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Williamson Flash Gordon Watercolor

Flash Gordon is a Science fiction hero created by Alex Raymond for a comic strip that was first published on January 7, 1934. Since that time many incarnations of Flash (known in Australia as Speed) Gordon have came through out the years though somethings have not changed. Flash is a sportsperson, and student from Earth who travels to a strange world, Mongo, that threatens Earth, and ends up fighting to liberate it from the Evil Emperior Ming.

Flash Gordon (Comic Strip)[]

Flash is a polo player, and Yale student.

Flash Gordon (1930s serial)[]

Flash Gordon (1979-80 animated series) & Flash Gordon: The Greatest Adventure of All[]

Flash Gordon 1979

In 1979 an animated TV-Movie was produced, and shown to NBC who made a series out of it, and neglected to release the movie until 1980. Flash Gordon is a US Airforce pilot during WWII, who is on a special mission in Warsaw. His contact is near to death when Flash finds him, but manages to utter the word Mongo, as a message for Zarkov. On his way to meet Zarkov he comes across reporter Dale Arden who is on her way to interview the scientist. Zarkov has no time to chat, and ushers them into a rocket towards the planet Mongo, where the doctor plans to ward off an impending attack. Upon entering the planet's atmosphere they are approached by an Imperial Patrol; despite Zarkov's wishes Flash fires upon the vessels as hostiles, and is eventually shot down. They wander on to Mongo's surface, and Dale is captured by neanderthals who wish to sacrifice her to an idol of Ming. Upon rescuing her, Flash, and Zarkov meet King Thun of the Lionmen. The company is pitted in battle against Ming, who explains his intent to conquer Earth by 'separating and attacking'. Ming has been supplying Hitler with rocket technology. Flash, and the others form a Resistance against Ming, and end his rule, just barely saving the Earth. However, Flash, Dale, and Zarkov are now trapped on Mongo, unable to return home. The series that chronologically follows the movie deals with their many adventures on the planet's surface.

Flash Gordon (1980 film)[]

Sam J

Flash Gordon is a New York Jets football star. He is aboard an aircraft that gets hit by a meteorite. He takes the controls of the plane, and crash lands into a Greenhouse owned by Dr. Hans Zarkov. He is enticed by the Dr. to board a secret spacecraft he has built to investigate a mysterious force he believes to be pushing the moon towards the Earth, and thus, to be the source of a recent bout of natural disasters. The ship is captured by the Evil Emperor Ming who intends to destory the Earth for his mere pleasure.

Flash Gordon (2007-8 TV Series)[]

Eric Johnson as Flash Gordon 2007

Flash, like other characters appearing in the most recent incarnation, is altered, though not as much as many others in the series. Steven 'Flash' Gordon is a high school track, and field athlete who lives in Maryland. His father, a scientist, went missing while conducting some strange experiment when Flash was thirteen. The assistent of Steven's father appears with a rift portal, that transports him, Flash, and Flash's reporter girlfriend Dale to the planet Mongo, where his father was taken during his experiment.