Frankenstein 1970 1958 poster
Frankenstein 1970
is a 1958 science fiction horror film where in the long lived Baron Victor Von Frankenstien, tortured and disfigured by Nazis for not cooperating with them during WWII uses the atomic technology of 1970 to continue the work of his ancestor; for that he will need- BODIES.


During WWII Baron Victor Von Frankenstien is confronted by Nazis seeking his scientific expertise to further the war efforts, to which the Baron refuses and is tortured in the hopes of convincing him to change his mind. Alas, releaf for this torment arrives far too late to spare him of the scars that disfigure him.

1970, the Baron is low on funds and invites a film crew to his German castle in order to create a horror movie based on the work of his ancestor of whom he carries the name sake of. This arrangement gives the Baron the funds he needs to acquire a nuclear reactor; which he uses to create a being in his image as he was before the torture with parts from the local morgue; but his methods prove ineffective on dead tissue- to make his image alive he'll need parts from the living.

He proceeds to obtain such from the film crew, and then his loyal butler- until the creature in his own image turns on him and in the struggle the reactor explodes ending them both. Sometime latter, when the radiation levels have diminished investigators enter what remains of the lab and remove the creatures bandages as an audio tape plays revealing that the Baron intended the creature to be his successor; for the Baron was the last of the Frankenstiens.


During pre-production such titles as Frankenstien's Castle, Frankenstien 1960, and Frankenstien 1975 where considered before Frankenstien 1970 was settled upon to express it's near future atomic age technology. The film was shot on a low budget in only 8 days.


  • Boris Karloff as Baron Victor Von Frankenstien



The film was released as part of a double feature where it was paired with Queen of Outer Space.

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