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Friend or Foe is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season five

. In this episode, Mr. Krabs tells a story behind his and Plankton's rivalry.
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  • November 30 (present)
  • 12:20 PM: Plankton brings the cake into the Krusty Krab
  • November 30, 1945 (flashback of birthday)
  • 1940s/1950s (main flashbacks)


Characters (Patchy segments):

Characters (SpongeBob episode):


Patchy episode

Patchy and Potty are working at a restaurant called "Poop Deck", hoping to be just like SpongeBob. Patchy has new ideas which Potty disagrees with, and after an argument with Potty, Patchy ends their friendship and goes home. He compares himself and Potty to Mr. Krabs and Plankton, starting the SpongeBob Plot.

Later, Potty appears to Patchy and tells him that he is now assistant manager. The two get into another argument, and Patchy starts throwing patties at Potty, but they keep missing, and one eventually hits Mr. Pirateson, the Owner of Poop Deck. Patchy then tells the viewers to watch the rest of the SpongeBob episode while he watches Potty get fired.

After the SpongeBob episode is over, Patchy claims he took some time off, but Potty then tells the viewers that Patchy actually got fired, and Patchy gets back at Potty by saying that he got fired too, which is also true (but Potty also got a golden parachute). Patchy then says that they cannot replace him, but Potty tells him that they already did. When Patchy finds out that he's been replaced by a gorilla, he calls it a "smelly, hairy fleabag" which the gorilla responds to by throwing patties at Patchy. The episode then ends.

SpongeBob episode

After yet another attack on the Krusty Krab by Plankton, SpongeBob asks Mr. Krabs why they hate each other so much. Mr. Krabs tells his side of the story, in a series of flashbacks:

Mr. Krabs and Plankton were best friends from birth, and did everything together. Both were outcasts, Plankton being a nerd and Krabs (ironically) being extremely poor. One day Krabs finds a penny at the carnival, his first exposure to money, which he spends on a balloon for Plankton. Later, they get enough money to buy a burger from Stinky's Burgers, which, despite having horrible food and literally being located in a dump, is very popular among the local children due to being the only place in town to get a burger. Mr. Stinky refuses to serve them, saying that freaks like them are bad for business, and tells them to "wait" at the back of the building. There, they witness Stinky retiring, having made millions from the stand. Plankton and Krabs decide to go into the burger business themselves, and create their own burger, but no one wants to try it. When Stinky's is closed by the local health department, the two open "Plabs Burgers" on his former site, which the children are now forced to eat at, despite it being even worse than Stinky's.

Plankton says that they are now ruling the stomachs of the children, and soon will be ruling their brains. Mr. Krabs argues that it should be about satisfying the customers, rather than power. Soon they get into an argument, and Krabs is ejected into a dump pile and tells Plankton that he will one day regret this.

Plankton comes in and disagrees with Mr. Krabs' story and tells SpongeBob his own version. His story is the same as Mr. Krabs', except that their roles during the fight at the end are reversed, with Krabs wanting to rule the money of the children.

Plankton and Krabs begin arguing about the story, until Karen arrives and tells the real story:

The restaurant initially has no customers, and Old Man Jenkins is the first to try one of their burgers. Upon taking a bite, he smiles, then collapses, having been knocked out by the patty. Krabs and Plankton become angry and accuse each other of tainting the patty. They begin fighting over the recipe, eventually tearing it in two, with Plankton getting the bottom half, which says "...and a pinch of chum." Their friendship over, Plankton storms out to pursue his own career in food. However, during the struggle, a shelf was knocked down, dumping various ingredients into the patty batter, creating the Krabby Patty recipe, which Krabs is left with. The two go their separate ways, each trying to open their own establishment. Mr. Krabs' "Krabby Patty" is great, while Plankton's Chum Burger is horrible.

After hearing the story, Plankton and Krabs begin to make up, until Plankton takes the formula from his pocket. The two start chasing after each other, and the episode ends.


This episode is #6 on Tom Kenny's worst episodes list, with #1 being The Original Fry Cook.


  • The episode uses the Rashomon Effect, which is the effect of the subjectivity of perception on recollection, by which observers of an event are able to produce substantially different but equally plausible accounts of it.
  • SpongeBob is surprised when Mr. Krabs tells him that he and Plankton were friends back then, but in Krabs vs Plankton, Spongebob asks Plankton why he visited the Krusty Krab, to which he said he was going to visit his old friend, SpongeBob is not surprised. It's possible that this episode takes place before Krabs vs Plankton or SpongeBob thought Plankton was lying.
  • It is revealed that Plankton and Mr. Krabs were born on the same day. But in Grandpappy the Pirate, Mr. Krabs said he was born with his grandfather.
  • Poseidon Elementary is based on the fictional ocean liner, SS Poseidon and the ancient Greek god of the sea.
  • This is the first episode where we see Mr. Krabs and Plankton on a title card. Their 2nd appearance is in Oral Report as drawings
  • When Old Man Jenkins first appears in the episode, he has green skin with a red hat. But when he tries the new burger, his skin is tan with a blue and white striped hat.
  • The first time Mr. Pirateson (Bill Fagerbakke) appears he has 2 hooks, but later he has only one hook.
  • In the flashbacks, Mr. Krabs' eyelashes disappear a few times in the course of the episode, including when he and Plankton look in the oven when making their burger.
  • Mr. Krabs is portrayed as rich when he was young in "Krusty Krab Training Video", but in this episode he is very poor possibly making it before he sold the sandwiches.
  • In this episode, Mr. Krabs and Plankton supposedly made the Krabby Patty together, but in "Enemy In-Law" Mr. Krabs says the recipe was passed down from his mother, but to be fair, that episode was aired before this one, Mr. Krabs could of been lying, then again in Dunces and Dragons, it's revealed that the Krabby Patty recipe was passed on since medieval time, but that was likely just the result of SpongeBob and Patrick causing a time paradox.
  • The pictures of Plankton as a baby show that he is normal size, however, in "Goo Goo Gas", Plankton was shrunk to baby size and turned microscopic.
  • The restaurant Mr. Krabs and Plankton built is seen in the video game Globs of Doom in the dump level of Bikini Bottom.
  • Mr. Krabs is a kid in this episode, but his mother still appears old.
  • 45th time Patrick doesn't appear.
  • When Mr. Krabs and Plankton finished their burger it had nothing between its buns except for a patty but later they reveal it with two patties and lettuce. While approaching Stinky Burger's, it had a single patty and a slice of cheese.
  • When Mr. Krabs said that his first dollar was from selling his and Plankton's patty, but when Stinky drove off he took a dollar that flew off of his limo.
  • Plankton could have gotten the ingredients from the security footage but instead rather steal the recipe for the Krabby Patties.
  • When Johnny was trying out the Chum Burger, it only had buns and a chum patty but when he was throwing it out, it had tomatoes, lettuce and pickles. Although the vegetables are in the chum to not be confused.
  • When the young Mr. Krabs says "WHAT IN NEPTUNE'S NET IS THAT!!??", Sandals eating popcorn in the background disappears and transports to the end of the screen.
  • In the Krusty Krab Training Video, Mr. Krabs founded the Krusty Krab himself from buying a retirement home.
  • In the scene before Mr. Krabs grabbed the penny on the ground at Glove World, the fish in the background disappeared before the next scene.
  • This is the first half hour episode where Patrick doesn't appear.
  • All this time, despite the recipe calling for only "a pinch of chum", Plankton's been making food entirely out of chum.
  • When Plankton says his story the hole in the ceiling is still there even though Mr. Krabs was ejected through the ceiling and Mr. Krabs threw him by the window
  • The episode title is very similar to a Sonic Underground episode, "Friend or Foe?".


APM Music

  • Against the Law (c) - [[Sheldon J. Plankton|Plankton}}}} tricks [[Eugene H. Krabs|Mr. Krabs}}}} and attempts to steal the formula.
  • Blondes and Bullets (a) - Plankton escapes with the formula but SpongeBob defeats Plankton.
  • Crime Doesn't Pay - "You'll rue the day we were born, Krabs! I'll be back!"
  • Hawaiian Cocktail - "Why, Mr. Krabs? Why does he hate us so?!"
  • Fates - Everyone listens to Mr. Krabs's story.
  • Willy Nilly - The backstory of Mr. Krabs & Plankton in grade school.
  • The Dreadnought Tea Clipper (b) - "Hey, barnacle-brains! I think you owe plankton an apology!"
  • Lonely Violin (Octavic) - "It was true. I did get me clothes from the trash. You see, when I was growing up, times were tough. Me mother had to...*sniffs* me clothes from rags."
  • Mississippi Blues - Krabs mother knits Krabs clothes made out of rags.
  • Roses from the South - #1: "Then, one day while Plankton & I plotted our revenge, I met the love of me life."
  • Drama Link (d) - "WHAT IN NEPTUNE'S NAME IS THAT!!??"
  • Heavenly Voices - Mr. Krabs picks up the penny and questions about it with Plankton.
  • Roses from the South - #2: Krabs spends the penny on a balloon for Plankton.
  • Beach Party - Mr. Krabs describes 'Stinky Burgers'.
  • Lonely Heart's Club A - Krabs & Plankton to order Stinky Burgers & Stinky rejects them out of the cue.
  • Long Way Home - "What I have to say is very important. If you remember just one thing for the rest of your life, remember that one...*stutters*...without your kind patronage, I'd be a penniless loser like Rag Boy."
  • Organ a Go Go - Stinky strips into his new costume and takes a seat in a fancy limosine.
  • Chase Me Chester - The gorilla attacks Patchy.
  • Bell Hop - Used throughout the [[Patchy the Pirate}}}} subplot.
  • Drama Link (h) - "...when science is on your side? We'll make that burger and when we do..."
  • Terror By Night - "...we will rule the school! *laughs evilly*"
  • Drama Link B - Patchy spots a gorilla.
  • Worker's Symphony - Mr. Krabs explains the process (followed by a montage) of making their burger.
  • Gay Activity - Krabs & Plankton unleash their grand opening of their restaurant.
  • Drama Link (k) - "I'm ruling their stomachs and soon, I will be ruling THEIR MINDS!! *laughs evilly*"
  • Verve - "I'm talking about RULING THE WORLD!! *laughs evilly* And with this secret recipe, nothing will stop me!"
  • Wooden Bear - #1: Plankton tries to forces Mr. Krabs over in order to launch him out.
  • Dramatic Cue (b) - #1: Krabs: "You'll regret this one day!!"
  • Dramatic Impact 2 - "LIES!"
  • Tristesse - Plankton accuses Mr. Krabs of lying about their backstory.
  • Like Strange - #1: "*laughs evilly* First, we'll rule their stomachs and then..."
  • Frankenstein's Niece A - Plankton tries to reason with Mr. Krabs as Mr. Krabs continues to explain his evil plan.
  • Wooden Bear - #2: Krabs grabs Plankton and launches him out.
  • Dramatic Cue (b) - #2: Plankton: "You'll regret this one day!!"
  • Dramatic Impact 1 - [[Karen}}}} appears at the [[Krusty Krab}}}} door.
  • Hello Sailor (b) - "Now that's a handsome-looking burger!"
  • ??? - A foghorn is heard at the exterior shot of the dump.
  • Dramatic Impact 6 - "Plab Patty's K.O.'ed [[Old Man Jenkins|Old Man J'}}}}."
  • Like Strange - #2: Krabs & Plankton fight over the receipe.
  • Comic Walk - Karen narrates the next portion of her 'true' story.
  • Orchestral Flourish 4 - The school kids start to adore Krabby Patties.
  • Orchestral Flourish 6 - The school kids praise Krabs.
  • Dramatic Cue (e) - " I'll show you, Krabs! I'll steal that cursed recipe from you one day, and I won't stop till I do!"
  • The Tip Top Polka, The/Cliff Polka - Mr. Krabs cheers and both him and Plankton argue.
  • Woe is Me! - Plankton & Mr. Krabs reconcile.
  • Kamakani (b) - "Doesn't this warm your heart, Karen?"
  • Keystone Chaos - Plankton grabs the secret formula from Mr. Krabs pocket.