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Doing Time is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season three. In this episode, SpongeBob and Patrick try to break Mrs. Puff out of jail.

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SpongeBob is taking his driver's license exam yet again, and ends up leaving the driving course and wrecking the city before driving off an unfinished bridge the mayor just opened. The police follow the boat and end up driving off the bridge themselves. They hit a truck full of fruit punch which is being delivered to Shady Shoals Rest Home, causing it to explode and flood the home in punch. Although SpongeBob is responsible, Mrs. Puff is sent to prison for gross negligence. In prison, she realizes that she'll never see SpongeBob again, and starts to enjoy it.

Meanwhile, SpongeBob is depressed that Mrs. Puff in jail, and Patrick tells him it is his fault. The duo set out to free her from jail, first trying to rob the "1st Nautical Bank" in order to get arrested themselves, but fail. They then disguise themselves as rocks that the prisoners are made to smash as labor, and try to communicate with Mrs. Puff, who calls the guards, but they dismiss it as a hallucination and move her to kitchen duty. SpongeBob and Patrick are then smashed by another inmate, costing them their deposit on the costumes. They then hide in a vat of chilli in the cafeteria and offer to help Mrs. Puff escape through it, but she explains to them that she likes it in prison, which they refuse to believe. She calls for the prison guards again, and is reassigned again. SpongeBob and Patrick appear to her yet again on a hanger assembly line, and when she calls for the guards, they dismiss SpongeBob and Patrick as raw materials and send Mrs. Puff to her cell, convinced that she is going insane. SpongeBob and Patrick next appear in Mrs. Puff's toilet, and when she calls the guards, they turn out to be SpongeBob and Patrick in disguise. When she next sees the guards, she rips off their faces, and is put in solitary confinement. She is glad that she is finally safe from SpongeBob, but she begins hallucinating her room to be made of sponge (SpongeBob), and actually goes insane.

She wakes up screaming in the car flying off the cliff, and realizes that it was a dream. The car crashes to the fruit truck again and they was arrested again. However, this time Mrs. Puff isn't the one that got arrested, it's SpongeBob. While she's happy because not going to the jail, a police officer told her she's already in jail, and Mrs. Puff realized that she's already wearing a jail outfit. She screams, and wakes up screaming in the car flying off the cliff again. When she was about to relax, it turns out that the one that driving the car isn't SpongeBob anymore, but one of the prisoner that incrediculously asked her what's "the jail's dinner menu tonight". She screams, and wakes up screaming in the car flying off the cliff, yet again. This time SpongeBob driving. She goes panic for a while, but after realizing it's just going to loop again, she give up screaming and says "Oh, forget it".


  • This is the third time Mrs. Puff has been sent to jail, the first two being "Hall Monitor" and the second being "No Free Rides". The fourth time is in "Ditchin'". The fifth time is "Bumper to Bumper".
  • Originally, the episode ended with a scene similar to the beginning, but this time, it was SpongeBob that got arrested instead of Mrs. Puff, much to her delight.
  • The name of this episode "Doing Time" references the saying of spending a period of time in prison
  • This is the first episode of 2002.
  • This episode is the twenty-sixth time Squidward doesn't appear.
  • In this episode, Mrs. Puff's screams sound exactly like Sid's screams in the Ice Age film series.
  • This is the second episode in which the majority is revealed to be just a dream. The first one was Procrastination, and the third is The Main Drainand the fourth being Squidward in Clarinetland.
  • This episode's cutaway gag (when SpongeBob tells Patrick that she forgot about the outside world of prison, the random fish is shown going to work, then being there then looking out the window at night as his wife asks if he's coming to bed) is a perfect example of the similarity to Family Guy's cutaways
  • This episode is a paradox, which is a never-ending cycle.
  • It is revealed that Mrs. Puff's first student is SpongeBob when she opens her Boating School. As of her flashback, this explains the origin of boating disaster.
  • When Mrs. Puff gets thrown into "solitary confinement", there's a rubber ducky in the corner (first scene in the sponge room only)
  • The scene where Sponge and Pat are robbing a bank have become an internet meme.
  • This marks the second time SpongeBob is seen in the toilet bowl, but is not recognized. The first time was inThe BullyLloyd sees a live action sponge in the toilet and mutters, "Oh that's real nice". In Doing Time, the guard grumbles, "They don't pay me enough for this," and flushes SpongeBob and Patrick.
  • Oddly, Tom had a female voice in this episode.


  • Mrs. Puff's hat changes colors during this episode. When Mrs. Puff goes to lunch duty, her hat turns from red to blue, and one second later, it changes back to red. When the police are leading Mrs. Puff into jail, her hat changes from blue to red to blue again. And when Mrs. Puff drinks her cup of water her hat turns black then back to red. Then again, most of the episode is a dream.
  • When Mrs. Puff's jail cell is first shown, there is a single bed. But later, it is a bunk bed. Once again, this can be excused because it is Mrs. Puff's dream.
  • When SpongeBob crashes into the juice truck for the second time, the boat he was driving can be seen. But in the next shot, it is gone.

APM music identification

  • Horlepiep - SpongeBob is once again taking his boating exam.
  • Hail to the Chief A - "It is with great pride that I officially open this unfinished bridge."
  • Pomp and Circumstance - Flashback of the opening of Mrs. Puff's Boating School.
  • Hawaiian Breeze - "All right, seniors, let's open these windows so the world can see your nice white clothes."
  • Surfin' Summer A - The Beach Boys-like tune that Fred listens to on his headphones.
  • Hawaiian Cocktail - "But I don't belong here! It's all a big mistake!"
  • Keel Row - "No more phone solicitors, no more SpongeBob, no more company potlucks, no more SpongeBob, no more road rage, no more SpongeBob, no more insurance payments, no more SpongeBob...No More SpongeBob!....No More SpongeBob!!...NO MORE SPONGEBOB!!!!!....I think I'm gonna like this place."
  • Kamakani B - "Class just isn't the same without Mrs. Puff."
  • Cierre Bob Esponja - SpongeBob and Patrick try to rob a bank.
  • Springtime for Lovers - "These are my people!"
  • Hawaiian Link A - Mrs. Puff walks away from the kitchen as SpongeBob and Patrick watch.
  • Creepy Sting 5 - The walls of the yellow room turn into SpongeBob's faces
  • Lonely Stranger - SpongeBob gets arrested.
  • Killer Birds - Mrs. Puff sees a barball to her leg.