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Love That Squid
Season 7, Episode 151b
Love That Squid
Air date February 12, 2011
Written by Casey Alexander
Zeus Cervas
Sean Charmatz
Richard Pursel
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Love That Squid is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season seven. In this episode, Squidward gets ready to go out a date and SpongeBob assists him.

Brief Summary[]

Squidward falls in love with a squid named Squilvia and gets assistance from SpongeBob for a blind date.


  • 5:00 P.M.: Squidward arrives at SpongeBob's for a practice date.
  • 8:00 P.M.: Squilvia arrives at Squidward's.



At the Krusty KrabFrankie is ordering food for Evelyn. He doesn't realize that Squidward was on his break and can't read his sign. Evelyn sees that he cannot read and reveals that she can't either so they comment that they were meant for each other. Learning that his books about love are only "torturing" him, the depressed Squidward throws away his book and impacted on evil widsom SpongeBob. Squidward explains that it was only hurting his feelings since he never had a real date. A cheerful Spongebob says that even though he doesn't have any love he cannot stop trying.

Another customer came into the restaurant and admires the "decor" and Squidward believes that she was perfect since they have the same hobbies and things to like. She approaches the register and a nervous Squidward was unable to ask her out on a date alone. She leaves thinking there is no service. Just before she could leave the building, the boat containing the employees and register had a motor which Spongebob used to catch Squilvia. SpongeBob tries to introduce Squidward and told her about how interesting his fellow friend could be which convinces Squilvia to go on a date. Squidward remembers his last date which was long ago and asks Spongebob for help and replies by using a practice date for starting. As practice for the real date, he was tested at SpongeBob's House on complimenting about his date, giving flowers, driving to dinner and having dinner which all annoy him. He was driving in a circle from and to Spongebob's house (which would be where the restaurant is). At the "restaurant" (SpongeBob's roof), Patrick is serving plastic dinner which he literally took a bite on. When Squidward had enough, he left and shouted angrily over how it was pointless. He went down the stairs, and Spongebob convinced Squidward to come back, but his shoe gets caught, causing him to fall down the stairs, revealing his true identity. Squilvia showed up and reveals that Squidward's true personality was better than what she expected. SpongeBob comments that his work was done only to find Patrick in drag demanding a movie and plastic popcorn.


  • This is the fourth Valentine's Day-themed episode. The first was "[[Valentine's Day[]," the second is Krusty Love, and the third is Gary in Love".
  • Squidward references Giacomo Casanova, a famed Italian adventurer and womanizer from the 18th century
  • This is the first time SpongeBob is seen speaking Pig Latin.
  • The title and episode is a parody the 2001 Sharon Creech novel, "Love That Dog."
  • It is unknown whether or not Squidward and Squilvia are still in a relationship.
  • This episode is one of the few to feature the Krusty Krab without Mr. Krabs.
  • This is the fourth episode that the the cash register boat moves, the other three occasions being in "F.U.N.", "Wormy", and "Grandpappy the Pirate." It later moves again in the Season 8 episode, "Drive Thru."
  • This is the third episode where Squidward's vehicle is shown, the first two being in "Dying for Pie" and "Boating Buddies".
  • Seventh time something to do with love or having a crush has happened. The first time was in Krusty Love when Mr. Krabs fell in love with Mrs. Puff. The second time was when Patrick fell in love with King Neptune's daughter in the movie. The third time was when Plankton fell in love with Mr. Krabs's mother in "Enemy In-Law", The fourth time was when SpongeBob fell in love with a patty in the episode "To Love a Patty", fifth when Gary fell in love with Mary in Gary in Love, and the sixth time was when Patrick was interested with the mermaids in the Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle.
  • SandyMrs. Puff, and Mr. Krabs do not appear in this episode.
  • The name is a parody of the Tom and Jerry episode "Love That Pup"
  • This is the first time Squidward falls in love with a real girl.
  • Though Billy never learned to read, he can write his name in Professor Squidward.
  • When Squidward arrives at SpongeBob's house for the practice date, he rings the doorbell; it disappears in the next shot.
  • Squidward's "I'm On Break" sign disappears after Squidward tossed his love book back into the kitchen.
  • When the book is on SpongeBob's tongue, it disappears after he says to Squidward "You dropped your book".
  • Apparently, SpongeBob is allergic to tulips.
  • The Tulips in Squidward's hand disappear right after SpongeBob sneezes on them.
  • SpongeBob's purse disappears after he gets into Squidward's car, but reappears after SpongeBob gets out.
  • SpongeBob was in love with Squilvia when he said "You're pretty."
  • When Spongebob says he has to tinkle, he rings or "tinkles" a bell.
  • Music from "Home Sweet Pineapple" can be heard when SpongeBob describes Squidward as friendly to Squilvia.
  • This is the fourth time Squidward is shown driving. The other three were "Dying for Pie", "Band Geeks", Boat Smarts and "Boating Buddies".
  • SpongeBob's first big nose pose looks similar to Smurfette's "un-Smurfy" self from the Smurf episodes "The Smurfette" and "Smurfette Unmade".
  • This is the second time Patrick has dressed up like a lady. First was in "That's No Lady ".
  • This is the second episode that SpongeBob had to speak out for one that was in love. First was "Krusty Love".