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Dreamcast is a sixth generation home game console made by Sega in 1998. It is Sega's last home game console.


After the Sega Saturn failed in the market, Sega lost a lot of money. To improve the momentum, Sega discontinued the Saturn to save money, and announced the Dreamcast in 1997, and that it be the start of a new generation, which was the sixth generation. Sega announced a new Sonic game, which is Sonic Adventure, and that it will be a launch title.

The console's logo which is a red swirl had to be changed in Europe, as a company in Germany had a similar logo and to risk copyright infringement, the logo was changed to blue in Europe.

In 1998, the console was released with Sonic Adventure and three other launch titles. The console didn’t fare well due to poor marketing and advertising although it did gain a following. Sega still had to deal with the financial problems it had been plagued with for a while, which they never recuperated from during the Dreamcast’s era.

The announcement and eventual release of the PlayStation 2 in 2000 resulted in poor sales for the Dreamcast as many turned to the PlayStation 2 instead. This resulted in Sega’s financial problems worsening, forcing them to discontinue the Dreamcast after only two years of being on the market with 9 million units sold, which is considered to be a commercial failure.

In the years after the Dreamcast’s discontinuation, it began to achieve a huge cult following, with many realising that the Dreamcast was an underrated console that was ahead of its time due to some of its features that was a first for consoles, such as online gaming and memberships. It is now frequently considered to be one of the greatest consoles ever made and a “failed masterpiece” by many.


The common startup is a small dot bouncing on a white screen to form the Dreamcast name. Once the name has been formed, the dot jumps into the center of the screen to create the swirl logo.

The startup used in the PAL region is the dot jumping in the center of the screen and turning to create the swirl logo. The swirl logo then jumps into the center of the screen along with the Dreamcast name.


  • Dreamcast's logo is a red swirl with the console's name. The swirl is red, orange or blue.
  • The best-selling game for the console is Sonic Adventure at 6 million copies.
  • There are rumours that Sega will release the Dreamcast 2. There are a few pictures and new articles about the rumours, although most people claim its not true.