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Game Boy is a 16-bit handheld game console made by Nintendo EAD in 1989. It is the third handheld game console ever after the Nintendo's Game and Watch (released in 1982 and the Atari Lynx (released 1988).

Best-selling games

The best-selling game for the console is Tetris which sold 30 million copies. The best-selling Mario game is Super Mario Land with 16 million copies.

Poor screening

Since its release in 1989, reports were going on about the poor screening on the console which can't be seen in dark and can be only seen in direct light. This is due to the green lighting color and the console releases 2 V. In response, Nintendo released small lights to place on the screen to light it. There was a model only released in Japan that featured a backlight.


The Nintendo logo slowly descends onto the screen. It pauses in the middle of the screen to play the iconic Game Boy sound.


  • Since it got discontinued in 1999, it is really famous to collectors.
  • The system was the best-selling console until 1994 when the PlayStation was released. It was the best-selling handheld and Nintendo console until 2004 when Nintendo released the DS.
  • The system doesn't have color in it. The only color in it is the luminous green color which cannot be seen in the dark.
  • Some of the games were released on 3DS' Virtual Console where the game originally on the Game Boy, Link's Awakening is the most sold game on the 3DS' Virtual Console.
  • The Game Boy has sold 118 million units, making it the second best-selling handheld console after the Nintendo DS and the third best-selling game console ever after the PS2 and the DS.
  • Another report is about the Game Boy failing to load because of dust and dirt entering the system. Nintendo recommended to leave the ROM cartridges in the system.
  • The only time where the Game Boy games have color in it is when the game is played on the Game Boy Color, a Game Boy Advance, or a Super Game Boy.