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I'm With Stupid

I'm with Stupid is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season two. In this episode, SpongeBob pretends to be stupid to make Patrick look smart in front of his parents. It first aired on the 19th of October in the year 2001.


Patrick is at his home preparing for the next day, which is Starfish Day. SpongeBob, who wants to go jellyfishing with Patrick, finds that Patrick is cleaning up his home. Patrick then gives SpongeBob a note, then a letter, and then a message which states that Patrick's mother and father are coming over for Starfish Day. Patrick then gets upset, and reveals that his parents think he is "dumber then a sack of diapers". Spongebob, who feels sorry for Patrick, offers to pretend he is dumb so Patrick's parents would think Patrick is smarter in comparison. The next day, Patrick's parents arrive. Patrick shows them inside his house, and then Spongebob arrives, wearing a red helmet so he would look like a dummy. After Spongebob meets Patrick's parents, Patrick starts to believe that Spongebob is really dumb, forgetting that Spongebob is only pretending to be dumb. At dinner, Patrick begins to make personal insults, which annoys Spongebob. Spongebob decides to have a talk with Patrick in the kitchen. However, this fails to no avail, since Patrick can't seem to recall that Spongebob is only pretending to be stupid for the plan. Then Spongebob confesses to his parents that he isn't really a dummy, and that he was only playing the part of one so that they would appreicate Patrick more.

This also fails, though, because Patrick's parents think that Patrick "taught" Spongebob on how to talk, eat, and do the basic things in life. They all laugh, which makes SpongeBob upset, shout and crashes the wall in Patrick's house to get out. Then his parents say he is so smart, and later is revealed their names Janet and Marty, so Patrick, confused, asks who are them. Then Squidward comes to Patrick's house with his real parents Herb and Maggie, and says, "Does this lovely couple belong to you? They've been standing outside my house saying "Where's Patrick?" all day! It's driving me nuts". His parents are happy to meet him, and said that he remembers to wear his pants. Then Patrick and his parents laugh while Janet and Marty remind that they don't have children and walks away. Then the episode ends.


Cast and Characters[]



APM Music[]

  • Hawaiian Link B- At the beginning of the episode where Patrick's rock starts to move.
  • Dramatic Climax- "Life is just a big bowl of fancy assorted cashews! And nobody has anything to dust or to clean or to wipe! Or fabricate!"
  • Fates- "I don't know what to do SpongeBob. You gotta help me!"
  • Me For You- "Hi Mom, Hi Dad."
  • Flop and Go- Title card; Patrick and his parents drive SpongeBob crazy.
  • Dramatic Cue A- "Janet? Marty?!? WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!"
  • Hilo, March - Patrick finally gets to see his real parents.

Production Goofs[]

  • When SpongeBob runs into his house as a portrayal of his stupidity, Squidward's house is not there. When Patrick, Janet and Marty are talking by the Pineapple house, Squidward's house disappears again.
  • When Patrick's "parents" are at his house, there is a complete kitchen and living room with sand furniture, but at the end, where Patrick's real parents are laughing with him, the space under the rock is completely empty.
  • When Marty, Patrick, and Janet are watching SpongeBob doing various things, there is a table with dinner. After Marty says that SpongeBob might be broken, the table and the food disappear.
  • There is an error in the captions for this episode; when Patrick is mocking SpongeBob by shouting: "I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready!" the captions display it as "Harmony, harmony, harmony!"
  • When SpongeBob is mad at Patrick, Marty, and Janet (thinking he's an idiot) he escapes by breaking the wall. The background seen from the hole is the sky, however, Patrick's house is set underground. The same mistake also occurred in "Night Light."
  • Even though Marty and Janet weren't Patrick's parents, they somehow knew his name.
  • When SpongeBob and Patrick were talking in the kitchen, after SpongeBob says "Patrick, I get the feeling that you think I really am dumb", Patrick's wearing the "I'm with the Dummy" shirt, but when Patrick is in the next scene, the shirt is gone.
  • When Patrick pulls the paper out of his belly button to show Spongebob, the back of it is blank when he holds it up. When Spongebob turns the paper around from the side with the note, there is a big letter B on the backside.
  • In the ending, when SpongeBob crashes into the wall, the open sea background is seen, but the house is actually underground.
  • Marty was standing on the left side of Patrick and Janet was standing on the right side of Patrick. But when they patted Patrick, Marty's arm was on the right side of Patrick and Janet's arm was on the left side of Patrick.

Reception and Release[]


  • SpongeBob Goes Prehistoric
  • SpongeBob and Friends: Patrick SquarePants


  • Apparently, Patrick has forgotten how to eat in the past as evidenced by SpongeBob saying "Patrick! You've forgotten how to eat again! Don't worry, I'll get the funnel." Patrick informs him that isn't the problem, to which SpongeBob responds "Darn, I like the funnel." Also, an image in "Grandma's Kisses" shows Patrick feeding SpongeBob a pumpkin through a funnel.
  • The title card background of this episode is similar to those of "Nature Pants," "MuscleBob BuffPants," "Scaredy Pants," "Karate Choppers," "Texas," "Your Shoe's Untied," and "Bossy Boots."
  • It is very wrong to impersonate a child's parents. Marty and Janet were probably arrested after the events of this episode, but that isn't confirmed.
  • Patrick's fake dad Marty is voiced by Thomas F. Wilson. "Marty McFly" is the name of a character in the Back to the Future trilogy and Thomas F. Wilson is the actor who portrayed the antagonist Biff Tannen in the trilogy.
  • Patrick's line of "Who are you people!?" was first used in "Pre-Hibernation Week".
  • Janet is voiced by Clea Lewis.
  • This is the first time Patrick acts like a dog.
  • In the later episode "One Krab's Trash", you can see a tombstone that says "I'm With Stupid" on it.
  • This is the last episode to air in 2001.

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