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Grooming Gary is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season six. In this episode, SpongeBob enters Gary into a pet show.

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SpongeBob enters Gary in a pet show, but when he sees the other pets well groomed, he decides to give Gary a makeover. Gary isn't happy being made into a pretty show snail, and the other pets aren't either, turning into a pet riot.

SpongeBob enters Gary in a contest and sees a man with a snail who wears very expensive clothing and thinks Gary needs to get a makeover.After Gary finishes his makeover. He and SpongeBob go to the contest and Gary gets angry about expensive clothing and turn the Pet Contest into a Pet Riot.

The Ending

But SpongeBob explains what Gary is saying and the riot is over. However, it is Patrick that wins the pet show, probably because he wanted to see SpongeBob win the contest close-up.


  • A parody of Mary Poppins is shown when the pet owner glides via umbrella.
  • This is the second time SpongeBob looks for Gary in Squidward's bathtub. The first was in "Have You Seen This Snail?".
  • The way Squidward threw SpongeBob out of his house was the same as "Not Normal".
  • This is the third time you see Gary out of his shell, the first time was in Gary Takes a Bath, the second time was in Karate Island.
  • Captions misspell Mosteeze as "Muffsies".
  • Captions misspell Foofie as "Foofy".
  • The scene where the pets go on a rampage is similar to the Anti-Matrix segment, The Second Renaissance, where robots attack humans in revenge of having to do their bidding and labor work.
  • Second time Patrick acts like a dog. The first was I'm With Stupid. Third will be in Squidward's School For Grown Ups.
  • This is another instance in which Gary attacks someone besides Spongebob. In The Thing, he attacks "Smellie" (Squidward covered in cement and leaves). In Once Bitten, he attacks Squidward again, as well as many others. In this episode, he bites the judge (a reaction to the judge checking his "undercarriage").
  • The title card music is the same as Not Normal and Plankton's Regular.
  • This episode was originally supposed to air on August 7, but a change in schedule lead to Boating Buddies being aired on that day, when it was supposed to air on the 8th. On August 8, The Krabby Kronicle aired, which was not a scheduled episode at the time.


Original Music

  • Steel Licks - SpongeBob finishes dressing Gary. {Jeremy Wakefield}
  • Vibe Sting - Gary bites the leash. {Nicholas Carr}

APM Music

  • Drama Link (d) - SpongeBobs looks around his house for Gary.
  • Tympup A / ? - Squidward kicks SpongeBob out of his house.
  • Shock (f) - Gary screeches and bites SpongeBob.
  • Curtain-Raiser - Exterior shot of the "Bikini Bottom Pet Show".
  • Tympup A / ? - Close-up shot of Gary's eyes.
  • Alien Spacecraft C - "...glow-in-the-dark paint!"
  • Starlight Flight 30 - Charles flies to the Pet Show via umbrella.
  • Fruity Flute - #1: SpongeBob visits the barber room.
  • Hawaiian Cocktail - Patrick feels alone and runs away.
  • Fruity Flute - #2: SpongeBob wonders around the barber room.
  • Fruity Flute - #3: SpongeBob continues to wonder around the barber room.
  • Fashionable Enclosure - All of the competing pets are judged.
  • Footsteps of Horror - Gary screeches and bites the judge.
  • House of Horror {W. Merrick Farran} - All of the pets turn against their owners.
  • State Processional - The judge awards the trophy to SpongeBob and his pet.