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Game Gear is a 16-bit (4th g

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eneration) handheld game console made by Sega in 1994.

About it[]

When the Game Gear was released, it did suffer commercially, but however, being advertised on children's television series during advertisements made more people buy the console. The Game Gear was criticized for its bulky size, and the amount of the batteries it needed to operate, but was praised for its games, and the console's full-lit graphics.


The Sega logo flashes on the screen accompanied with the famous "Sega!" announcement.


  • Sonic Labyrinth, a game on the system is counted as one of the worst Sonic games ever made.
  • The highest-rated game on the system is Dragon Crystal, a game made in 1993. The game was previously released on the Master System. The Game Gear version was released in 1994.
  • Some of the console's games have been released on 3DS' Virtual Console.
  • The system has grossed 11 million units.
  • When the system came out, only 1000 units were sold.
  • The system was discontinued in 1996.