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Gary Takes a Bath is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season two. In this episode, SpongeBob attempts to make Gary take a bath.

Gary Takes a Bath



It's Gary's bath-time, but he doesn't want to take a bath. SpongeBob makes countless attempts to get Gary in the bath, but they all fail. Eventually, SpongeBob attempts to shoot it at Gary. Gary flees outside. The Gary's Speaker-Sound is fragile, then Gary trapped SpongeBob upside of tree. SpongeBob falls down from a tree to a mud puddle, because Gary takes off the letter and is angried by SpongeBob. And after, SpongeBob is taking a bath and Gary sees SpongeBob that he takes a bath. And afterly, Gary is happy at the end of the episode.


  • This episode runs for 6 minutes and 31 seconds. It was the fourth episode running less than eleven minutes. This episode is that short due to the length of its paired episode, "Shanghaied".
  • The title card background is similar to those of "Naughty Nautical Neighbors," "Karate Choppers," and "Squidville," except there are bubbles added.
  • This is the first episode pair to be about a year or two apart, the next one being Le Big Switch (2007) and Goo Goo Gas (2009).
  • This is the only episode to only use one voice actor (Tom Kenny).
  • The Gary Clock also appeared in "Procrastination".
  • This is the second time a record player was used to replace a character. The first was in "Pressure".
  • In the German version of this episode, the episode is called Die Wanne ist Voll, which means "The Tub is Full". This is a reference to a German song from the 70's.
  • In the Japanese version of this episode, is called "ゲイリーのお風呂嫌い" which means "Gary Hates Baths".
  • In the Spanish version this episode is called "Gary toma un baño", which is translated to Gary takes a bathroom. The Spanish name could've been "Gary se baña".
  • When Spongebob calls the French restaurant he tells them he has a snail who won't take a bath (because they should serve snails in a French restaurant) to scare Gary so he will take a bath but Spongebob can't understand the language. (He does not speek French) For this joke to work Spongebob must not know how to speak French. This was cut in the French version because he knows how to speak French so the joke can't work.
  • In the middle of episode, Gary breaks his shell. This wouldn't happen for a couple seasons in "Have You Seen This Snail?", "What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?", "Shell Shocked", and "Are You Happy Now?" in the future.
  • This is the second time SpongeBob says "Gary the Snail" to Gary. The previous one was "Dumped" and the next one is "Fungus Among Us".
  • This episode was the last one produced in 2000, but didn't premiere on TV in US until 2003, but despite the fact that two or more paired episodes have to share a common season, this episode is from season 2 anyway, because its paired episode, "Shanghaied", is from season 2, because that episode premiered during a season 2 premiere week during the week of March 5, 2001.
  • List of ideas that SpongeBob tries to get Gary to take a bath:
    • Throwing a ball to the bathtub. However, it's a "boomerang pet ball", so it comes right back.
    • Strapping a bomb to his chest and telling Gary that it will explode if he doesn't take a bath; the bomb explodes.
    • Sending subliminal messages to Gary.
    • Calling a French restaurant.
    • Playing leapfrog with Gary. He tries to launch Gary into the tub, but misses and causes Gary's shell to break.
    • SpongeBob tries to play leapfrog again, but Gary refuses and hits SpongeBob with a cane.
    • He bribes Gary with a dollar, telling him that the next "fellow" to take a bath in his house will receive it; Mr. Krabs arrives out of nowhere in a bathtub and takes it.
    • Dances.
    • Fakes a treasure hunt and paints the bathtub like a treasure chest.
  • This is the nineteenth time Patrick does not appear.
  • This is the seventeenth time Squidward does not appear.
  • This episode (along with its paired episode, "Shanghaied") was banned in the United Kingdom and Australia due to the "don't drop the soap" gag involved in the script, which was regarded to as inappropriate for a children's cartoon. Also, while SpongeBob is "assaulting Gary's mind with subliminal messages", a picture of a strange, crossed-eyed girl with freckles and pigtails appears suddenly with a giggle that was deemed too frightening for younger viewers. After seven years of not airing, both episodes finally returned to Nickelodeon in Europe and Australia in September 2008 for a single airing. After complaints from parents, the episodes were removed once again and have not aired since in both countries, despite being on the second region release of The Complete Second Season! However, the episode (along with "Shanghaied") re-aired in Australia in November 2010, and the episode returned to TV on February 27, 2011 in the UK.
  • In the Absorbing Favorites DVD, this episode was put on the DVD without its paired episode.
  • The fact the Gary hates taking baths is based on how domestic cats don't like to get wet and Gary is an underwater parody of a cat.
  • One of the most controversial parts of the episode is where SpongeBob straps a bomb to himself to get Gary to bathe, which is a parody of suicide bombers.
  • This episode was almost banned in the US because of the subliminal message girl. Today, it airs uncut with the girl uncut.
  • The stange girl's laugh appeared again in SpongeBob's House Party at the end of the episode, during Patchy's segment. Also, it's a spoof of a sound from The B-52's song, Rock Lobster. The music video (with a similar laugh to the weird farm girl) is here.→[1]
  • This is one of the few episodes in the entire series to only have 3 or less characters.
  • After being hit on the wall, Gary does not necessary need a cane, seeing the fact that he doesn't need to walk. However, the cane could have been used as self defense.
  • This is used popularly in memes.


  • After Gary takes away the ladder SpongeBob used to climb the tree, a faraway view of the tree is shown, and the ladder is seen falling to the ground. In the next faraway view of the tree, however (where SpongeBob is falling out of the tree and into the mud puddle), the ladder is no longer there.
  • When SpongeBob called the French restaurant, it had a purpose: one French dish is escargot, or cooked snail. However, escargot is land snail, not sea snail.
  • The Sky description for the episode is "Gary takes a bath, well... what did you expect?". As stated, Gary doesn't actually take a bath in the episode.
  • Accidentally, Netflix sometimes plays the season 3 episode, "Ugh" when you select it (or it might just be a malfunction).
  • Unlike the title, Gary doesn't take a bath.
  • When SpongeBob hands Gary soap and a rubber duck, after he says "I don't know what a snail would want with a brooch!", in the next shot the soap and the rubber duck are gone.
  • When SpongeBob is taking a bath, he has his sleeves on. This is likely an error.
  • When Spongebob warns Gary about going in the mud puddle, Gary is right next to the puddle. When Spongebob falls in, Gary is far away from the mud puddle.
  • SpongeBob had painted the tub to make look like a treasure but in the next shot it was back to normal.

APM Music Identification[]

  • Hawaiian Pussycat - Title card; the ending.
  • Sweet Manea - "Hey, Gar! How about some leap frog?"
  • Unease - SpongeBob's subilmental messages.
  • Six Powerful Cues D - SpongeBob sees that he's hanging from the Ceiling.
  • Dancing the Hula - SpongeBob tries to put Gary into the tub.
  • Dramatic Cue D - Gary gets exaggerated.
  • Unknown Music - SpongeBob chases Gary.
  • Dingle's Regatta - SpongeBob finds the treasure map.