The Galactic Alliance is the governing body of the Galaxy in the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command animated series. Comprised of various planetary governments who have agreed to exist cooperatively under this governing body with some limited autonomy chiefly in regards to planetary governance. The exact age of the Galactic Alliance is unstated though it's hinted to be a recent development. While it's intention is to establish a peaceful order in the galaxy, for which Star Command has been established for peacekeeping, policing, and diplomatic missions, it is not the only government. The Galactic Border is mentioned and divides the Alliance from the Empire of Zurg. With in the Alliance to are worlds with factions that would like to withdraw from the Alliance for varous reasons, the most notable is the planet Gargantua which is inhabited by a blue skinned people who do not exceed a few inches in height. A faction, the Gargantuan Militant Movement, believes that it's world's voice is not being heard in the council of the Alliance and thus that it's just being swayed by the policies of larger civilizations. For this reason the movement seeks to leave and enforce it's soveriegnty with a native military force.

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