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Demolition Doofus
Season 8, Episode 173b
Demolition Doofus.png
Air date July 21, 2012
November 5, 2012 (Canada)
Written by Luke Brookshier
Marc Ceccarelli
Derek Iversen
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Demolition Doofus is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season Eight. In this episode, Mrs. Puff enters SpongeBob into the Demolition Derby, where his bad driving makes him a star.



SpongeBob goes to boating school and then continues to crash into two cars, inflating Mrs. Puff every time he continues to crash into an obstacle. Mrs. Puff then inflates so much, she sends the car airborne. SpongeBob then crashes the car into the lighthouse, injuring Mrs. Puff. In the hospital, Doctor Forrest clarifies that Mrs. Puff's inflation sac was popped in the collision and she will not be able to "puff" again. Mrs. Puff has to be tranquilized after leaping on to SpongeBob and man-handling his nose. SpongeBob then begins to ramble and the doctor tranquilizes him as well. SpongeBob then visits Mrs. Puff with a bouquet of flowers along with the hundreds of other flowers he sent her, which she appears to be allergic to. After forcing her into a wheelchair, he pushes her down the hallway. Doctors are seen sprinting through the hallway with muscular men on the gurneys. SpongeBob stops Dr. Forrest and asked what was going on. He replies the Demolition Derby are about to battle in the hospital room. It appears that they are hitting each other with wheelchairs. Mrs. Puff imagines them smashing into SpongeBob and killing him. Her laughing attracts SpongeBob's attention, and she claims she has a way for him to earn "extra credit". After talking to Captain Lutefisk, she shows him how much damage SpongeBob and do with a boat, though he is just using a steering wheel. Lutefisk says he is perfect for the derby. At the derby, Mrs. Puff is enraged at how SpongeBob is defeating the competitors only by serendipity. She then grabs a tractor and starts chase after SpongeBob, trying to smoosh him. They then collide into the boating school, where Mrs. Puff regains her "puff", then they get crushed by the school.


  • This episode and Face Freeze! are part of the SpongeBob games special but aren't in Season 9.
  • This episode may be inspired by the boating game for Wii and Nintendo DS.
  • This is by far Mrs. Puff's darkest role in the series, as she had lost her sanity because of her life-changing accident combined with years of putting up with SpongeBob. In Bumper to Bumper Mrs. Puff gets really angry at SpongeBob for failing the test many times.
  • In real life, the idea of the demelation derby is to crush the car itself, NOT to crush the driver driving the car. So, Mrs. Puff got the whole idea completly wrong.
  • This is the fifth episode with Classic Soap 14 with the others being The Lost MattressThe Two Faces of SquidwardThe Clash of Triton, and The Masterpiece.
  • This is the first known time Mrs. Puff was tranquilized.
  • Thus is the second time Mrs. Puff deflates. The first was Pranks a Lot.
  • Even though she does not like the name Mrs. Huff she uses it in her name in the Demolition Derby.
  • This is the second episode to portray Mrs. Puff as an antagonist. The first being No Free Rides.
  • Error: Oddly, even though Captain Lutefisk introduced the 4 drivers and SpongeBob, there was another unknown driver that tried to crash SpongeBob along with Blow Torch and Divin' Bell Dale. Those three also drove into another unknown fish that may be also competing in the derby.
  • It is revealed that Squidward has a carrot patch near his house.
  • Captain Lutefisk is a reference to the WWE wrestler Lou Albano.
  • At the part were SpongeBob is pushing Mrs. Puff down the hall in Mrs. Puff's wheelchair, one of the pictures look similar to the logo used by Apple Inc., or by its nickname, Apple.
  • Error: When The Kruncher was driving away from SpongeBob after SpongeBob drove over him, The Kruncher's back fins was missing in that shot.