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  • Abir Goswami, 37, Indian television actor, heart attack.[1]
  • Katie John, 98, American Athabaskan subsistence rights advocate.[2]
  • Thomas Sullivan, 71, American nightclub owner, complications from colon surgery.[3]


  • John Antonio, 83, American advertising executive, designer of Clemson University's Tiger paw logo, cancer.[4]
  • Dean Brooks, 96, American physician and actor (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest).[5]
  • Elliot del Borgo, 74, American composer.[6]
  • Güzin Dino, 102, Turkish literary scholar.[7]
  • Rituparno Ghosh, 49, Indian filmmaker, cardiac arrest.[8]
  • Gail Heil, 67, American folk musician, cancer.[9]
  • Arquímedes Herrera, 77, Venezuelan Olympic track and field athlete (1964).[10]
  • Jayalath Jayawardena, 59, Sri Lankan politician, physician and human rights campaigner, heart disease.[11]
  • Larry Jones, 79, American football player and coach (Florida State University, 1971–1973).[12]
  • Kyprianos Koutsoumpas, 78, Greek Orthodox hierarch, Metropolitan of Oropos and Fili, President of Synod of the Old Calendarist Church of Greece, stroke.[13]
  • Vina Mazumdar, 86, Indian academic and women's activist, lung tumour.[14]
  • Jerry McGill, 73, American rockabilly singer, songwriter and outlaw documentary subject.[15]
  • Corina Meeks, Trinidadian-born Jamaican civil servant, Director of the Jamaican Information Service (1977–1980).[16]
  • Andrew Scott Reisse, 33, American computer graphic engineer, co-founder of Oculus Rift, traffic collision.[17]
  • Reveille VII, 12, American collie, mascot for Texas A&M University, euthanized.[18]
  • Namrata Singh, 21, Indian singer and reality show contestant (Sa Re Ga Ma Pa), traffic collision.[19]
  • Péter Szilágyi, 59, Hungarian conductor and politician, MP for Berettyóújfalu (1994–2002).[20]
  • Oscar Unger, 75, Indian choreographer, brain haemorrhage.[21]


  • Ramón Aguirre Suárez, 68, Argentine footballer (Estudiantes de La Plata).[22]
  • Mahdi Al-Senussi, 57, Libyan royal, heart attack.[23]
  • Richard Ballantine, 72, British cycling writer. [24]
  • Dragan Banovic, 60, Croatian journalist, cancer.[25]
  • Nino Baragli, 88, Italian award winning film editor.[26]
  • Françoise Blanchard, 58, French actress (La Morte Vivante).[27]
  • Mike Carrell, 69, American politician, member of the Washington House (1994–2004) and Washington State Senate (since 2004), myelodysplastic syndrome.[28]
  • Jabulani Dube, Zimbabwean politician, MP-elect for Insiza South.[29]
  • Andrew Greeley, 85, American priest, author and newspaper columnist (Chicago Sun Times). [30]
  • Charles Henderson, 88, American financial executive, heart failure.[31]
  • Marvin Junior, 77, American R&B singer (The Dells), inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (2004), kidney failure.[32]
  • Taha Karimi, 37, Iranian Kurdish filmmaker, traffic collision.[33]
  • Mamman Kontagora, 69, Nigerian military officer and politician.[34]
  • Svatopluk Košvanec, 76, Czech jazz trombonist.[35]
  • Cliff Meely, 65, American basketball player (University of Colorado, Houston Rockets), blood infection.[36]
  • Mulgrew Miller, 57, American jazz pianist, stroke.[37]
  • Henry Morgentaler, 90, Polish-born Canadian physician, abortion advocate, Holocaust survivor, heart attack.[38]
  • Franca Rame, 83, Italian theatre actress, playwright and political activist.[39]
  • William Earl Reid, 78, Canadian politician, British Columbia MLA for Surrey (1983–1986) and Surrey-White Rock-Cloverdale (1986–1991), cancer.[40]
  • Márcio Ribeiro, 49, Brazilian actor, humorist and TV presenter, heart failure.[41]
  • Wali-ur-Rehman, 42, Pakistani Taliban militant, military action.[42]


  • Silvério Paulo de Albuquerque, 96, Brazilian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Caetité (1970–1973) and Feira de Santana (1973–1995).[43]
  • Nino Bibbia, 91, Italian Olympic skeleton racer and bobsledder (1948).[44]
  • Nazmiye Demirel, 86, Turkish first lady, wife of Süleyman Demirel, Alzheimer's disease.[45]
  • Cullen Finnerty, 30, American football player (Grand Valley State University).[46] (body discovered on this date)
  • Viktor Kulikov, 91, Russian military officer, Marshal of the Soviet Union (1977), Warsaw Pact commander-in-chief (1977–1989).[47]
  • Albert Mangwea, Tanzanian rap artist, heart attack.[48]
  • Irénise Moulonguet, 112, French supercentenarian, oldest living person in France.[49]
  • Jack Mulkey, 95, American football player (California State University, Fresno).[50]
  • Don Oliver, 76, American television journalist (NBC).[51]
  • Fotis Polymeris, 93, Greek singer.[52]
  • Buck Robley, American professional wrestler, heart failure.[53]
  • Eddie Romero, 88, Filipino film director, blood clot and prostate cancer.[54]
  • Gerd Schmückle, 95, German general.[55]
  • Caesar Trunzo, 87, American politician, member of the New York Senate (1972–2008).[56]
  • Masuko Ushioda, 71, Japanese violinist and teacher (New England Conservatory).[57]


  • Yara Abbas, 26, Syrian television journalist, shot.[58]
  • Carol Fleming Al-Ajroush, 53, American-born Saudi journalist and blogger, breast cancer.[59]
  • György Bárdy, 92, Hungarian actor.[60]
  • Jean Bach, 94, American filmmaker (A Great Day in Harlem).[61]
  • Guy Carcassonne, 62, French constitutionalist, cerebral hemorrhage.[62]
  • Tom Lichtenberg, 72, American football coach (University of Maine, Ohio University), cancer.[63]
  • Little Tony, 72, Italian-born Sammarinese pop singer and actor, lung cancer.[64]
  • Yoshinari Matsushita, 43, Japanese motorcyle racer, race collision.[65]
  • Bill Pertwee, 86, British radio and television actor (Dad's Army, You Rang, M'Lord?) and author.[66]
  • Abdoulaye Sékou Sow, 83, Malian politician, Prime Minister (1993–1994).[67]
  • Ingrid Visser, 35, Dutch Olympic volleyball player (1996).[68] (body found on this date)
  • Berny Wagner, 88, American track and field coach (Oregon State University), USTCA Coach of the Year (1972), inducted into USTFCCCA Hall of Fame (2002).[69]
  • Hideki Yoshimura, 46, Japanese punk rock musician (Bloodthirsty Butchers), heart failure. [70]


  • John Bierwirth, 89, American aircraft executive, Chairman of Grumman (1972–1988).[71]
  • Clarence Burke, Jr., 62, American singer ("O-o-h Child"), songwriter and guitarist (Five Stairsteps).[72]
  • Bob Campbell, 81, Australian football executive, President of Glenelg FC (1981–1986), Chairman of Adelaide FC (2001–2004).
  • Roberto Civita, 76, Italian-born Brazilian businessman, CEO of Grupo Abril, heart failure.[73]
  • Frankie Conklin, 53, American cheer coach (University of Memphis), coached seven UCA national championships, heart attack.[74]
  • Mbuya Dyoko, 68, Zimbabwean musician, cirrhosis.[75]
  • Héctor Garza, 43, Mexican professional wrestler, lung cancer.[76]
  • Ivanka Grabcheva, 66, Bulgarian film and television director, complications from a fall.[77]
  • Igor Gradoboev, 41, Belarusian footballer.[78]
  • John Q. Hammons, 94, American hotelier and philanthropist.[79]
  • Hildegard Krekel, 60, German actress, cancer. [80]
  • Hal McClure, 92, American journalist (Associated Press), complications from a fall.[81]
  • Charles M. McGowan, 89, American politician, member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives (1968–1978).[82]
  • Peter Wolff Metternich zur Gracht, 84, German businessman, Superior general of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre (2005–2011).[83]
  • Otto Muehl, 87, Austrian painter and activist, Parkinson's disease and cardiac ailment.[84]
  • José María Pérez Gay, 70, Mexican journalist, academic and diplomat, Ambassador to Portugal, National Journalism Prize (1996).[85]
  • Happy Pieterse, 70, South African boxer, complications of diabetes.[86] (death announced on this date)
  • Sparkly Devil, 36, American burlesque performer, traffic collision.[87]
  • Jack Vance, 96, American science fiction author.[88]


  • Mohammed Rashad Abdulle, 79, Ethiopian academic.[89]
  • Gordon Berg, 85, American politician, member of the North Dakota House of Representatives (1977–1991).[90]
  • Harry Birrell, 85, American radio news broadcaster (KNX (AM)), interstitial lung disease.[91]
  • Gene Burns, 72, American political radio broadcaster and food critic, complications from a stroke.[92]
  • Paul Cuprowski, 73, American politician, member of the New Jersey General Assembly (1983–1985).[93]
  • Mahendra Karma, Indian political leader, founder of Salwa Judum, shot.[94]
  • Jan Kinder, 68, Norwegian ice hockey player.[95]
  • Marshall Lytle, 79, American rock and roll musician (Bill Haley & His Comets), inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (2012), lung cancer.[96]
  • Uday Mudliyar, Indian politician, Chhattisgarh MLA for Rajnandgaon (1993–1998), shot.[94]
  • Nand Kumar Patel, 59, Indian politician, Chhattisgarh MLA for Kharsia (since 1990), shot.[97]
  • T. M. Soundararajan, 91, Indian playback singer.[98]
  • Jimmy Wray, 75, British politician, MP for Glasgow Provan (1987–1997) and Glasgow Baillieston (1997–2005).[99]
  • Lewis Yocum, 66, American orthopedist, specialist in Tommy John surgery, liver cancer.[100]


  • Baleshwar Agrawal, 91, Indian newspaper editor (Hindustan Samachar News).[101]
  • Chaudary Muhammad Amjad, 50, Pakistani footballer, heart attack.[102]
  • Elsa Bornemann, 61, Argentine children's writer.[103]
  • Dave Costa, 71, American football player (Oakland Raiders, Denver Broncos).[104] (death announced on this date)
  • Michel Crozier, 90, French sociologist.[105]
  • Ron Davies, 70, Welsh footballer.[106]
  • Walter Thomas Durham, 88, American historian and author, Tennessee State Historian (since 2002).[107]
  • Gotthard Graubner, 82, German painter.[108]
  • Haynes Johnson, 81, American journalist (The Washington Post, Washington Evening Star), winner of Pulitzer Prize (1966), heart attack.[109]
  • Yevgeny Kychanov, 80, Russian orientalist.[110]
  • Lorene Mann, 76, American singer, songwriter and actress.[111]
  • Arnoldo Martínez Verdugo, 88, Mexican politician.[112]
  • Godwin Mawuru, 52, Zimbabwean filmmaker and television producer, complications from diabetes.[113]
  • John "Mule" Miles, 90, American Negro League baseball player.[114]
  • Garth Morrison, 70, British scouter, Chief Scout (1988–1996).[115]
  • Rona Newton-John, 70, English-born Australian model and actress, brain cancer.[116]
  • Raul Padilla Jr., 73, Mexican actor and comedian, complications of kidney failure.[117]
  • Antonio Puchades, 87, Spanish footballer (Valencia CF), Alzheimer's disease.[118]
  • R. T. V. K. Rao, 84, Indian writer.[119]
  • Ed Shaughnessy, 84, American drummer (The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson), heart attack.[120]
  • John Sumner, 88, Australian founder and artistic director of the Melbourne Theatre Company.[121]
  • Pyotr Todorovsky, 87, Ukrainian-born Russian film director (Wartime Romance), screenwriter (What a Wonderful Game) and cinematographer, heart attack.[122]


  • Morton Brownstein, 85, Canadian retailer, English language activist and philanthropist, kidney cancer.[123]
  • Joey Chapman, 42, American football player (University of Tennessee), heart condition.[124]
  • Dick Evey, 72, American football player (Chicago Bears, University of Tennessee).[125]
  • Richard G. Fallon, 89, American academic and theatre director (Asolo Repertory Theatre).[126]
  • Lenin Gani, 45, Bangladeshi sports journalist.[127]
  • Epy Guerrero, 71, Dominican Major League Baseball scout (Houston Astros, New York Yankees, Toronto Blue Jays, Milwaukee Brewers), kidney failure.[128]
  • Hazel Hawke, 83, Australian social activist and National Treasure, first wife of Prime Minister Bob Hawke, complications of dementia.[129]
  • In Excess, 26, Irish-born American Thoroughbred racehorse.[130] (death announced on this date)
  • Hayri Kozakçıoğlu, 75, Turkish politician, shot.[131]
  • Moritz, Landgrave of Hesse, 86, German prince and Head of the House of Hesse [132]
  • Michael Lev, 95, Ukrainian-born Israeli writer. [133]
  • Tony McGrath, 57, Australian rugby league official, shot.[134] (body discovered on this date)
  • Georges Moustaki, 79, Egyptian-born French singer and songwriter.[135]
  • Flynn Robinson, 72, American basketball player (Los Angeles Lakers, Milwaukee Bucks), multiple myeloma.[136]
  • Sensaku Shigeyama, 93, Japanese actor, lung cancer.[137]
  • James Sisnett, 113, Barbadian supercentenarian, world's second oldest man.[138]
  • Seán Ward, 78, Irish newspaper editor (Evening Press).[139]
  • Jim Zabel, 91, American sports broadcaster (University of Iowa).[140]
  • Luis Zuloaga, 90, Venezuelan baseball player (Leones del Caracas).[141]


  • Bill Austin, 84, American football player (New York Giants).[142]
  • Dick Barry, 87, American politician, member of the Tennessee House of Representatives (1954–1967), Speaker (1963–1967).[143]
  • Ronald Carter, 86, British furniture designer.[144]
  • Luis De Cespedes, 64, Canadian television and voice actor, Parkinson's disease.[145]
  • Tielman de Waal, 69, South African defence executive, Director of Armscor (1992–1995).[146]
  • Henri Dutilleux, 97, French composer.[147]
  • Andrea Gallo, 84, Italian presbyter.[148]
  • Brian Greenhoff, 60, English footballer (Manchester United).[149]
  • Roger Hill, 63, Australian vintner and vineyard owner, injuries sustained in a traffic collision.[150]
  • Usha Rani Hooja, 90, Indian sculptor.[151]
  • Dorothy Inglis, 87, Canadian feminist.[152]
  • Elias Kanengoni, 60, Zimbabwean henchman.[153]
  • Mick McManus, 93, English professional wrestler.[154]
  • Wayne F. Miller, 94, American photographer.[155]
  • George Moore, 62, Irish-born American technology billionaire businessman, heart attack.[156]
  • Lawrence Pope, 73, American politician and academic, member of the Iowa House of Representatives (1979–1983), renal cancer.[157]
  • Eric Remacle, 52, Belgian scientist.[158]
  • Pat Shea, 73, American football player (San Diego Chargers).[159]
  • Sigurd Ottovich Schmidt, 91, Russian historian and ethnographer.[160]
  • Richard Thorp, 81, English actor (Emmerdale).[161]


  • Trevor Bolder, 62, British musician (David Bowie, Uriah Heep), cancer.[162]
  • Eddie Braben, 82, British comedy writer (Morecambe and Wise, Ken Dodd).[163]
  • Evelyne E. Bradley, 88, American Navajo judge, District Court judge (1984–1995).[164]
  • Robert Chambers, 59, New Zealand judge, Supreme Court (since 2011).[165]
  • Cot Deal, 90, American baseball player (Boston Red Sox, St. Louis Cardinals).[166]
  • Don Flynn, 84, American newspaper editor (New York Daily News), mystery writer and television scriptwriter (One of the Boys), lung cancer.[167]
  • Mohammad Khaled Hossain, 34, Bangladeshi mountaineer and film director.[168]
  • Keith Jukes, 59, English Anglican clergyman, Dean of Ripon (since 2007), stomach cancer.[169]
  • Harold Long, 72, Canadian politician, British Columbia MLA for Mackenzie (1986–1991) and Powell River-Sunshine Coast (2001–2005), plane crash.[170]
  • Louis de Cartier de Marchienne, 91, Belgian baron and businessman.[171]
  • Leonard Marsh, 80, American beverage executive, co-founder of Snapple.[172]
  • Vernon McGarity, 91, American soldier, awarded Medal of Honor for actions at the Battle of the Bulge.[173]
  • Ruy Mesquita, 88, Brazilian journalist and newspaper director (O Estado de S. Paulo), cancer.[174]
  • Penina Mor, 62, Israeli supermodel, cancer.[175]
  • Edna Moyle, 71, British Cayman Islander politician, MLA for North Side (1992–2009), Speaker (2001–2009), cancer.[176]
  • Tomas Protopapas, 26, Greek actor, traffic collision.[177]
  • Charley Reese, 76, American newspaper columnist, respiratory failure.[178]
  • Count Christian of Rosenborg, 70, Danish royal.[179]
  • Mykola Simkaylo, 60, Ukrainian Greek Catholic hierarch, Bishop of Kolomyia – Chernivtsi (since 2005).[180]
  • Dominique Venner, 78, French historian, journalist and essayist, suicide by gunshot.[181]


  • Billie Dawe, 88, Canadian ice hockey player.[182]
  • Robert DiDomenica, 86, American composer, flautist and academic, Dean of the New England Conservatory, pneumonia.[183]
  • Anders Eliasson, 66, Swedish composer.[184]
  • Ari Huumonen, 57, Finnish discus thrower.[185]
  • Ray Manzarek, 74, American rock musician (The Doors), bile duct cancer.[186]
  • Jevan Maseko, 70, Zimbabwean military officer, Governor of Matabeleland North Province, Ambassador to Algeria, Russia and Cuba, diabetes and kidney failure.[187]
  • Idriss Ndélé Moussa, 60, Chadian politician, President of Pan African Parliament (2009–2012), traffic collision.[188]
  • Barbara Oliver, 85, American theatre director and teacher, founder of the Aurora Theatre Company, complications following a stroke.[189]
  • Harry Schuh, 70, American football player (Oakland Raiders, University of Memphis).[190]
  • Anand Shetty, 52, Indian sprinter, injuries sustained in traffic collision.[191]
  • Zach Sobiech, 18, American pop singer, viral video performer, osteosarcoma.[192]
  • Howard Webster, 88, American world champion steer roper, inducted into PRCA Hall of Fame and National Cowboy Hall of Fame.[193]


  • Richard Beeston, 50, British journalist, foreign editor of The Times, cancer.[194]
  • Phil Buerstatte, 46, American heavy metal rock drummer (White Zombie).[195]
  • Mike Burke, 89, American cruise and lifestyle executive, founder of Windjammer Barefoot Cruises, complications from pneumonia.[196]
  • Bella Flores, 84, Filipino actress, complications from hip surgery.[197]
  • G. Sarsfield Ford, 79, American judge, member of the Connecticut Supreme Court.[198]
  • Michael Kpakala Francis, 77, Liberian Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Monrovia (1981–2011).[199]
  • Carlo Monni, 69, Italian character actor.[200]
  • Curley Myers, 93, American country music entertainer (Captain Stubby and the Buccaneers) and television host (WFBM-TV).[201]
  • Murat Öztürk, 60, Turkish aerobatics pilot, plane crash.[202]
  • Neil Reynolds, 72, Canadian newspaper editor (The Ottawa Citizen), cancer.[203]
  • Sir Denys Roberts, 90, British colonial official and judge, Chief Justice of Hong Kong (1979–1988).[204]
  • Mirek Smíšek, 88, Czech-born New Zealand potter.[205]
  • Ally Sykes, 86, Tanzanian politician.[206]
  • Alberto Tamer, 81, Brazilian journalist (O Estado de S. Paulo) and radio broadcaster, heart failure.[207]
  • Anders Vangen, 53, Norwegian bass opera singer. [208]


  • Helga Arendt, 49, German Olympic sprinter (1988).[209] (death announced on this date)
  • Aleksei Balabanov, 54, Russian filmmaker, seizure.[210]
  • Jo Benkow, 88, Norwegian writer and politician, President of the Parliament (1985–1993).[211]
  • Alan Bertram, 76, Scottish hammer throw coach.[212]
  • Mario Bichón, 81, Chilean politician and civil servant, cancer.[213]
  • Neil Chrisley, 81, American baseball player (Washington Senators, Detroit Tigers).[214]
  • Mike Dunham, 69, American vineyard owner and vintner, renal cell carcinoma.[215]
  • Steve Forrest, 87, American actor (Dallas, North Dallas Forty, S.W.A.T).[216]
  • Zahra Shahid Hussain, 69, Pakistani politician, shot.[217]
  • Ernst Klee, 71, German historian and writer.[218] (death announced on this date)
  • Koh Masaki, 29, Japanese porn actor, complications following intestinal surgery.[219]
  • Vuyo Mbuli, 46, South African television and radio news presenter (SABC), pulmonary embolism.[220]
  • David McMillan, 31, American football player (Cleveland Browns), shot.[221]
  • Khalid Mujahid, 30, Pakistani accused terrorist (2007 Uttar Pradesh bombings), heat stroke.[222]
  • Nam Duck-woo, 89, South Korean politician, Prime Minister (1980–1982), testicular cancer.[223]
  • Newton Russell, 85, American politician, member of the California State Assembly (1964–1974) and California Senate (1974–1996), lung cancer.[224]
  • Lothar Schmid, 85, German chess grandmaster.[225]
  • Harold Sossen, 88, American businessman.[226]
  • Claramae Turner, 92, American opera singer (Carousel, The Medium)[227]


  • Dominic Kodwo Andoh, 84, Ghanaian Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Accra (1971–2005), heart-related ailment.[228]
  • Nasser al-Din al-Nashashibi, 93, Palestinian historian, author and journalist.[229]
  • Mack Emerman, 89, American studio owner, pneumonia.[230]
  • William Fine, 86, American magazine publisher and national policy advisor, multiple atrophy syndrome.[231]
  • Philippe Gaumont, 40, French Olympic racing cyclist (1992), heart failure.[232]
  • John Goddard, 88, American adventurer, cancer.[233]
  • Penne Hackforth-Jones, 63, Australian actress, lung cancer.[234]
  • Elijah Harper, 64, Canadian Cree politician and band chief, Manitoba MLA for Rupertsland (1981–1992); MP for Churchill (1993–1997), heart failure.[235]
  • Monroe Hopper, 86, American gospel musician (The Hoppers), inducted into Gospel Music Hall of Fame (2012).[236]
  • Tauatomo Mairau, French Polynesian royal claimant.[237]
  • Alan O'Day, 72, American singer and songwriter ("Undercover Angel", "Angie Baby"), brain cancer.[238]
  • Jérôme Reehuis, 73, Dutch actor.[239]
  • Peter Schulz, 83, German politician, First Mayor of Hamburg (1971–1974).[240]
  • Albert Seedman, 94, American police officer.[241]
  • Harold Shapero, 93, American composer and pianist (Symphony for Classical Orchestra), complications of pneumonia.[242]
  • Ken Venturi, 82, American golfer and golf analyst, winner of U.S. Open (1964), inducted into World Golf Hall of Fame (2013), multiple infections.[243]
  • Jorge Rafael Videla, 87, Argentine military general and politician, President (1976–1981), complications from a fall.[244]


  • Taleb al-Qaraghulli, 73, Iraqi musician, complications from diabetes.[245]
  • Carl Bennett, 97, American basketball executive, coach and GM of Detroit Pistons.[246]
  • Kristen Kyrre Bremer, 87, Norwegian theologian and bishop.[247]
  • Mario Brescia, 83, Peruvian billionaire financial and industrial executive.[248]
  • Rachel Dancer, 83, American harness horse owner (Keystone Ore).[249]
  • Angelo Errichetti, 84, American politician, Mayor of Camden, New Jersey (1973–1981); member of the New Jersey Senate (1976–1981).[250]
  • Geoffrey Gowan, 83, Canadian sports broadcaster (CBC) and sport executive (CAC), Parkinson's disease.[251]
  • Frank Nigel Hepper, 84, English botanist.[252]
  • Bryan Illerbrun, 56, Canadian football player (Saskatchewan Roughriders).[253]
  • Valtr Komárek, 82, Czech politician, complications following cardiac surgery.[254]
  • Frankie Librán, 65, American Puerto Rican baseball player (San Diego Padres), complications from diabetes.[255]
  • Maurice Marshall, 86, New Zealand Olympic middle-distance athlete (1952).[256]
  • Ferdinand Masau, Tanzanian physician, CEO and founder of the Tanzania Heart Institute.[257]
  • Heinrich Rohrer, 79, Swiss physicist, Nobel laureate (1986).[258]
  • Paul Shane, 72, British actor and comedian (Hi-de-Hi!, You Rang, M'Lord?).[259]
  • Max Schirschin, 92, German football player and manager (Rouen, Le Havre, Metz). [260]
  • Dick Trickle, 71, American NASCAR driver, suicide by gunshot.[261]
  • Bernard Waber, 88, American children's author (Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile, kidney failure).[262]


  • Nasser al-Rashed, 21, Kuwaiti squash player, heart attack.[263]
  • Alexey Bolotov, 50, Russian mountaineer, fall.[264]
  • Paddy Buggy, 84, Irish hurler (Kilkenny, 1949–1960) and sport executive, President of the GAA (1982–1985).[265]
  • Linden Chiles, 80, American actor, fall.[266]
  • Raul Gonzalez, 78, Filipino journalist, Press Secretary for Diosdado Macapagal (1961–1965), cancer.[267]
  • Gábor Gellért Kis, 66, Hungarian journalist, MP for Monor (1994–1998).[268]
  • Jabu Khumalo, 51, South African football executive, owner and chairman of African Warriors F.C..[269]
  • Erik Kronfeld, 71, American horse breeder (Zenyatta), cancer.[270]
  • Albert Lance, 87, Australian-born French opera singer.[271]
  • Thomas M. Messer, 93, Czechoslovakian–born American museum director (Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation).[272]
  • Don Pelts, 72, American restaurateur (Corky's Bar-B-Q), heart attack.[273]
  • Artus de Penguern, 56, French actor and director, stroke.[274]
  • Jens Elmegård Rasmussen, 69, Danish linguist and Indo-Europeanist.[275]
  • Henrique Rosa, 67, Bissau-Guinean politician, Acting President (2003–2005), lung cancer.[276]
  • Bill Stokes, 89, American civil servant, General Manager of BART (1958–1974).[277]
  • Fred White, 76, American sports broadcaster (Kansas City Royals), complications of melanoma.[278]


  • Joy Baluch, 80, Australian politician, Mayor of Port Augusta (1981–1993, since 1995).[279]
  • Naomi Barry, 95, American journalist, food and travel writer.[280]
  • Mary Ward Brown, 95, American writer, pancreatic cancer.[281]
  • Wayne Brown, 76, American politician, Mayor of Mesa, Arizona (1996-2000).[282]
  • Arsen Chilingaryan, 47, Armenian football player and manager.[283]
  • Asghar Ali Engineer, 74, Indian writer and activist.[284]
  • Billie Sol Estes, 88, American businessman and convicted con man.[285] (body discovered on this date)
  • Ray Guy, 74, Canadian humorist, writer and journalist, cancer.[286]
  • Mohammad Ezodin Hosseini Zanjani, 92, Iranian Islamic prelate, Grand Ayatollah, complications from surgery.[287]
  • Clovis Kalyebara, 57, Ugandan military officer, military attache to Kenya.[288]
  • Douglas Lee, 50, American restaurateur (The Big Texan), cancer.[289]
  • Dave Lyon, 74, Canadian Olympic track and field coach (1984, 1988, 1992, 2000).[290]
  • Sardar Arif Shahid, Pakistani Kashmiri politician, shot.[291]
  • Charles Ouma, 26, Kenyan musician.[292]
  • Margaret Rayburn, 86, American politician, member of the Washington House of Representatives (1985–1995).[293]
  • Billy Raymond, 75, Scottish-born Australian entertainer, lung cancer.[294]
  • Harvansh Singh, 64, Indian politician, Madhya Pradesh MLA for Keolari (since 1993), cardiac arrest.[295]
  • Richard Swanson, 42, American graphic designer, traffic collision.[296]


  • Hedda Bolgar, 103, American psychoanalyst.[297]
  • André Bord, 90, French politician, Veterans Minister (1972–1974), President of the Alsace Regional Council (1973–1977).[298]
  • Joyce Brothers, 85, American psychologist, newspaper columnist, and actress (Loaded Weapon 1, Spy Hard), respiratory failure.[299]
  • André Denys, 65, Belgian politician, Governor of East Flanders (2004–2013).[300]
  • Mildred Farris, 79, American rodeo competitor (PRCA) and executive, inducted into ProRodeo Hall of Fame (2006), National Cowgirl Hall of Fame (2012), pancreatic cancer.[301]
  • Otto Herrigel, 75, Namibian politician, cancer.[302]
  • Enio Iommi, 87, Argentinian sculptor.[303]
  • Jill Kitson, 74, Australian radio broadcaster and literary journalist.[304]
  • Kennett Love, 88, American journalist (The New York Times), respiratory failure.[305]
  • Luciano Lutring, 75, Italian criminal, painter and author.[306]
  • Jagdish Mali, 59, Indian fashion photographer, multiple organ failure.[307]
  • Robin McKenzie, 82, New Zealand physiotherapist and spinal expert (McKenzie method), cancer.[308]
  • Chuck Muncie, 60, American football player (New Orleans Saints, San Diego Chargers), heart attack.[309]
  • Sir Ellison Pogo, 66, Solomon Islands Anglican primate, Archbishop of Melanesia (1994–2008), lymphoma.[310]
  • Vladimir Romanovsky, 56, Soviet sprint canoer and Olympic medalist.[311]
  • Louis Strick, 87, American publisher and calligraphy expert.[312]
  • Fyodor Tuvin, 39, Russian footballer.[313]
  • Lynne Woolstencroft, 69, Canadian politician, Mayor of Waterloo, Ontario (2000–2003), cancer.[314]


  • Judit Ágoston-Mendelényi, 76, Hungarian Olympic champion fencer (1964).[315]
  • T. P. Alexander, 71, Indian journalist and editor (Kuwait Times).[316]
  • Sergei Alexeyev, 88, Russian politician, author of the Constitution of Russia, heart attack.[317]
  • Daisy Avellana, 96, Filipino stage actor and director, National Artist of the Philippines for Theater and Film. [318]
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  • Chaudhry Zulfiqar Ali, Pakistani prosecutor (Benazir Bhutto assassination, Mumbai attacks), shot.[494]


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  139. ‘Brilliant’ former Evening Press editor dies - Marketing News | Daily Media Trends & More | The Irish Times - Fri, May 24, 2013
  140. Iowa Sports Broadcasting Legend Jim Zabel Dies
  141. El Universal – Falleció Luis 'Mono' Zuloaga Template:Es icon
  142. Bill Austin, 84, Pro Bowl Lineman, Dies
  143. Dick Barry, former TN House speaker, dies at 87
  144. Ronald Carter obituary | Art and design |
  145. Deces De Lacteur Luis De Cespedes Template:Fr icon
  146. Former Armscor managing director dies | DefenceWeb
  147. Henri Dutilleux, Modernist Composer, Dies at 97
  148. E' morto don Gallo prete degli ultimi Template:It icon
  149. Brian Greenhoff: Ex-Man Utd and England player dies aged 60
  150. Winery owner dies after bike accident
  151. Sculptor Hooja passes away | The Hindu
  152. Feminist, activist Dorothy Inglis dead at 87 - Nfld. & Labrador - CBC News
  153. One of Mugabe’s top spies dies | SW Radio Africa
  154. British legend McManus dies aged 93
  155. Wayne Miller, Photographer of War and Peace, Dies at 94
  156. Irish-American businessman George Moore dies
  157. Former Des Moines lawmaker, longtime lobbyist, Drake Law School professor dies at 73
  158. Décès du professeur Eric Remacle
  159. San Diego Chargers Guard Pat Shea Passes Away
  160. Сигурд Оттович Шмидт Template:Ru icon
  161. Actor Richard Thorp Passes
  162. Trevor Bolder dead at 62
  163. Comedy scriptwriter Braben dies
  164. Retired Navajo Nation district court judge dies
  165. Death of Justice Robert Chambers
  166. Oklahoma scene: Edmonton Oilers, Dallas Stars to play exhibition at Cox Center
  167. Daily News icon Don Flynn dies at 84
  168. Bangladeshi climber dies on Everest
  169. Death of Dean of Ripon announced
  170. CBCNews: Former B.C. MLA Harold Long killed in plane crash
  171. Morto de Cartier, al processo Eternit: fu condannato a 16 anni di carcere Template:It icon
  172. Leonard Marsh, a Founder of Snapple, Dies at 80
  173. Vernon McGarity, Dies at 91, War Hero; Fought in the Battle of the Bulge
  174. Ruy Mesquita, diretor de "O Estado de S. Paulo", morre aos 88 anos Template:Pt icon
  175. 'Legs of the state' model Pinchi Mor dies at 62 | JPost | Israel News
  176. Former Speaker Edna Moyle passes
  177. Εχασε τη μάχη για τη ζωή ο νεαρός ηθοποιός Τόμας Πρωτόπαπας - Πολιτισμός - Επικαιρότητα - Τα Νέα Οnline Template:Gr icon
  178. Retired Orlando Sentinel columnist Charley Reese dies at 76
  179. Count Christian of Rosenborg, Cousin of Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, Has Passed Away
  180. Відійшов до вічності владика УГКЦ Миколай (Сімкайло) Template:Uk icon
  181. Une figure de l'extrême droite se suicide dans Notre-Dame Template:Fr icon
  182. Billie DAWE Notice
  183. Robert DiDomenica, 86, of Needham; composer and flutist was dean, teacher at New England Conservatory
  184. Obituary: Anders Eliasson, composer
  185. Ari Huumonen 5.3.1956 - 20.5.2013
  186. Ray Manzarek, 74, Keyboardist and a Founder of the Doors, Is Dead
  187. Jevan Maseko dies
  188. Chad in mourning | eNCA
  189. Barbara Oliver, Berkeley theater icon, dead at 85 -
  190. Memphis football legend Harry Schuh remembered as great athlete, true friend
  191. Former sprinter Anand Shetty passes away
  192. Minnesota’s “Clouds” Singer, Zach Sobiech, Dies at 18
  193. World champion rodeo star Howard 'Shoat' Webster dies at 88 | Tulsa World
  194. The Times obituary: Richard Beeston
  195. Phil Buerstatte, heavy metal drummer, dies at age 46
  196. Capt. Mike Burke, Windjammer founder, dies at 89 - Miami-Dade -
  197. Bella Flores died at 84
  198. 'The Judge' dies after long illness - Connecticut Post
  199. Liberia: Archbishop Michael Francis Is Dead
  200. Addio al poeta che amava il vento Grazie Carlo, per la bellezza che ci hai regalato Template:It icon
  201. Gerald L. “Curley” Myers
  202. Hezarfen'den Solo Türk ve Türk Yıldızları geçti Template:Tr icon
  203. Veteran newspaper editor Neil Reynolds dead at age 72 - Brandon Sun
  204. Hong Kong's last non-Chinese chief judge dies in Britain
  205. Czech-born New Zealand artist Mirek Smíšek dies at 88
  206. JK leads farewell to icon Sykes
  207. Morre o jornalista Alberto Tamer, aos 81 anos Template:Pt icon
  208. Anders Vangen er død Template:No icon
  209. Kölner 400-m-Weltmeisterin starb mit 49 Jahren Template:De icon
  210. Aleksei Balabanov, 54, Russian Film Director, Dies
  211. Former top politician dead at 88 : Views and News from Norway
  212. Obituary: Alan Bertram MBE, athletics coach and former policeman - Obituaries -
  214. Neil Chrisley Notice
  215. Mike Dunham, businessman behind Walla Walla winery, dies | Obituaries | The Seattle Times
  216. Steve Forrest, Performer on Film and TV’s ‘S.W.A.T.,’ Dies at 87
  217. Transitions: PTI’s Zahra Shahid Hussain laid to rest after brutal murder
  218. Historiker Ernst Klee ist tot Template:De icon
  219. Koh Masaki, Gay Porn Star, Dead At 29 / Queerty
  220. SABC - Renowned SABC presenter Vuyo Mbuli dies:Sunday 19 May 2013
  221. Ex-Browns linebacker McMillan killed
  222. 2007 Serial Blast Accused Dies on the Way to Jail |
  223. Former Prime Minister Nam Duck-woo dies at 89 | YONHAP NEWS
  224. Former California lawmaker Newton Russell dies at 85 - Pasadena Star-News
  225. Lothar Schmid, Chess Referee of the ‘Match of the Century,’ Dies at 85
  226. HAROLD S. SOSSEN Obituary
  227. Operabobb (May 27, 2013)
  228. Archbishop Dominic Kodwo Andoh dies | Religion 2013-05-20
  229. Celebrated Palestinian historian, journalist dies at 93 | Maan News Agency
  230. Mack Emerman, Founder of Criteria Recording Studios, Dies at 89
  231. William M. Fine, Who Helped Shape Drug Laws, Dies at 86
  232. Cyclisme: décès de l'ancien coureur Philippe Gaumont Template:Fr icon
  233. 'Real life Indiana Jones,' adventurer John Goddard dies at 88 - La Canada Valley Sun
  234. The Age, Death Notice, 21 May 2012
  235. Elijah Harper, key player in Meech Lake accord, dies at 64 - Manitoba - CBC News
  236. Gospel music star Monroe Hopper dies in NC - FOX Carolina 21
  237. Tahitian royal claimant Mairau dies in French Polynesia
  238. 'Undercover Angel' Singer Alan O'Day Dead at 72 | Billboard
  239. Jérôme Reehuis (73) overleden - Privé | Het laatste Privé nieuws leest u op van De Telegraaf [prive] Template:Nl icon
  240. Bürgerschaft und Senat trauern um Peter Schulz - Stadt Hamburg Template:De icon
  241. Albert Seedman, Chief of Detectives in New York for Short, Tumultuous Time, Dies at 94
  242. Harold Shapero, American Neo-Classical Composer, Dies at 93
  243. Ken Venturi, 1964 U.S. Open champion and CBS golf analyst, dies at age 82
  244. Jorge Rafael Videla, Jailed Argentine Military Leader, Dies at 87
  245. Iraqis bid farewell to artist Taleb al-Qaraghulli | Mawtani
  246. Carl Bennett, former Zollner Pistons coach, Mad Anthonys founder, dies | The Journal Gazette
  247. Minneord – biskop emeritus Kristen Kyrre Bremer
  248. Peruvian Billionaire Banker And Industrialist Mario Brescia Dies - Forbes
  249. Harness legend Rachel Dancer dies | | Tri-Town News
  250. Angelo J. Errichetti, 84, Camden Mayor Convicted of Bribery, Dies
  251. Former CAC president, longtime track broadcaster Geoff Gowan dies at 83 - Yahoo! Sports Canada
  252. Frank Nigel HEPPER Obituary
  253. Riders mourn passing of Bryan Illerbrun
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  256. Maurice Lane Marshall Obituary
  257. DailyNews Mobile Edition - Dr Ferdinand Masau dies in Dar es Salaam
  258. Heinrich Rohrer, Physicist, Dies at 79; Helped Open Door to Nanotechnology
  259. Hi-de-Hi! actor Paul Shane dies
  260. Max Schirschin : "Un grand homme du FC Rouen" Template:Fr icon
  261. Lincoln Co. officials: Retired racecar driver dies Thursday
  262. Bernard Waber, Children’s Author, Is Dead at 91
  263. Kuwaiti player dies after taking energy drinks |
  264. Russian climber dies on Everest
  265. Former GAA president Paddy Buggy dies | RTÉ News
  266. Boot Hill: RIP Linden Chiles
  267. Former Press Secretary Raul S. Gonzalez dies; 78 | Inquirer News
  268. Elhunyt Gellért Kis Gábor Template:Hu icon
  269. Warriors chairman passes away - News - Kick Off
  270. Eric Kronfeld, Zenyatta's breeder, dies at 71 | Daily Racing Form
  271. Australian-French operatic tenor Albert Lance dies, Global Post, 16 May 2013
  272. Thomas M. Messer, Museum Director Who Gave Guggenheim Cachet, Dies at 93
  273. Don Pelts, founder of Corky's, dies in Memphis » Knoxville News Sentinel
  274. Disparitions : Arthus de Penguern, comédien et réalisateur
  275. Jens Elmegård Rasmussen 15 March 1944 - 15 May 2013 – University of Copenhagen
  276. Guinea-Bissau’s former interim president Rosa dies
  277. BART's first employee, former General Manager B.R. (Bill) Stokes, dies at 89 -
  278. Longtime Kansas City Royals broadcaster Fred White dies at 76 - ESPN
  279. Long-serving outspoken mayor dies
  280. A Sad Goodbye: Naomi Barry
  281. Mary Ward Brown, Award-Winning Short Story Writer, Dies at 95
  282. Mesa Mayor Wayne Brown remembered for moving city 'forward'
  283. Armenian football great dies in France
  284. Scholar Asghar Ali Engineer dies at 74
  285. Billie Sol Estes, Texas Con Man Whose Fall Shook Up Washington, Dies at 88
  286. Newfoundland satirist Ray Guy dies at 74 - Nfld. & Labrador - CBC News
  287. خبرگزاری مهر :: Mehr News Agency - آيت‌الله سيد عزالدين حسيني زنجاني دارفانی را وداع گفت Template:Fa icon
  288. Uganda’s military envoy to Kenya dies - National -
  289. Former Big Texan co-owner Douglas Lee dies | Amarillo Globe-News
  290. Track champion, coach Dave Lyon dies - Winnipeg Free Press
  291. Pakistani secret agency behind murder of prominent Kashmiri leader Arif Shahid
  292. Kenya: Ouma Basement, Ohangla Musician Is Dead
  293. Yakima Herald Republic | Former Grandview legislator Margaret Rayburn dies
  294. Billy Raymond Scottish Australian Entertainer Dies of Cancer
  295. Madhya Pradesh assembly deputy speaker Harvansh Singh dies of cardiac arrest - The Times of India
  296. Richard Swanson Didn't Reach Brazil, But He Found An Audience : The Two-Way : NPR
  297. Hedda Bolgar, renowned psychoanalyst, dies at 103
  298. Figure politique alsacienne, ancien ministre, André Bord est décédé Template:Fr icon
  299. Dr. Joyce Brothers, Psychologist Who Dispensed Advice to Millions, Dies at 85
  300. Décès de l’ex-gouverneur de Flandre orientale André Denys Template:Fr icon
  301. Hoffman: Former National Finals Rodeo qualifier from Andrews dies | Lubbock Online | Lubbock Avalanche-Journal
  302. Namibia: Former Finance Minister Otto Herrigel Dies
  303. Argentine sculptor Enio Iommi dies at 87
  304. Vale Jill Kitson
  305. Kennett Love, Times Correspondent in 1950s, Dies at 88
  306. Morto Luciano Lutring, l'ex bandito divenuto scrittore e artista Template:It icon
  307. Fashion photographer Jagdish Mali dies at Nanavati hospital in Mumbai
  308. Physios mourn passing of Robin McKenzie|
  309. Chuck Muncie, Troubled N.F.L. Star, Dies at 60
  310. Former Melanesian Archbishop Ellison Pogo dies
  311. Умер олимпийский чемпион Владимир Романовский Template:Ru icon
  312. Louis Strick, 87 - - Westport, Connecticut
  313. Скоропостижно скончался бывший игрок «Текстильщика» Федор Тувин|Частник.ru Template:Ru icon
  314. "Former Waterloo mayor Lynne Woolstencroft dies at age 69"
  315. Gyász: olimpiai bajnokot vesztett Magyarország Template:Hu icon
  316. Noted journalist T P Alexander passes away
  317. Co-Author Of Constitution Dead at 88 | The St. Petersburg Times | The leading English-language newspaper in St. Petersburg
  318. National Artist Daisy Avellana dies at 96
  319. Kenneth Battelle, 86, Hairdresser to the Stars, Dies
  320. 1956 Club Champion Doug Beasy dies
  321. Olaf Bjørn Bjørnstad death notice Template:No icon
  322. ‘Reminiscences from a life with liquid crystals’, by George W. Gray
  323. Politikwissenschaftler Gerd Langguth ist tot - Spiegel Online Template:De icon
  324. Daniel LeBlanc, retired judge, dies | Home | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, LA
  325. Toni Linhart, 1970s Baltimore Colts kicker, dies of cancer|
  326. Former co-stars remember late Angelo Mango
  327. William Miles Maker of Documentaries About Black History Dies at 82
  328. O’Callaghan, Agent Who Bought A. P. Indy, Dead at 77
  329. Bishop Félix Ramananarivo
  330. Muere el presentador y actor de doblaje Constantino Romero a los 65 años Template:Es icon
  331. > All About Cinema... > Filmmaker K Bikram Singh dies after prolonged sickness
  332. Bestürzung über Max Stadlers Tod Template:De icon
  333. Tita Swarding passes away
  334. Afrikaans music legend dies | Channel24
  335. Kenneth Waltz, Foreign-Relations Expert, Dies at 88
  336. Peter Worthington, 1927-2013 - The Daily Beast:
  337. Johnny Bos, boxing matchmaker who developed Mike Tyson, Gerry Cooney, dead at 61 - NY Daily News
  338. Jack Butler, an Undrafted Football Hall of Famer, Dies at 85
  339. Death of Emmanuelle Claret - L'Equipe
  340. David Connell Dies; Character Actor was 77 - Variety
  341. Michael Davison, 67 - Hutchinson Leader: Death Notices
  342. Joseph Farman, 82, Is Dead; Discovered Ozone Hole
  343. CBC Senator Doug Finley dead aged 66
  344. General in mission to aid Mali found dead
  345. Veteran freedom fighter dies in Lucknow
  346. Lead Singer of Columbia Fields Dies in Saturday Morning Crash
  347. Musician, bandleader Ollie Mitchell dies
  348. Arnold Peters, Archers actor, dies
  349. Schnuck Markets matriarch Doris Schnuck dies - St. Louis Business Journal
  350. Ron Weaver, Former ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Producer, Dies at 75 - The Hollywood Reporter
  351. New Orleans Zephyrs organization mourns the passing of Lenny Yochim
  352. Barbara Brenner, Breast Cancer Iconoclast, Dies at 61
  353. John Bush death announcement
  354. Colgate's 'Mrs Marsh', Barbara Callcott, passes away
  355. Vincent Dowling, Irish director and actor who led Great Lakes Theater Festival, dies at 83
  356. Maureen Dunn, tireless advocate for POW/MIAs, dies at 72 - Brockton, MA - The Enterprise
  357. Actor Laurence Haddon Dies at 90 - The Hollywood Reporter
  358. Veteran radio broadcaster dies
  359. Today's Lords debates
  360. Per Maurseth
  361. Former Conn. Judge John Shea Jr. dies at 84 - News -
  362. Kenya TV star ‘Wanade’ dies after battle with cancer
  363. Prince Mohammed bin Abdullah bin Jalawi Dies | ArabNews
  364. Alan Abelson, Who at Barron’s Was a Thorn in Wall Street’s Side, Dies at 87
  365. Muere a los 61 años Ramón Blanco, exentrenador del Cádiz Template:Sp icon
  366. David Campling Dies at 73 | Variety
  367. Dhrupad maestro Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar dies - Entertainment - DNA
  368. Grete Dollitz, longtime classical music program host, dies at 88
  369. Equity activist Michael Earl dies - News - The Stage
  370. Long-time CBC journalist Paddy Gregg remembered - New Brunswick - CBC News
  371. Reuters Pakistani prisoner dies in India after revenge beating
  372. Former state Rep. Bonnie Huy of Wichita dies at age 77 | Wichita Eagle
  373. Jossy lad dies at 71 | The Nation
  374. Spanish actor Alfredo Landa dies
  375. George M. Leader, a Former Governor, Dies at 95
  376. Fallece el ex gobernador de Hidalgo, Humberto Lugo Gil
  377. Ottavio Missoni, Who Made Zigzags a Symbol of High Fashion, Dies at 92
  378. Zimbabwe: Insurance Guru Paul Mkondo Dies (Page 1 of 2)
  379. Huguette Oligny Grand Dame of Canadian Theatre has died at 91 | Montreal Gazette
  380. Troubled Life in Malcolm X’s Shadow Comes to a Violent End
  381. Robert Sickinger, Influential Figure in Early Chicago Theatre Scene, Dead at 86
  382. Andrew Simpson, UK Olympic Medallist, Dies
  383. Former UC President Joseph A. Steger dies at 76 - News, Weather & Sports
  384. Former Secretary of the State Julia Tashjian Dies At 74 -
  385. Nigeria: Emir of Gummi Dies At 75
  386. Jeanne Cooper, ‘Young and the Restless’ Star, Dies at 84
  387. Bishop of Agra Diocese passes away
  388. Stepford Wives film director Bryan Forbes dies aged 86
  389. Former South Dakota state Rep. Ralph Homan dies at 84
  390. Country music producer Bill Langstroth dies at 81|Yahoo! News Canada
  391. Haridwar saint dies in road accident
  392. Taylor Mead, Bohemian and Actor, Dies at 88
  393. Murió Juan José Muñoz, ex presidente de Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata Template:Es icon
  394. Delia Rigal: una larga vida dedicada a la ópera y a la enseñanza - 14.05.2013 - Template:Es icon
  395. Archbishop André Sana
  396. Asaph Schwapp: Big Guy, Big Loss
  397. Stepford "Kaspar Hauser"-Regisseur Peter Sehr gestorben
  398. Ole-Ole drummer Juan Tarodo dies - Yahoo! News Maktoob
  399. Geza Vermes, Scholar of ‘Historical Jesus,’ Dies at 88
  400. Bass legend and former Islington Gazette sub-editor dies - News - Islington Gazette
  401. Dallas Willard, 'Divine Conspiracy' Author and Philosopher, Dies
  402. Sad news as a star of the 60s | Club News | Club News | News and Features | Aberdeen
  403. Judge Henry Broderick, who replaced judge slain in Marin courthouse shootout, dies at 86 - Marin Independent Journal
  404. DOHERTY
  405. Al Fritz, Who Put Youngsters on Stylish, Colorful Bikes, Dies at 88
  406. RIP Ray Harryhausen: 1920 - 2013
  407. Ex-Chief Cabinet Secretary Igarashi dies at 87
  408. Gunnel Johansson (Davidson)
  409. Rory Gallagher Taste bandmate Eric Kitteringham dies | Classic Rock
  410. La Diputacion expresa su pesar por la muerte de Larrinaga y exige respeto hacia los ciclistas que circulan por carretera Template:Es icon
  411. Pioneer woman envoy dies - General - New Straits Times
  412. Serie A - E’ morto Ferruccio Mazzola, il terzo incomodo Template:It icon
  413. Singer Teri Moïse found dead, apparent suicide
  414. Famed DJ Peter Rauhofer dies at age 48 | San Diego Gay and Lesbian News
  415. R.I.P. Romanthony, House Producer and Daft Punk Collaborator - Pitchfork
  416. Mairuth SARSFIELD Obituary
  417. George Sauer, Jets Receiver and Rebel, Is Dead at 69
  418. Nekrolog: Wiktor Tołkin (1922 – 2013) Template:Pl icon
  419. Oud ADO-speler Jan Villerius (74) overleden Template:Nl icon
  420. Aubrey Woods
  421. President of Bursaspor soccer team dies
  422. ALBEMARLE - Deaths Announcements - Telegraph Announcements
  423. Giulio Andreotti, Premier of Italy 7 Times, Dies at 94
  424. Falleció monseñor Severo Aparicio, obispo auxiliar emérito del Cusco Template:Es icon
  425. Veteran Assamese scribe Prafulla Chandra Barua dies | | 15759
  426. Newcastle and Blyth Spartans footballer Steve Carney dies
  427. Stanley E. Cohen, consumer journalist, dies at 93 - The Washington Post
  428. Reg Hollinshead dies aged 89 | Mail Online
  429. Oud roeikampioen Michel Knuysen overleden Template:Nl icon
  430. Regissören Bengt Lagerkvist har avlidit Template:Sv icon
  431. Ian MacLeod (1959 – 2013) | Raith Rovers FC
  432. El Nacional – Falleció la actriz Esperanza Magaz Template:Es icon
  433. Steve Martland dies aged 53
  434. Oklahoma Railway Museum co-founder dies from stroke at age 70, museum lives on | News OK
  435. Former Oneok CEO J.D. Scott dies at 81 | Tulsa World
  436. HEMET: ‘Ramona’ actor Francesco Sorianello dies | Hemet and San Jacinto News | - Press-Enterprise
  437. Michael Angelo SPENSIERI Obituary
  438. Ein Verwandlungskünstler Template:De icon
  439. RIP Alan Arnell
  440. Rossella Falk, ultima diva: «La Greta Garbo italiana» Template:It icon
  441. 1993 Mumbai blasts convict dies
  442. William Dodge Havens Jr. Obituary,
  443. Dean Jeffries, Car Customizer and Painter, Dies at 80
  444. Explosions in Baghdad Kill Opposition Official - Bloomberg
  445. Dichterin Sarah Kirsch ist tot - SpiegelOnline Template:De icon
  446. Luna County mourns G.X. McSherry - The Deming Headlight
  447. Tore Magnussen
  448. Former state Rep. Millerick remembered as a loyal friend
  449. Cornwall speedboat crash victim was BSkyB executive
  450. Dynamo Dresden trauert um Wolfgang Oeser Template:De icon
  451. Husband Of Former Governor Kay Orr Dead At 78 - Channel 6 News - The People You Know. The News You Trust
  452. Leif Preus Template:No icon
  453. Toronto Star entertainment columnist Greg Quill, dies. | Toronto Star
  454. Jan Rapacz, UW-Madison mutant pig developer and researcher, dies in Poland : Wsj
  455. Former FBI profiler Robert K. Ressler has died
  456. Milli güreşci Hayri Sezgin vefat etti
  457. Oud-Anderlecht-doelman Vekeman is overleden Template:Nl icon
  458. Politicus Wiels (Curaçao) vermoord Template:Nl icon
  459. Knesset Member Menachem Yedid
  460. Silver Age artist Dan Adkins passes away
  461. Journalist B M Banthia passes away
  462. Otis R. Bowen, Governor and Health Secretary, Dies at 95
  463. Tributes paid to international writer Peter Coffey
  464. Christian de Duve, 95, Dies; Nobel-Winning Biochemist
  465. Peruvian leftist politician Javier Diez Canseco dies
  466. Frederic Franklin, Inventive and Charismatic Ballet Star, Is Dead at 98
  467. Chicago funeral to be held for Bishop Roy Anderson Holmes
  468. Pini Jason, A Nigerian Pundit, Is Dead | Sahara Reporters
  469. Ed Kringstad
  470. Mario Machado, newscaster and voice of soccer was 78 - LA Observed
  471. Rear-Admiral Sir Morgan Morgan-Giles
  472. Restos de David Noriega serán expuestos en Río Piedras Template:Es icon
  473. Zemřel bubeník skupiny Olympic Milan Peroutka Template:Cz icon
  474. Miami Herald Cuban bolero giant Cesar Portillo de la Luz dies at 90
  475. Une voix de RTL Télévision s'est éteinte Template:Fr icon
  476. Anderlecht-icoon Jacques Stockman overleden Template:Nl icon
  477. Theatre’s Keith Anderson dies at 76 - Cape Times
  478. Joseph H. (Joe) ASTROTH Sr. Obituary/Area Death
  479. Sheffield comedian and actor Ted Beyer dies at 73 - Lifestyle - Sheffield Telegraph
  480. Herbert Blau, iconoclastic theater director dies at 87
  481. Merrill Brockway, Patron of the Fine Arts on TV, Dies at 90 - The Hollywood Reporter
  482. Influential Jamaican saxophonist Cedric Brooks dies at 70
  483. Keith Carter obituary
  484. Walt Clay, Colorado Sports Hall of Famer, dies at 89 - The Denver Post
  485. Dr. William Daughaday dies; pioneer in treating growth disorders
  486. ATP chairman Brad Drewett dies at age 54 after battle with motor neurone disease
  487. Periodista Jhonny González fue asesinado - Líder en Deportes Template:Es icon
  488. 'Orajel' creator David Morris Kern dies at 103 | The Detroit News |
  489. Kohei Nakabo | The Japan Times
  490. Ex-Laney football star dies | The Augusta Chronicle
  491. Skating champion Katie loses brave battle against cancer -
  492. Observer-Reporter | Ohio city leader, Kent State guardsman dies
  493. Umro bivši ministar Branko Vukelić Template:Hr icon
  494. Pakistani Prosecutor in Musharraf Case Killed
  495. Sir Terence Beckett Obituary
  496. Elder who helped start Yukon land claim process dies at 86 - North - CBC News
  497. FIELD ERNEST Obituary
  498. Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman dead at 49
  499. Diocese: Harrisburg Bishop Joseph P. McFadden dies suddenly Thursday
  500. Allen McKay - Death
  501. Writer Dvora Omer passes away at 80
  502. BBC News - Equestrian paralympian Jo Pitt dies aged 34
  503. Former NC House Speaker James Ramsey dies at 81
  504. Sylvester Sanfilippo obituary
  505. BBC News - Sarabjit Singh: Indian 'spy' dies after Pakistan attack
  506. Elizabeth C. Tower, 93, philanthropist, gifted artist - Obituaries - The Buffalo News
  507. Croatian goalkeeper found dead in Sweden - Connecticut Post
  508. Selma Urfer-Graf
  509. 'Oklahoma's Old Master' Charles Banks Wilson dies at 94 | Tulsa World
  510. Chris Kelly, of Hip-Hop Duo Kris Kross, Dies at 34
  511. Martin Kevan, Actor and Author, Deceased | Montreal Gazette
  512. / Décès de Pierre Pleimelding Template:Fr icon
  513. Henry Hope Reed, Historian, Is Dead at 97
  514. Gregory Rogers, 1957-2013
  515. Former Idaho lawmaker Ruby Stone dies
  516. Community economist Chob Yodkaew, 78, dies | Bangkok Post: business