US Open (1936, 1938) and Wimbledon (1937, 1938), inducted into International Tennis Hall of Fame (1973).[271]
  • Ek Sam Oun, 76, Cambodian military officer, suspected Khmer Rouge war criminal, complications from diabetes.[272]
  • Roberto Scaringella, 73, Brazilian engineer and journalist.[273]
  • Elroy Schwartz, 89, American comedy and television writer (Gilligan's Island, Groucho Marx, Bob Hope), complications from surgery.[274]
  • Tom Tall, 75, American rockabilly singer.[275]
  • Olwen Wymark, 81, American–born British dramatist.[276]


  • T. V. Abraham, 60, Indian political leader, pneumonia and liver failure.[277]
  • Mohammed Al-Khilaiwi, 41, Saudi World Cup footballer (1998), cardiac arrest.[278]
  • David Deutsch, 84, American advertising executive, founder and CEO of Deutsch Inc. (1969–1989), natural causes.[279]
  • René Domingo, 84, Spanish-born French footballer.[280]
  • Langa Kileo, Tanzanian rap artist, malaria.[281]
  • Newton Lai, 62, Chinese Hong Kong actor, pneumonia.[282]
  • Sam Most, 82, American jazz flautist, cancer.[283]
  • Dwight Opperman, 89, American publishing executive and philanthropist, CEO of West.[284]
  • Ajit Pandey, 75, Indian pop singer and politician, West Bengal MLA for Bowbazar, heart attack.[285]
  • Edmund Pellegrino, 92, American bioethicist and academic, President of The Catholic University of America (1978–1982).[286]
  • Rudy Perez, 58, Mexican boxing trainer, stomach cancer.[287]
  • Kenji Utsumi, 75, Japanese voice actor (Fist of the North Star, Fullmetal Alchemist), cancerous peritonitis.[288]
  • Albert White Hat, 74, American Lakota language teacher and activist.[289]


  • Ekkayuth Anchanbutr, Thai businessman and political activist.[290] (body found on this date)
  • Laslo Babits, 55, Canadian Olympic javelin thrower (1984).[291]
  • Teresita Barajuen, 105, Spanish Roman Catholic laity, believed to hold record for longest service in cloister.[292]
  • Elroy Chester, 44, American criminal, execution by lethal injection.[293]
  • Fatai Rolling Dollar, 86, Nigerian musician.[294]
  • John Groppo, 92, American politician, member of the Connecticut House of Representatives (1959–1985).[295]
  • Hugo Gutierrez, Jr., 86, Filipino jurist, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court (1982–1993), complications of diabetes.[296]
  • Helen Brush Jenkins, 94, American news photographer (Los Angeles Daily News).[297]
  • Michael Kasha, 92, American molecular biophysicist, complications of pneumonia.[298]
  • Jiroemon Kimura, 116, Japanese supercentenarian, verified oldest man in history, natural causes.[299]
  • Jason Leffler, 37, American racing driver (NASCAR, IndyCar), blunt force neck injury from race collision.[300]
  • José de Lima, 89, Brazilian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Itumbiara (1973–1981) and Sete Lagoas (1981–1999).[301]
  • Teodoro Matos Santana, 66, Brazilian footballer (São Paulo FC), pancreatic cancer.[302]
  • Montie Montana, Jr., 78, American cowboy entertainer and showman, directed Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.[303]
  • Pa Odiase, 79, Nigerian composer ("Arise, O Compatriots").[304]
  • Joan Parker, 80, American writer, philanthropist, activist and muse, widow of Robert B. Parker, lung cancer.[305]
  • Johnny Smith, 90, American jazz guitarist and songwriter ("Walk, Don't Run"), natural causes.[306]
  • Soh Hang-suen, 61, Hong Kong actress (Life Without Principle), complications of diabetes and stroke.[307]
  • Gavin Taylor, 72, British television and concert film director, (The Tube, U2 at Red Rocks, Queen at Wembley), cancer.[308]
  • Joseph A. Unanue, 88, American chief executive (Goya Foods).[309]
  • Scott Winkler, 23, Norwegian ice hockey player (Dallas Stars).[310]



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  • Jalal Al-Din Taheri, 87, Iranian Islamic cleric.[512]
  • Graham Walker, 68, British comedian, founder of The Grumbleweeds, cancer.[513]
  • Virginia Waring, 97, American classical pianist, widow of Fred Waring.[514]
  • Keith Wilson, 96, American classical musician, teacher and conductor.[515]
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  • Oliver Bernard, 87, English poet and translator. [518]
  • Lincoln Cathers, 79, American design engineer, US Navy design manager for the Seawolf-class submarines, mesothelioma.[519]
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  166. Da Vinci Code rival and Grail conspiracy author
  167. Former European rally champion Eugen Bohringer has died, at the age of 91
  168. Edward Chindori Chininga Dies
  169. Chet Flippo dead; Former Rolling Stone editor, Dead at 69
  170. MN Author Vince Flynn Dies At 47
  171. James Gandolfini died of cardiac arrest, hospital officials confirm
  172. Parke Godwin (1929–2013)
  173. Minister Kenney issues statement on the passing of Brian Goodman, Chairperson of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada
  174. Former Federal and Tasmanian Liberal politician Michael Hodgman has died
  175. Gyula Horn, the man who tore the Iron Curtain, dies at 80
  176. BBC News - Groggs creator John Hughes, 78, from Pontypridd dies
  177. Former Giants punter, broadcaster Jennings dead at 61 after battle with Parkinson's
  178. Kum & Go founder W.A. "Bill" Krause dies
  179. Obituary for Daniel Kravitz
  180. Mees dies following battle with cancer
  181. Veteran journalist Balraj Mehta dead
  182. Spanish-Born Filmmaker Miguel Morayta Dies in Mexico at 105
  183. FIBA - FIBA Europe President Rafnsson passes away
  184. Künstler Alfons Schilling gestorben Template:De icon
  185. Thompson, RIP
  186. Czech musician Filip Topol dies
  187. Slim Whitman Dead: Country Singer Dies At Age 90
  188. Salt lake Tribune: Former West Valley City mayor Brent Anderson dies
  189. Judge passes away, lawyers 'cease work' in respect
  190. National cycling coach Ruma Chatterjee dies in road accident
  191. Obituary:Alastair "Ali" Donaldson, musician
  192. Bishop Vernon Fougere dies
  193. Former major leaguer Gene Freese passes away at 79
  194. Garde Gardom recalled fondly as a 'happy warrior' with a terrific sense of humour
  195. Statement on Michael Hastings - BuzzFeed
  196. Radio New Zealand Birdsong Music Creator Dies
  197. Norman MacKenzie obituary
  198. ParlInfo - CONDOLENCES : MELZER, Jean Isobelle, OAM
  199. Motherwell legend dies
  200. Pakistan bomb kills 27, including legislator at a funeral
  201. The Wire
  202. Romance novelist Fahimeh Rahimi dies at 61
  203. Scomparso Claudio Rocchi, figura simbolo del rock progressivo italiano
  204. Koukoie Samba Sanyang is Dead
  205. Former Vidarbha captain Telang passes away
  206. Ballet dancer David Wall dies aged 67
  207. Carmen Carrozza obituary
  208. Peride Celal hayatını kaybetti - Hürriyet KÜLTÜR-SANAT Template:Tr icon
  209. Atiqul H Chy no more
  210. Décès de Pierre-F. Côté Template:Fr icon
  211. Rowayton's Peter George Diamandis, 82, Magazine Publisher
  212. Edwin S. Ehlers obituary
  213. Jim Goddard obituary | Television & radio | The Guardian
  214. Held, former owner of Barney's Beanery, dies at 87
  215. Former Gov. Jim Holshouser dies
  216. Former state senator and Folsom adviser Fuller Kimbrell dies at 103
  217. Entwickler des legendären Trabi 601: Werner Lang ist tot (SpiegelOnline Template:De icon
  218. Ex-Senate dep president, Legogie, dies at 76
  219. 広島県最高齢の女性死去 呉 - 中国新聞 Template:Jp icon
  220. Leading Iranian Tar virtuoso Jalil Shahnaz dies at 92
  221. Former Coeur d’Alene Mayor Ray Stone dies
  222. Former Liverpool FC star Geoff Strong dies aged 75
  223. Former Ponzi scheme high-flyer, 52, dies after heart attack
  224. Cavalier Bremworth founder Tony Timpson dies
  225. Pasto despidiĂł a Valek, primer campeĂłn en Colombia
  226. Sam Farber, Creator of Oxo Utensils, Dies at 88
  227. Community loses 'Keeper of the land'
  228. Diving icon and 'Lord of the Sharks' Hans Hass is dead
  229. Professor Khondakar Ashraf Hossain dies
  230. Preminuo Josip Kuže Template:Hr icon
  231. Richard Marlow, a force behind Portland's William Byrd Festival, dies
  232. James Massey dies at 79
  233. Deaths: Body Glove founder Bob Meistrell changed surfing
  234. Maurice Nadeau, éditeur génial et désargenté Template:Fr icon
  235. President’s Counsel Daya Perera dies
  236. Cajun humorist Dave Petitjean dies
  237. Bahukutumbi Raman, One of the Founders of RAW, Died at 77
  238. Obituary: Bernie Sahlins, co-founder and former owner of Second City, dies at 90
  239. Donald Mackenzie SCHURMAN
  240. آیت الله العظمی مدنی تبریزی به ملکوت اعلی پیوست Template:Fa icon
  241. Ottmar Walter, German player in 1954 WCup, dies
  242. Chief of police Stuttgart dies in accident Template:De icon
  243. Morre aos 94 anos a escritora de livros infantil-juvenis Tatiana Belinky (G1│Globo) Template:Pt icon
  244. Herb Citrin obituary: Herb Citrin dies at 91; 'Mr. Valet' parked L.A.'s cars for decades
  245. Veteran CPI leader Satypal Dang passes away
  246. Angola: Officials Pay Tribute to Ambassador Kamu De Almeida
  247. Another Cape stalwart dies
  248. World Cup football winner Flohe dies
  249. Edgar Nelson Gilbert Obituary
  250. Jose Froilan Gonzalez, Ferrari's first F1 winner, dies aged 90
  251. Former politician Joseph Hibbert
  252. Helen Hughes, Australia’s greatest female economist: 1928-2013
  253. Russian Judo Star Committed Suicide - Investigators
  254. Thomas Penfield Jackson, Outspoken Judge, Dies at 76
  255. Former state lawmaker Stanley Johnson dies
  256. Potter Kakiemon Sakaida dies at 78
  257. Family's tribute as chart-topper dies at age of 75
  258. Detroit native, former All-Star catcher Stan Lopata dies at 87
  259. The King of satire is no more!
  260. Evaristo Márquez dies at 73 Template:Es icon
  261. Fiery maker of passionate films dies
  262. Former Arunachal minister Wangnia Pongte dies in road accident
  263. Paul Soros, Shipping Innovator, Dies at 87
  264. Kenneth G. Wilson 1936-2013: Nobel laureate, OSU physicist dies at 77
  265. In Memoriam Sydney Young
  266. BBC Sport - Ex-Northampton Saints chairman Leon Barwell dies, aged 46
  267. La Mama founder Betty Burstall dies
  268. Former grand chief Rod Bushie dies
  269. Former WCW Wrestler Al "The Dog" Green Passes Away
  270. Hugh Maguire
  271. Gene Mako, Champion Tennis Partner of Don Budge, Dies at 97
  272. Cambodian Khmer Rouge Atrocity Suspect Dies | The Irrawaddy Magazine
  273. Roberto Scaringella, fundador da CET, morre em SP (UOL) Template:Pt icon
  274. Elroy Schwartz, TV writer, dies at 89
  275. Tom Tall, Passes Away at 75
  276. Olwen Wymark obituary
  277. KC(M) leader T V Abraham passes away
  278. Death of Mohammed Al-Khilaiwi Template:Ar icon
  279. The Founder Of Deutsch Has Died
  280. René Domingo dies aged 84 Template:Fr icon
  281. Tanzania Hip Hop Artist Langa Has Passed Away
  282. Actor Newton Lai passes away at age 62
  283. Sam Most dies at 82; pioneering jazz flutist
  284. Former West Publishing CEO Dwight Opperman dies at 89
  285. Popular singer of 'gana sangeet' Ajit Pandey passes away
  286. Physician and prominent bioethicist Edmund Pellegrino dies at age 92
  287. Boxing trainer Rudy Perez dies - ESPN
  288. Fist of the North Star's Raoh Voice Actor Kenji Utsumi Passes Away
  289. Albert White Hat, preserver of Lakota language, dies at 74
  290. Ekkayuth's body found; theft motive disputed
  291. R.I.P. ~ Laslo Babits
  292. 'Longest-serving' cloistered nun dies in Spain
  293. Elroy Chester, Texas man who confessed to 5 killings, executed by lethal injection
  294. Beloved Nigerian musician Fatai Rolling Dollar dies at 86
  295. Winsted native and Democratic leader John G. Groppo dies at 92
  296. Retired Associate Justice Hugo Gutierrez Jr. passes away at 86
  297. Helen Brush Jenkins, early LA news photographer was 94
  298. Renowned FSU scientist Michael Kasha dies at 92
  299. 'Oldest man ever' Jiroemon Kimura dies in Japan aged 116
  300. Leffler Dies After Accident in Dirt Car Event
  301. Bishop José de Lima
  302. Teodoro, campeão brasileiro pelo São Paulo em 1977, morre de câncer Template:Pt icon
  303. Springville cowboy Montie Montana Jr., dies
  304. Composer Of The National Anthem, Pa Odiase Is Dead
  305. Joan H. Parker, Inspiration for Heroine of Spenser Mysteries, Dies at 80
  306. Johnny Smith, Revered Guitar Player, Has Died : The Record : NPR
  307. 蘇杏璇病逝 享年61歲 - Yahoo! 香港娛樂新聞
  308. Tributes paid to North-East music director
  309. Joseph A. Unanue, Former Chief Executive of Goya Foods, Dies at 88
  310. College Hockey / Former Tiger Scott Winkler dies unexpectedly at 23
  311. Miller Barber, 82, Golf Champion With Odd Swing, Dies
  312. Carl Bauer, former University of Louisiana lobbyist, dies
  313. Asantehene's press secretary passes on
  314. Sir Henry Cecil: Legendary trainer dies aged 70
  315. Robert W. Fogel, Nobel-Winning Economist, Dies at 86
  316. Former Citadel President Maj. Gen. James A. Grimsley Jr. dies
  317. Zemřel Jan Kašpar, dlouholetý člen Divadla Járy Cimrmana (Lidové noviny) Template:Cs icon
  318. Canoe champion Kiligkaridis clinically dead of leukaemia
  319. The Yeshiva World Boro Park: Oldest Jewish Person Dies At 113 Years-Old; Levaya To Be Held Today
  320. Bishop Olavio López Duque
  321. World’s ‘Oldest Person,' 127-Year-Old Luo Meizhen, Dies In China
  322. mr Murray Cooper Mitchell Obituary
  323. Award-winning journo dies
  324. BBC Radio 4 newsreader Rory Morrison dies
  325. Latvian authorities confirm death of Oilers prospect Kristians Pelss
  326. STEPHEN W. PORTER Obituary
  327. Congress leader V.C. Shukla dead
  328. Thyra Thomson, 96, pioneering woman in politics
  329. Jaakko J. Wallenius in memoriam
  330. Billy Williams Obituary
  331. Adedipe, Akure kingmaker dies of cancer
  332. Katibu Mkuu wa zamani afariki dunia Template:Sw icon
  333. Doug Bailey, G.O.P. Political Consultant, Dies at 79
  334. Dunkerque : Jacques Bialski n’est plus, un pur militant socialiste s’en est allé Template:Fr icon
  335. Saudi- Prince Badr bin Muhammad passes away - MENAFN
  336. Idaho attorney Allen Derr dies at 85
  337. Bel’ange EPAKO n’est plus ! Template:Fr icon
  338. Ralph Graves, Who Strove to Keep Life Magazine Afloat, Dies at 88
  339. Template:De icon
  340. Petrus Kastenman aar avlidit Template:Sv icon
  341. Former SD Secretary of State Kundert dies
  342. Décès de Louis-Paul Mfedé Template:Fr icon
  343. The Jewish Press » » Rabbi Who Compiled Laws of the Sabbath Dies at 85
  344. Renowned photographer Hector Oaxaca Acosta dies in Juárez at 87 years old - El Paso Times
  345. Tributes paid to former RTÉ editor Rory O'Connor
  346. Fallece Enrique Orizaola, extécnico del Barça Template:Es icon
  347. Manny Pittson, leader in Canadian TV production, dies
  348. Rena Price dies at 97; her and son's arrests sparked Watts riots
  349. Former MLA cremated
  350. RIP Don Roby
  351. Peoria baseball magnate Pete Vonachen dies at 87
  352. Barbara Vucanovich, 91, Dies; Served Nevada in Congress
  353. Iain Banks, Novelist of Crime and Science Fiction, Dies at 59
  354. Bruno Bartoletti, Maestro Who Shaped Lyric Opera of Chicago, Dies at 86
  355. Martin Bernal, ‘Black Athena’ Scholar, Dies at 76
  356. Tributes to former Wakefield Trinity, Castleford, Normanton and Leeds rugby league player John Burke
  357. Soul icon Darondo dies at 67
  358. Former NADECO chieftain, Wahab Dosunmu Dies Two Days Before 20th Anniversary Of Historic June 12 Elections
  359. Sri Lanka Cricket News: Umpire KT Francis dies at 73
  360. Carnatic vocalist Ranjani Hebbar passes away
  361. German writer and intellectual Walter Jens dies
  362. Actor and Hamburger Hamlet founder Harry Lewis dies at 93 -
  363. Japanese archaeologist killed in Vietnam accident
  364. Celebrated Jazz Musician Murray McNabb Dies
  365. Provincial Russian Wrestler Strangled with Whip
  366. Wolves' Oboh dies in crash
  367. Main - Malaysia - Veteran actress Latifah Omar dies @ Sun Jun 09 2013
  368. Howard's former speechwriter dies
  369. Prammer: Pöder war aufrechter Demokrat und überzeugter Parlamentarier Template:De icon
  370. Spanish Film Producer Elias Querejeta Dies
  371. Catholic poet Rotrekl dies aged 92
  372. Former CPI-M legislator shot dead in Bengal
  373. Ed STEVENS Obituary
  374. UGA football legend dies at 89
  375. Kidderminster-born radio hero dies, aged 70
  376. Paul Cellucci, Ex-Massachusetts Governor, Dies at 65
  377. Longtime Raley's exec Charles Collings dies at 87 - Around the valley
  378. Broadway and vaudeville pioneer Harold ‘Stumpy’ Cromer is dead
  379. Former senator Nathan Dean passes away at age 79
  380. Father of Iran tennis dies
  381. Niels Diffrient, Industrial Designer Who Blended Form and Function, Dies at 84
  382. Yoram Kaniuk, Maverick Israeli Novelist, Dies at 83
  383. Taufik Kiemas: Meninggal Dunia Di Singapura
  384. Business magnate, Fair Tax advocate Linbeck dies
  385. Dr. William Lockridge, co-founder of Ashford Stud, dies at 81
  386. Angus MacKay 1927-2013
  387. Former racehorse trainer Joe Mulhall dies
  388. APA - Prominent Azerbaijani artist Togrul Narimanbekov passes away
  389. Denver photographer Steven Nickerson who shocked, awed, dead at 55
  390. Co-founder of Pessagno Vineyard dies
  391. Ex-mayor Eugene Ruehlmann dies
  392. LTG Richard J. Seitz Passes Away
  393. Top Chhattisgarh Maoist gunned down
  394. Prominent East German painter Willi Sitte dies aged 92
  395. Victoria Playhouse artistic director dies at 67
  396. Arturo Vega, Shepherd for the Ramones, Dies at 65
  397. Obituary: Philip White was longest-serving mayor of then-Borough of York
  398. Rachel Abrams, writer and artist, dies
  399. Kiwi athlete Cantwell dies in Tahitian hospital|
  400. Miroslaw Car passes away
  401. Charlie Coles, Who Led Underdog to a Stirring N.C.A.A. Run, Dies at 71
  402. Southampton-born athletics golden girl Donna Murray dies
  403. Whydah historian Kinkor dies at 59
  404. Zemřel nestor vinařství, profesor Vilém Kraus (iDNES) Template:Cs icon
  405. David Lyon obituary
  406. Pierre Mauroy, Socialist Who Led Changes in France, Dies at 84
  407. Adelaide journalist and speech writer for John Howard and Tony Abbot, Christopher Pearson, dies
  408. J.V. Raghavulu passes away
  409. LA Times: "Night Stalker" Richard Ramirez died of complications from lymphoma
  410. Atriz Malu Rocha morre aos 65 anos (Folha de S.Paulo) Template:Pt icon
  411. Olympian Frank Salvat saved from pauper's burial
  412. Former WCW Wrestler Mark Starr Passes Away at 50
  413. Bishop Joseph M. Sullivan, Advocate for the Poor, Dies at 83
  414. 4 Die in helicopter crash in Mexico
  415. Århundredets danske cellist Template:Da icon
  416. Dr. Douglas Blood dies at 93
  417. Beloved Children's Book Author Carol Carrick Is Dead at Age 78
  418. 作家なだいなださん死去 83歳 Template:Ja icon
  419. New York Times, Jerome Karle, 94, dies Nobelist for crystallography
  420. Zemřela sběratelka krkonošských pohádek, stvořitelka Trautenberka (iDNES) Template:Cs icon
  421. Elaine Laron, 'Electric Company' Lyricist, Dies at 83
  422. Eugen Merzbacher
  423. John Noel, NBC 4 New York Reporter and Vietnam War Veteran, Dies
  424. Former Chico State football coach Riehlman dead at 79
  425. Tom Sharpe, Darkly Satirical British Novelist, Dies at 85
  426. Maxine Stuart, veteran actress of stage, film and TV, dies at 94
  427. TODD
  428. Harold ‘Pappy’ Wilcox Passes at 85
  429. Esther Williams, Swimming Champion Who Became a Movie Star, Dies at 91
  430. Saxophonist Bert Wilson dies
  431. Joan Austin, major OSU donor, dies at 81
  433. Country Comedian, KRZK Alum Don Bowman Dies
  434. How beloved restauranteur Marie Catrib helped turn East Hills into 'center of the universe'
  435. Jesus 'Chamorro' Charfauros remembered by many
  436. One Piece Voice Actor Takkou Ishimori Passes Away
  437. Coats' father-in-law dies
  438. Manitoba curling scene mourns popular two-time champion Dave Elias
  439. Obituary Template:De icon
  440. UPDATE USA Drug Stores chain founder Lafrance dies at 71
  441. Former La Salle SID, AP freelancer Bob Lyons dies
  442. Helen McElhone
  443. Morre a jornalista e escritora Scarlet Moon, aos 62 anos (Veja) Template:Pt icon
  444. W Krakowie zmarł kardynał Stanisław Kazimierz Nagy Template:Pl icon
  445. Lonappan Nambadan passes away
  446. BBC News - Former Sinn Féin president Ruairí Ó Brádaigh dies
  447. Stylist Annabel Tollman Dies
  448. Star Trek Remembering TOS Guest Star Katherine Woodville, 1938-2013
  449. Walt Arfons, a Tinkerer Who Gave Racecars Wings, Dies at 96
  450. Martin Arnold, Former Times Journalist, Dies at 84
  451. L'ancien sénateur Auguste Cazalet est décédé Template:Fr icon
  452. Ex-Gary Mayor Rudy Clay dies after battling prostate cancer
  453. Joey Covington, Rock Drummer, Dies at 67
  454. Retired Ala appeals judge John Crawley dies
  455. Former WGH standout Davis remembered
  456. Former Taylor Woodrow chief exec Sir Frank Gibb dies
  457. Jazz Articles: Broadcaster, Musician Ibrahim González Dies
  458. Andlát: Hermann Gunnarsson
  459. Pekka Hämäläinen nukkui pois | Suomen Palloliitto Template:Fi icon
  460. Former Finger Lakes jockey Michele Harris dies at 62
  461. Former legislator, Heilman, dies at age of 92
  462. Décès du docteur Gaston Isabelle Template:Fr icon
  463. Austin M. Lee, 93; served in Pa. House
  464. Sir Patrick Nairne
  465. Gloria O'Connor, Widow of Actor Donald O'Connor, Dies at 84
  466. Zmarł Waldemar Podgórski
  467. Veteran actor S. Shamsuddin dies at 84
  468. Benjamin Stewart, beloved character actor and ATC mainstay, dies at 70
  469. RIP, Jim Sundquist: He put the Fender in the Fendermen
  470. The Marietta Daily Journal - Georgia jazz musician killed in car crash
  471. Former Eagles DE Will Wynn, 64, dies
  472. 'Days of Our Lives' Casting Director Fran Bascom Dead - Yahoo! OMG South Africa
  473. Yves Bertrand: Ex-Intelligence Boss Found Dead
  474. Nadine Brown, who founded controversial group Intercessors of the Lamb, dies
  475. Rev. Will D. Campbell, Maverick Minister in Civil Rights Era, Dies at 88
  476. Open source luminary Atul Chitnis dies of cancer at age 51
  477. Józef Czyrek Template:Pl icon
  478. Former TN minister Edmund passes away
  479. Arnold Eidus, 90, Adman With Stradivarius, Dies
  480. Howard Grief, 73, staunch fighter for land of Israel
  481. Afghan MP dies in Iran’s car cras
  482. Edward Hotaling, 75, TV Reporter Who Shed Light on Black History, Is Dead
  483. Eugênio Izecksohn, especialista em anfíbios, morre aos 81 anos (O Globo) Template:Pt icon
  484. Deacon Jones Dies at 74; Made Quarterback Sack Brutal and Enthralling
  485. MPA Farid Khan shot dead in Hangu
  486. Bollywood actor Jiah Khan commits suicide
  487. Frank Lautenberg, New Jersey Senator in His 5th Term, Dies at 89
  488. The Mark Inside’s Chris Levoir dead at 31, cause as yet unknown
  489. Mexican actor Enrique Lizalde dies
  490. Chicago blues musician Piano C. Red dies
  491. Ex-CPI(M) MLA Kosala Ramadas dies
  492. Tributes flood in as much-loved comedian Lee Wilson loses cancer fight
  493. NAC Orchestra founding conductor Mario Bernardi dies
  494. Captain Cathie dies at 83
  495. Chris Cox, Audubon Travel Writer, Dies at 57
  496. In memoriam: Marco Frascari, professor of architecture
  497. Chen Xitong, Beijing Mayor During Tiananmen Protests, Dies at 82
  498. DOUGHTY
  499. Veteran journalist Courtney Gibson dies
  500. Lord Gilbert
  501. Former Lander AD, coach Horne dies at 77
  502. Obituary:Nick Keir, musician
  503. Charlotte Lobb, romance novelist and newspaper columnist, dies at 77
  504. Army’s 1st division commander Brigadier-General Lucero dies
  505. Gil Lyons, longtime Times sports reporter, dies at 83
  506. Former Fargo attorney and federal judge died Sunday
  507. Former Eighteen Visions Bassist Mick Morris Dead at 35
  508. Prominent Indigenous artist Kunmana Mitchell dies
  509. Veteran Allen judge Moellering, 86, dies
  510. Singer/songwriter Rob Morsberger dies
  511. Former Chicago Bears Pro Bowler Ron Smith dies of lung cancer
  512. Iran dissident's funeral turns into anti-government protest
  513. Grumbleweeds' Graham Walker dies
  514. Classical pianist Virginia Waring, 97, dies at her Rancho Mirage home
  515. In memoriam: Keith Wilson, Professor Emeritus of Clarinet
  516. Mandawuy Yunupingu, Australian Musician and Educator, Dies at 56
  517. Christopher Bates Obituary
  518. He was the nice one: farewell to Oliver Bernard
  519. Lincoln D. Cathers, naval architect, dies at 79
  520. William T. Cartwright obituary: Rescuer of Watts Towers dies at 92
  521. Kleinkunstenaar Miel Cools (78) is overleden Template:Nl icon
  522. Former city journalist Keith Gascoigne dies aged 86
  523. Jelena Gencic, Novak Djokovic's first coach, dies
  524. Mott Green, a Free-Spirited Chocolatier, Dies at 47
  525. Obituary: Bill Gunston OBE, FRAeS
  526. visionlist Ian Howard
  527. James Kelleher served city and nation
  528. Atle Kittang er død Template:No icon
  529. Aboriginal artist Dorothy Napangardi dies in car crash
  530. Prof. Dr. Hanfried Lenz ist am 1. Juni 2013 gestorben
  531. Arab-American scholar Alixa Naff dies at 93
  532. Paul Olefsky, a Cellist and Educator, Dies at 87
  533. Former N.S. cabinet minister and newspaper editor Jane Purves dead at 63
  534. Cycling president on race crash: Very tragic Template:No icon
  535. Richard Raines, of Perfect Stranger fame, dead at 48
  536. Writer, Editor and Roxbury's 'Good Neighbor' Hugh Rawson Dies at 76
  537. Edward Reed Jr., federal judge in NV, dies at 88
  538. Transition: Film industry loses iconic songwriter
  539. John D. Smith Sr., 90, art director for Fisher-Price
  540. Living Legends creator Janie Thompson dies at 91
  541. Former Federal Court judge Zakaria Mohamed Yatim dies