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Hall Monitor
Season 1, Episode 7a
Hall Monitor.png
Air date August 28, 1999
Written by Chuck Klein
Jay Lender
Doug Lawrence
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Hall Monitor is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season one. In this episode, SpongeBob becomes hall monitor, resulting in chaos.



At Mrs. Puff's Boating School, it is time to select the hall monitor for the day. Mrs. Puff notices that SpongeBob is the only one who has yet to serve as hall monitor then SpongeBob moves forward, and after desperately attempting to find another candidate, she is forced to give hall monitor duties to SpongeBob.

After being elected Boating School Hall Monitor, SpongeBob gives a very long speech, which ends up lasting the entire day, and his entire time as hall monitor. Out of sympathy, Mrs. Puff allows SpongeBob to at least wear his uniform until the next day.

However, SpongeBob goes above and beyond the call of duty, and decides to become the hall monitor of the city, with disastrous results. His activities include giving directions to traffic, resulting in a massive pile-up, and attacking a couple in the guise of the "Open Window Maniac", with the intention of showing them the dangers of leaving a house window open. Later, SpongeBob finds Patrick eating a strawberry ice cream, which drips onto the ground, and labels him as a criminal. When a front page newspaper headline alerts SpongeBob about a maniac causing trouble around town, he lets Patrick turn over a new leaf as a deputy. They end up getting ice cream twice (Patrick's idea of a scandal), and then decide to split up to find the maniac, communicating using walkie-talkies. Two policemen ask Patrick if he's seen the maniac, and show him a picture of SpongeBob, which he at first mistakes for the actual maniac, but fails to recognize as SpongeBob. Soon, night suddenly falls and Patrick gets frightened. He sees SpongeBob in the distance across the street, who he recognizes as the maniac but not as SpongeBob. He alerts SpongeBob to this through his walkie-talkie, and SpongeBob attempts to escape the maniac. Everywhere he goes, Patrick tells him the maniac is there, making SpongeBob believe that the maniac is following him. Eventually, SpongeBob sees a wanted poster for himself and realizes that he is the maniac. The police arrive to arrest him, and Mrs. Puff appears to explain the situation to them, saying that he is herresponsibility. The police interpret this as taking responsibility for the crimes, and she is arrested. She is working with the whole class on their essay while she is being taped on TV until she tells SpongeBob that he needs to see her after class, 6 months from now.


Associated production music

The following is a list of music tracks used in the episode.


Associated production music

The following is a list of music tracks used in the episode.


  • Harold was not listed as a student, the mistake happens again in Oral Report.
  • When the police arrives and ask Patrick about the maniac, Officer Rob's eyelids are the same color as Officer John's. But when they talk to him, the orange police fish's eyelids are orange.
  • When SpongeBob is surrounded by the policemen, all of the policemen are only seen in four colors.
  • After SpongeBob crashes through the fence while in the mailbox, he lies on the ground as a wanted sign floats down and lands on his face. It is evident that the paper is upside down from his point of view until he looks at it, turns it around, and holds it up. Then it is upright.
  • Patrick can be heard screaming after SpongeBob realizes he's the maniac. but in the wide shot of SpongeBob surrounded by the police, Patrick is nowhere to be seen.
  • When SpongeBob first starts directing traffic, he turns left, and you can see the whistle in his mouth is upside-down. When he turns right, the whistle is right-side up. When SpongeBob turns left a few more times, the whistle switches between upside-down or right-side up.
  • When Mrs. Puff tries to avoid naming SpongeBob as hall monitor, she names Henry, Vera, and Clayton, whose names weren't on the list. She also omits the names of some students whose names were on the list (including Bart).
  • In class, Harold and other classmates are not wearing any clothing.
  • If Beth graduated, her name shouldn't still be on the list of hall monitors.