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Grandpappy the Pirate is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season six. In this episode, Mr. Krabs seeks the help of SpongeBob, Squidward, and Patrick to convince his grandfather that he is a pirate.

Grandpappy the Pirate



  • Mr. Krabs' old pirate ship (flashback)
  • Captain Redbeard's old Pirate ship (flashback)


Mr. Krabs' grandfather is visiting him. He is a pirate, unlike Mr. Krabs, who he thinks is a pirate also instead of owning the Krusty Krab. Mr. Krabs tells SpongeBob that he was a pirate too like his grand-dad "Grandpa Redbeard" but he quit because his crew took all the money, and then he fired his crew. To please his "grandpappy," Mr. Krabs gets himself, Squidward, Patrick, and SpongeBob to disguise as pirates, rebuild the Krusty Krab into a pirate ship, and try to convince him that they are trained pirates.

Ironically, Grandpappy arrives and sees the ship and reveals that he was beginning to think Mr. Krabs was lying to his "old granddad". Grandpappy soon orders Mr. Krabs to show him what his ship can do. Mr., Krabs pretends to sail the ship. Squidward makes it look waves are coming up. Patrick blows water up in the air for effect. Mr. Krabs has to make a comment twice to get SpongeBob to do his part. SpongeBob's job is to play a record secretly (It is to make it sound like wind). Grandpappy is still fooled.

Grandpappy sees someone ahead and soon gets his "crew" to go to their stations for battle. Mr. Krabs is worried that it is the real deal. Mr. Krabs reveals it is his daughter, Pearl. Grandpappy, thinking it is a sea witch, claims he going to make her meet her maker. Before he can kill her, Mr. Krabs stops him just in time. Grandpappy asks Mr. Krabs why and Mr. Krabs responds he is only trying to inspect the "cannon". The fiery "cannon" is actually a fiery bag, as shown. Grandpappy wonders why it is so.

Pearl is angry because Mr. Krabs didn't come quickly. Mr. Krabs soon manages to shoo Pearl away. Mr. Krabs lets Grandpappy know that he has already taken care of it. Grandpappy sees through Mr. Krabs game and becomes so infuriated that the record on his nose literally explodes. Mr. Krabs tries to reason with him, but Grandpappy makes Mr. Krabs say that the code is to never tell a lie. Mr. Krabs says that he's a dirty liar.

Mr. Krabs breaks everything that is a lie and takes off the "crew"s clothing. The only thing left is the Krusty Krab and its true belonging. Mr. Krab reveals to Grandpapy that truly is the boss of a restaurant. Surprisingly to Mr. Krabs, Grandpappy is impressed for his effort of Mr. Krab's restaurant. Soon, Grandpappy "borrows" some of Mr. Krab's "booty". Grandpappy leaves on a lifeboat, laughing maniacally like a pirate would do normally. Mr. Krabs, chuckling, says that he (himself) knew he got his talent from his Grandpappy.


Original Music

  • Steel Sting - Shot of Mr. Krabs pirate crew. {Jeremy Wakefield}

APM Music Identification


  • Fourth time crabs appear in a title card. Fifth for Mr. Krabs.
  • If you look closely to that title card in the background, the crabs and the lines is similar to the title card background episode "Shell of a Man".
  • First time pirates appear.
  • When SpongeBob jumps up to catch the harpoon, he is wearing his normal clothes, but when he next appears, he is wearing his pirate outfit again.
  • Second time SpongeBob, Patrick, and Mr.Krabs pretend to be Pirates. The first was in "Arrgh!"
  • When post man gives the letter for Mr.krabs, The Krusty Krab is mispelled The Krysty Krab.
  • Why would Squidward cover his lower part when he seldom wears pants?
  • All 2009 episodes are TV-Y7 in 2010 they go back to TV-Y
  • On the gally grub menu, krabby patty is spelled krabby pattie.