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Grace Adelaide Jones (born 7 December 1899 – November 14, 2013) was a British supercentenarian, who at the time of her death, was the oldest verified person in the United Kingdom and the last British citizen born before 1900. In addition, she, fellow British supercentenarian, Ethel Lang, and Canadian supercentenarian, Merle Barwis, are the last surviving subjects of Queen Victoria. Jones is the youngest of the 11 living people born before 1900.


Grace Adelaide Jones was born in Bermondsey, London, England on 7 December 1899. She has never married, but was engaged before her fiancé was killed in World War I. She later turned down marriage proposals to look after her mother and siblings.

Personal life[]

Jones attributes her longevity to "good, English food, never anything frozen". On December 2, 2011, five days before her 112th birthday, a thief broke into her flat and stole her £300 pension. Another attempted robbery occurred the following day. At her 112th birthday, she remarked "I don't know if I can recover. It takes its toll. He got in and he robbed me. Another one tried on Saturday to get in. I'm frightened." A third burglary later took place on 24 January 2012. A man was arrested in connection with one of the burglaries and later faced a prison sentence.

Longevity milestones[]

  • 29 February 2012: Violet Wood died. Grace Jones aged 112 years 84 days became the oldest living person in the United Kingdom and the last British person born before 1900.
  • 7 December 2012: Grace Jones aged 113 years 0 days became the 14th British person to reach the age of 113.
  • 2 April 2013: Maria Redaelli-Granoli died. Grace Jones aged 113 years, 116 days entered the list of the 10 oldest verified living people.