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Fools in April is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season one. In this episode, Squidward plays a nasty prank on SpongeBob.

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SpongeBob wakes up, and realizes that it's April Fools Day. He begins the day pranking Gary by saying they were going to be peasents and that they were gonna have to move. He then pranks himself into drinking several glasses of lemonade, then goes to work. Squidward looks at the calendar, and realizes that it's April Fools Day, which he says is SpongeBob's favorite holiday. Fearing the worst has to come (or so he thinks), Squidward calls Mr. Krabs saying he's sick and that he wont be able to make it to work today. Mr. Krabs says that there's an art collector in his office who wants to buy Squidward's art and name him artist of the month. Squidward immediately rushes to the Krusty Krab, only to find that it was a silly prank by SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs. Squidward attempts to resign from his job, but SpongeBob convinces him to stay, promising not to pull any further pranks on him.

However, SpongeBob continues to prank the customers inside the Krusty Krab while hiding them from Squidward even though Squidward knows he is doing that. The customers seem to take SpongeBob's pranks lightly, because the pranks are considered funny and harmless. Despite the fact that Squidward does not receive any more pranks as SpongeBob promised, Squidward gets annoyed over the SpongeBob and the customers' laughter. He decides to plot revenge on SpongeBob by showing him what a "real" prank is, and sets a rope trap with a blob of mustard in the middle. SpongeBob goes to clean it up, and he gets his leg caught in the lasso. Squidward cuts a nearby rope, triggering a chain reaction which sends SpongeBob flying around the restaurant, colliding into several objects and areas. Squidward laughs at him and celebrates his victory, but an emotionally and physically hurt SpongeBob tearfully leaves the restaurant. The customers too are appalled by Squidward's prank, declaring that it was far too harsh to be considered funny. They leave the restaurant, with one of them angrily saying to him "April Fools, jerk," and another one yelling, "YOU STINK!" Squidward is overcome with guilt, realizing that they were right in that the prank was too harsh and decides that he has to apologize to SpongeBob.

He goes to SpongeBob's house and sees SpongeBob's hat behind a rock. Thinking it's SpongeBob, he goes over to apologize, but then sees that it's Patrick wearing the hat and digging. Patrick tells Squidward that SpongeBob is in the house "impressed" (instead of depressed) and was crying a lot. Squidward feels even worse and attempts to apologize when SpongeBob answers the door, but finds himself physically unable to say "I'm sorry" to him. Eventually, he is able to say it by putting a bubble over his head, so that SpongeBob does not actually hear his apology. Squidward walks away, saying that his conscience is clear, but is confronted by memories of what he did, feels guitly again, and goes back and genuinely apologizes to SpongeBob, but tells SpongeBob not to tell anyone. SpongeBob forgives him, but then fully opens his front door, revealing that everyone else is inside behind him, and witnessed Squidward's apology. They all say "April Fools!" to Squidward, who is flabbergasted by this. He states that he was fooling them as well before running away, laughing maniacally.


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  • This is Bubble Bass's final appearance in Season 1. He does not appear again until the episode "Plankton's Good Eye."
  • The various pranks pulled by SpongeBob include:
    • Telling Gary they were going to become peasants, and to eat salted shells instead of snail food
    • Telling himself he would drink dozens of glasses of lemonade for breakfast
    • Having Mr. Krabs call Squidward on the phone that an art collector from The Barnacle Bay Art Museumis at the Krusty Krab and wants to make Squidward artist of the month.
    • Putting a Whoopie Cushion on Mr. Krabs' chair
    • Directing an old lady who asked him for a fork to the spoons
    • Drawing a face on the back of his head and tricking a customer into thinking he was two different people
    • Giving a customer one ice cube in his drink when he asked for a couple of them
    • Telling his tongue that its shoes were untied
    • Tricking Squidward into apologizing to him secretly in front of a room full of people
  • This is Sandy's last appearance in Season 1.
  • This is the first episode to have a "telephone" made out of 2 cans and a string being used, the second would be "Drive Thru."
  • The line "You stink!" was first heard in "Pickles".
  • Squidward's Mom looks different then she does in "Krusty Towers."
  • The woman who asks Spongebob where the forks are is the same fish that asks where the menu section is in "Neptune's Spatula." It seems as though she is in constant need of guidance.
  • This is the first instance of Gary crying. The second will be in "Shell Shocked."
  • 19th time Spongebob cries.
  • This is the first appearance of a woopie cushion, the second would be "Pranks a Lot."
  • Tom acts like he did in "Pizza Delivery."
  • It is revealed that Spongbob's doorknob can be removed.
  • The first airing had Squidward talking to Sandy first.
  • When Squidward tries to apologize to SpongeBob for the first time, he says "I'm trying to say I'm..." and his head turns into a donkey and starts breying. This is a subliminal message that Squidward feels as if he is a jack***. A similar subliminal message will also occur in "Christmas Who?"
  • Shubie is heard speaking in a deep male voice.
  • This episode and "Neptune's Spatula" only tend to air on April Fools Day.
  • There is a subliminal message when Spongebob Squarepants gets hit. An orange fish points the middle finger


  • After being pranked the first time, Squidward places his hat on Mr. Krab's desk, but he has it in his hand when he leaves the Mr. Krabs's room
  • Even after SpongeBob reveals to the old lady his prank of giving her a spoon rather than a fork, she still walks away with the spoon.
  • When the customers leave the Krusty Krab after Squidward's prank, they are all blue and brown finger shaped ovals.
  • After Spongebob says "What" while squidward is trying to apologize, the door knob reappears eventhough Spongebob took it down just 15 seconds earlier
  • When Squidward's head explodes while apologizing, neither his house nor Patrick's house are there anymore
  • After Squidward leaves SpongeBob's house, an image of Tom says "April Fools, jerk!". However, a different fish says this at the Krusty Krab. That fish was lime green with dark details.
  • When Squidward gives SpongeBob a message in a bottle, he puts a cork on it. However, as it rolls towards SpongeBob, the cork is gone.
  • When Squidward sees Patrick, the hat is down to Patrick's eyebrows. However, when Squidward says, "Why are you wearing that hat?!" the hat is farther up Patrick's forehead.
  • In one scene Spongebob's holes were black.
  • Squidward finishes saying sorry before he stuck his tongue out.
  • In this episode, Bubble Bass is purple (or brown), instead of green.
  • There is no possible way that many people can fit in Spongebob`s living room, and when Squidward was apoligizing, he said that he "Liked Everyone" which means that maybe the whole people of Bikini Bottom was in Spongebob`s Living room. Unless if it was the people just at the Krusty Krab and Spongebob`s Friends, then they would fit into it.