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Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful
Season 7, Episode 131a
Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful.png
Air date January 2, 2010
Written by Luke Brookshier
Nate Cash
Dani Michaeli
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Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season seven. In this episode, Squidward gets caught littering and is sentenced to community service.



Squidward exits his house, saying "Another beautiful Sunday". He goes down the street, dancing, but steps on some gum and falls. He frantically tries to get it loose. He finally does, and tosses the gum aside. Officer John sees the gum and inspects it. He then walks over to Squidward, thinking he littered, and asks Squidward about the gum, to which Squidward replies, "I just stepped in it." Officer John says "Boy, you sure did", and gives him a ticket that sentences him to community service.

It then cuts to Squidward picking up trash (with some people giving him their trash), then Squilliam comes along and brags about the statue that was made of him for cleaning up Bikini Bottom in only one week, to which Squidward replies, "I can clean it up in one day!". Squilliam then gets out a tissue and blows his nose on it, and says "Here, this should get you started.", and drops it on the ground. Officer John comes along, sees the tissue, and thinks Squidward dropped it. He then gives Squidward another ticket.

When Squidward looks for place to put his trash, he sees that all the cans and dumpsters are full, so he "borrows" a kid's toy wagon. Mable sees Squidward with the trash and she tells everyone it's Trash Day, soon the trash in the wagon becomes a trash mountain. SpongeBob comes out of one of the garbage bags and offers Squidward to help him when he discovers the life cycle of a Krabby Patty (one that was thrown out). Squidward says "He'd rather be beaten to a pulp", then the boy and his mother appear, with the boy telling his mother to beat Squidward to a pulp. Squidward is beaten and covered in trash. Officer John thinks Squidward made the mess and gives him another ticket. Squidward then accepts SpongeBob offer and Spongebob gets rid of all the trash.

Squidward goes home and relaxes, until he realizes his house is made of garbage. He runs outside and sees that the garbage was made into a replica of Squidward's house. Officer John gives Squidward two tickets (one for the garbage house and one for the first ticket falling on the ground). Squidward gets so angry, his nerves spell out "I am angry". SpongeBob asks why and Squidward finds out his house is on top of the replica because the dump is closed. SpongeBob took it to his house by sucking the garbage onto his body. When Spongebob talked, garbage came out of his mouth, leading Officer John to give Squidward another ticket.

Squidward puts the trash-filled SpongeBob in SpongeBob's own bin (giving Squidward another ticket for putting his trash in someone else's property). SpongeBob finds that the reason why Squidward wants to get rid of the trash is to get a statue of himself. SpongeBob makes a statue of Squidward made of the garbage. Squilliam says the statue is just like Squidward, having the stench of failure. The horrible stench melts Squilliam's statue, ruining it, and Squilliam surprisingly gets a ticket from Officer John. Before the end of the episode, Officer John gives both SpongeBob and Squidward get tickets for the statue made of garbage.


  • This episode was formerly called, "Trashman Squidward."
  • The police man gave 8 tickets to Squidward, 1 to SpongeBob, and 1 to Squilliam making it a total of 10 tickets.
  • Out of the eight times that Squidward was given a ticket, the officer gave him a ticket for using someone else's property (trash can) to put in garbage.
  • Running gag: Officer John giving Squidward tickets for things that weren't even his fault.
  • This is the second episode that SpongeBob got Squidward in community service by mistake; the first episode was Good Neighbors.
  • This is the first episode of 2010. Additionally, it is also the first episode of the 2010s decade.
  • Squidward wins against Squilliam in "Band Geeks" and "House Fancy". Squilliam wins in Squilliam Returns,Professor Squidward and I ♥ Dancing. This is the first episode where they both lose because they both got tickets, along with SpongeBob.
  • This episode's name is an obvious reference to the "Keep ____(Country or city)___ Beautiful" sayings written on public trash cans or public benches.
  • This is the third time Squilliam cries.
  • The first time that Squilliam's statue is shown, it has no unibrow, but near the end and right before the statue melts, it has a unibrow.
  • Squilliam mentions SpongeBob's name in this episode. In Squilliam Returns, he asks for Spongebob's name and in House Fancy, SpongeBob mentions Squilliam's name.
  • Squidward received so many tickets, he should have been arrested.
  • This is the only episode where Squidward got so many tickets.
  • This is Officer John's largest role to date.