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I'm Your Biggest Fanatic is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season two. In this episode, SpongeBob attemps to join the Jelly Spotters.

I'm Your Biggest Fanatic



SpongeBob and Patrick are at the bi-annual jellyfishing convention. While Patrick touches every display in sight, much to the dismay of the security guard, SpongeBob sees the "Jellyspotters", the world's premiere jellyfish enthusiast club, whose membership consists entirely of Anchovies, with the exception of their leader, Kevin thesea cucumber. SpongeBob continuously tries to get Kevin's attention, and Kevin tells him to jump off a building, which he does. Realizing that he'll do anything for him, he asks SpongeBob if he wants to join the jellyspotters, to which he excitedly says yes. Kevin tells him that he must first pass a "rigorous test", intending to get him hurt.

At Jellyfish Fields, Kevin's first test for SpongeBob is to catch a jellyfish, which immediately flies into SpongeBob's net. Kevin smacks it out and it stings him. He says to catch two jellyfish, and two jellyfish fly into SpongeBob's net. Kevin then says 20 jellyfish, and which again fly into SpongeBob's net. Angry, Kevin kicks the net, making all the jellyfish sting him. Kevin continues to give SpongeBob many more "tests", all of which he passes effortlessly, with Kevin getting stung each time as a result.

Eventually, Kevin, now covered in stings and frustrated at SpongeBob, tells him that his final test is to catch a queen jellyfish. They tie him to a post, give him a "queen jellyfish call", which produces the sound "loser", and leave him there. Four hours later, SpongeBob is very tired and prepared to give up. He tries to tell Kevin that the call isn't working, but finds that he is gone. Suddenly, a queen jellyfish appears above SpongeBob and begins chasing him. Eventually, the queen corners him at the edge of a cliff, where it is revealed that it is a robot controlled by Kevin and the anchovies, who reveals his true intentions to SpongeBob and shows him several other people at the bottom of the pit below, who were his former "biggest fan"s. Before he can force SpongeBob off the cliff, however, King Jellyfish appears and falls in love with the queen jellyfish. He tries to kiss her, and they all start running away. Soon, the queen jellyfish crashes into a billboard, destroying it. When King Jellyfish sees this, he becomes angry and chases down SpongeBob, Kevin, and the anchovies, eventually cornering them in a cave. Kevin panics, and admits that he has no actual expertise in dealing with jellyfish (because he was just in it for the fashion) . SpongeBob is the only person brave enough to confront him, and blows a giant pie bubble, which King Jellyfish takes and leaves. Kevin asks how was he able to do it. SpongeBob simply answers "Everyone loves pie!". The anchovies congratulate SpongeBob for saving them all, but Kevin says that SpongeBob is still not in the club because he did not catch a queen jellyfish. The anchovies think that SpongeBob is a more worthy leader than Kevin, and tear off his headcap, giving it to SpongeBob as a "crown".

Back to the convention, SpongeBob tells Patrick about his experience, and reveals that he turned the Jellyspotters' offer down. Patrick says that he's glad SpongeBob learned his lesson, and that hero worship is unhealthy. He then walks off dragging his own hero, Jeffrey Jellyfish, who is tied up in a wagon.


  • In a recent showing (1/24/2012) the title card was not shown.
  • The title card for this episode is similar to that of "The Paper," except it is purple and blue, and is upside down.
  • A banner in the background of the convention says, "Got Stung?", a reference to the "Got Milk?" phrase.
  • SpongeBob's obsessive need to repeat "Hi Kevin" during the convention is in direct correlation to Season 4 Episode 6 of "The Wonder Years" in which Debbie Pfeiffer, Paul's sister, follows around Kevin Arnold saying "Hi Kevin" using the same mannerisms and dreamy tone of voice.
  • When the robot jellyfish hits the billboard and crashes, there is jelly coming out of the bottom, despite it being a robot.
  • Big Lenny appears in Operation Krabby Patty as an enemy in the jellyfishing level.
  • SpongeBob's mention of touching the hem of Kevin's pocket protector is a reference to the Bible, in which a desperate woman brushed the hem of Christ's cloak to heal her disease (Luke 8:43-48).
  • Fred can be seen in the bottom of the pit with one of his legs bent out of shape, possibly referencing his frequent "My leg!" line.
  • Manowar is a spoof of the name Man O' War, which is an invertabrate that is similar to a jellyfish.
  • Both of the gloves SpongeBob uses to punch himself are used again in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Game.
  • While Kevin and the anchovies are laughing at SpongeBob, you can hear one of the anchovies saying, "wha wha wha, wha wha wha."
  • Kevin the Sea Cucumber appears in the PC and PS2 version of Lights, Camera, Pants!.
  • 14th time Squidward doesn't appear, which should make Squidward very happy as he's got some peace from SpongeBob.
  • Running gags: Patrick touching stuff, with the security guard telling him not to; one of the Anchovies saying, "Wah, wah, waaah" after Kevin gets stung, Kevin getting shocks by jellyfishes.
  • When SpongeBob looks at the bottom of the cliff it's grass but, later he looks down again there is another edge and people stranded at the bottom.
  • Kevin appears in the video game, SpongeBob vs. The Big One: Becah Party Cook Off as a boss challenge.
  • After Kevin was stung by twenty jellyfish, an anchovy saying, "wah, wah, waaah," was heard, but none of the five anchovies accompanying Kevin were opening their mouths.
  • The title card background and font looks very different from the other one's of the first three seasons and more like one that would be used in a later season.
  • Dr. Manowar was said to be the only person who was stung by Big Lenny and lived. This could be a reference to the Harry Potter series in which Harry was the only known person to survive a killing curse.
  • Lists of tests Kevin gave:
    • Catch a jellyfish
    • Catch two jellyfish
    • Catch twenty jellyfish
    • Allow jellyfish to eat jelly off your face
    • Catch a jellyfish blindfolded
    • Catch a jellyfish while standing on your head
    • Catch a queen jellyfish
    • Six other tests
  • This episode may take place between the events of I Was a Teenage Gary, as SpongeBob and Patrick went out of town to go to a jellyfish convention and were not seen anywhere else other than Jellyfish Fields. However, It might not as the convention in the prevous episode is annual, and this one is bi-annual.
  • Kevin said that he doesn't use bamboo to the jellyfish nets. Although, he and the anchovies have bamboo nets, as seen when they reach in Jellyfish Fields.
  • A statue of kevin can be seen in Nicktoons Unite.
  • The cave Kevin, the anchovies, and Spongebob are hiding in may be the one from Nature Pants were Spongebob tried to sleep in.
  • there are "Kevin's Ontment" billboards throughout the episode and they are also seen in a few video games.

APM Music[]

  • Unknown Track 6 - #1 - Title card.
  • Awakening Memories - SpongeBob and Patrick see Kevin and the Jellyspotters
  • Witty Fellow - #1 - Kevin talks.
  • Comic Walk - Kevin states to the members that SpongeBob has to join the club.
  • Me For You - SpongeBob takes Kevin's tests.
  • Unknown Track 6 - #2 - "Am I in the Jellyspotters now?"
  • Action Cut A - SpongeBob discovers that Kevin and the Jellyspotters are gone.
  • Witty Fellow - #2 - Kevin and the Jellyspotters make fun of SpongeBob.
  • Hail Brittania- The King Jelly Fish Appears
  • Goodbye Samba A - The King jellyfish chases the robotic queen jellyfish.
  • Unknown Tune 1 - Kevin wines.
  • Witty Fellow - #3 - Kevin says that SpongeBob isn't in the Jellyspotters yet.