Mae Harrington (January 20, 1889 – December 29, 2002) was an American supercentenarian who became the oldest person in the history of the state of New York, breaking the record held since the 1920s by then world's oldest person Delina Filkins, also 113, but her own record was subsequently broken in 2005 by Grace Thaxton, who was born in the state before moving to and dying in Kentucky. Because her age was not authenticated during her lifetime, the public recognition she was due went to another 113-year-old, Mary Parr (January 29, 1889 – October 29, 2002), who was born nine days after her, dying two months before her, as her age was only validated posthumously. Harrington is listed as one of the 100 longest lived people ever. At her death, Harrington was the oldest living person in the United States, and may have been the oldest living person.

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