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Karate Star
Season 7, Episode 144b
Karate Star
Air date July 9, 2010
Written by Casey Alexander
Zeus Cervas
Derek Iversen
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Karate Star is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season seven. In this episode, SpongeBob teaches Patrick karate, causing mayhem in Bikini Bottom.




After Tea at the Treedome.

Before Squid Defense


SpongeBob is in his kitchen, karate-chopping a pineapple to look like Gary. He puts it on the floor so Gary is eye-level with it. It attracts flies and one flies into SpongeBob's mouth and he begins to choke. Patrick walks in and asks for some cheese before realizing SpongeBob's choking. Once it becomes clear to him, he punches SpongeBob. SpongeBob flies across the room and lands against the wall and the fly leaves his mouth. He offers anything in return and gives Patrick the cheese. Patrick decides that he wants to learn Karate. SpongeBob is skeptical but gives in since that was the deal. He tries to teach Patrick the "reverse whirlpool," a move identical to the reverse whirlpool in Squidtastic Voyage, and then to fly into a brick wall and destroy it. Patrick succeeds in this but ends up unable to stop flying and destroys a lemonade stand. Next, SpongeBob tries to teach Patrick a move where he spins around on one foot. Patrick then starts spinning uncontrollably. SpongeBob gives up, and Patrick perfectly karate-chops a cinder block in half out of anger. He chops a steel sword and a boat as practice and then almost chops Baby Rechid. SpongeBob stops and warns him not to chop any living organisms or their property. He reminds him that "with power comes responsibility," but has to go to work and leaves Patrick, who starts chopping everything from arcade games to spinach. A man runs into the Krusty Krab screaming that there is a "chopper" on the loose, and SpongeBob, knowing the man is referring to Patrick, sets off to stop his friend. Meanwhile, Patrick is in an ice-cream shop. He is buying a cone stacked high with every flavor they have. He owes them over eighty dollars but tries to trade him for a lollipop. The ice cream man refuses and threatens to call the cops when Patrick chops the glass, cracking it, and tips the ice cream into his mouth while the ice cream man holds onto the money from the tip jar. He gains considerable weight, and no longer fits through the door. He chops it, and exits while the manager yells at the ice cream man for holding the money in the tip jar. SpongeBob comes and tells Patrick to stop destroying Bikini Bottom, but by that time, Patrick's arm can not stop chopping. He eventually makes his way to the Barg'N-Mart and destroys the structure and crushes SpongeBob. He finds a pack of kitchen sponges, and believes that this is SpongeBob's carcass. He becomes very mad at himself and rips off his own hand. The real SpongeBob, who was trapped under a pile of rubble, wakes up and Patrick grows his hand back. Patrick badly rebuilds the Barg'N-Mart. Patrick's hand grows into a new starfish and SpongeBob reprimands it for karate-chopping the rebuilt Barg'N-Mart, which collapses.


  • This is the second time SpongeBob chokes. The first time was in Procrastination.
  • In the show, SpongeBob's karate gear was red & Sandy's karate gear was green. In this episode, it reveals that Patrick's gear is blue.
  • This is the first time Barg'N-Mart is destroyed.
  • Patrick's clone from Spy Buddies was seen again.
  • This is the second time a main character thought SpongeBob passed away, the first was with Squidward in Dying for Pie.
  • This is the second time Patrick grows an arm, the first time was in The Pink Purloiner.
  • The way that only SpongeBob's legs where seen when he was crushed is similar to the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz
  • The pineapple SpongeBob sliced may be miniature, since he lives in either a normal-sized one or a wood one of indeterminate size.
  • This is the fourth time we see SpongeBob's unicycle. The first time being inBoating School, the second time being in No Free Rides and the third time being in Choir Boys.
  • The story of Patrick not being able to control his hand when it chops is similar to the film Idle Hands.
  • The fish that ran into the Krusty Krab for help was revealed to be the lifeguard from Ripped Pants, Bubble Buddyand Sand Castles in the Sand.
  • This is the first time Sandy does not appear in an episode that involves with karate.
  • This is the first time that Harold has a lemonade stand. The second is in Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom.
  • When Patrick slices the cinder block in half, the halves look similar to the brick blocks from the Super Mario series or the blocks in Minecraft who came later.
  • This is the second appearance of the arcade. The first was The Cent of Money. But they both look different.
  • The gigantic TVs might be the 100inch TV.
  • In real life you can get arrested for exiting without paying and if you don't give them how much money you have to give them, especially if you keep saying no or keep arguing about it.
  • In reality, Ol' Ironsides was a large sailing ship that served in the Revolutionary War in the late 1700s.
  • Harold Reginald appears three times in this episode: as a person selling lemonade, a Krusty Krab customer, and someone at the arcade.
  • Like a real-life starfish, Patrick's arm grows back. Patrick's dismembered arm growing into another Patrick is also accurate - if a starfish's arm is cut off, it will grow into a whole new starfish (if enough of the originals body is attached to it and Patrick #2 is dumb, which never listens SpongeBob).
  • The scene with SpongeBob choking when a fly flew into is throat mirrors Nasty Patty, where the same thing happened to the Health inspector.
  • This is the first time Triton's name was a substitute for 'God' like Neptune. It was heard when SpongeBob tried to catch up with a crazy chopping Patrick. He exclaimed, "Triton's duet!"
  • This is the second time Patrick punches Spongebob. The first was in No Weenies Allowed.
  • This is the first time Patrick destroys Bikini Bottom with his Karate of Revenge.
  • Patrick's hand had a mind of its own when he tries to stop chopping everything.
  • This is the first and only time when Patrick has learned karate.


  • The exterior Bikini Bottom Arcade sign is misspelled as "Bikini Botton Arcade".
  • When SpongeBob says "Patrick!" while riding his unicycle, his mouth does not move.
  • Patrick's chopping hand switches sides.
  • When Patrick cuts the block of cinder, SpongeBob's hand is larger than usual.
  • Patrick can smell in this episode (the scene after the ice cream shop), whereas in No Nose Knows, Patrick did not have a nose and was unable to smell.


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