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Fred Figglehorn is a fictional character on YouTube portrayed by Lucas Cruikshank. "Fred's" videos are about him and his "ordinary" life. His character on YouTube is a 6 year old who has a high voice. He was the #1 most subscribed channel on YouTube before RayWilliamJohnson. He got his own TV show on Nickelodeon called Fred: The Show. Before that, he got three movies. Fred: The Movie, Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred, and Fred 3: Camp Fred. He also appeared in an ICarly episode called "IMeet Fred".

TV Movies[]

Fred The Movie[]

Fred tries to see his next door neighbor, Judy, but later finds out that she moved "kidnapped". So he goes out to meet Judy at her new house. He later finds out that she had a party and he wasn't invited.

Fred 2[]

After Fred's music teacher retires "died", they get a new teacher named Mr. Devilin. Fred thinks that he is a vampire. And he finds out that he is dating his mom. Fred gets invited over his house with a live camcorder ready to show the world what his house looks like. But Fred soon finds out that he isn't a vampire. But everyone saw the video and said that Mr. Devilin was a vampire. So Fred dressed as a vampire to say that he is the true vampire.

Fred 3[]

It's the last day of school, and Fred wants to go to Camp Superior! But his mom cannot afford that camp. So he has to go to Camp Iwannapeepee. Fred gets four friends and they win the camp games against Camp Superior. Fred eventually likes Camp Iwannapeepee, after finding out that Iwannapeepee has four things that Superior doesn't have, his four new friends.


  • Fred
  • Judy
  • Bertha
  • Kevin
  • Fred's Mom