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Game Boy Advance or GBA is a sixth generation handheld game console made by Nintendo EAD in 2001. It is the third handheld system in the Game Boy series.


The console was released in 2001 with high anticipation. Nintendo put a lot of work into making this console, and they've said themselves that the console was created with hard work.


The system after having the Afterburner installed.

The console received critical acclaim. Many praised the backwards-compatibility with the Game Boy and the Game Boy Color, and the ideas of the games. The only poor report about the console was about the really poor screening so Nintendo made a modification kit to make the screen brighter called the Afterburner. The Afterburner involves disassembling the system, taking out the batteries, removing a piece of rubber in the system which holds the batteries, put the lighting system to where the screen is, solder two wires together with a soldering iron for power and reassemble the system. The screening can now be seen in pitch black. The Game Boy Advance SP doesn't need afterburning because the lighting is now brighter for pitch black.


The Game Boy logo springs from the corner of the screen into the center of the screen along with the Nintendo logo. The Game Boy logo then twinkles for a brief second before the game loads. If there is no game inserted into the console, the startup will only feature the Game Boy logo.


  • The system is famous for remaking Super Mario games. The remade games include, Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World.
  • This console grossed 81 million units.
  • The best-selling game for the console is Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire at 16 million copies.
  • The system was discontinued in 2008 after 7 and a half years in the market.
  • Nintendo said that this system and the Nintendo 64 are the best consoles they made.
  • The SpongeBob games made for the system are considered the best SpongeBob games ever.
  • The system's game, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire is widely considered one of the best Pokemon games ever.
  • According to fans, one of the worst games made for the system is Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker because of the effects on the games.