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Hoyt Ming (October 6, 1902 – April 28, 1985) was an American old time musician. Born

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in Choctaw County, Mississippi in 1902, he was mostly known for being the leader of The Pep Steppers. Some of his songs were Indian War Whoop, Monkey in The Dog Cart, Old Red, Tupelo Blues, New Hot Times, Cripple Coon, Choctaw County Blues, and White Mule.


He learned the fiddle at the age of 15, when his father invited a band to play on their porch. In 1928, Ming noticed that Ralph Peer was in Tupelo to find local old-time musicians. Along with his family band Ming's wife Rosetta on guitar and brother Troy on mandolin, he auditioned and got a contract. Peer arranged a session in Memphis, where Ming and his Pep Steppers recorded four songs - "Indian War Whoop","Florida Blues" and others. Peer later renamed the latter "Tupelo Blues", because of Ming's origin.



Monkey In The Dogcart Hoyt Ming And His Pep Steppers


Hoyt Ming and his Pep Steppers White Mule


Hoyt Ming & His Pep Steppers - Indian War Whoop


Hoyt Ming & His Pep Steppers - Old Red