John Paul Ofwono was the tallest man in Uganda at 7 feet 6.5 inches (229.9 cm) tall. He rose to prominence in 1999 as Uganda’s tallest man, becoming the spokesman for a line of soft drinks, and who finished second in the voting for “man of the 20th century” in Uganda (finishing behind president Yoweri Museveni). He died on 10 July 2003 in Kampala, Uganda of the affects of craniopharyngioma at age 43.

In May 1999 John Paul Ofwono was scientifically measured by Dr. Richard Stockley of the Surgery British Hig
Johnpaulofwono (2)
Commission on behalf of the Guinness Book of records after claims that Ofwono had reached a height of 8 feet 4 inches (254 cm) submerged and was found to be 7 feet 6.5 inches tall.
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