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Mandy Anders is the protagonist of the 2021 DC Comics published graphic novel 'I'm Not Starfire'. In the novel she's the daughter of Starfire, a Tamaranian (extraterrestrial) superheroine residing on Earth however Mandy seemingly has no powers and resents her mother who tries very much to connect with her.



Mandy Anders is a natural blond born as the daughter of Starfire. After fellow students wanted to see Mandy fly and insisted despite her saying she can't she decided that she was being bullied by those with expectations of her and came to resent her mother for that.

I'm Not Starfire

At school Mandy has an anarchist friend named Lincoln who tries to help her in his own way. He guesses she has a crush on a fellow student but she denies it. Despite school guidance and her mother wanting her to pursue college she doesn't. Her and her mother get into a verbal altercation and she goes to talk to her friend Lincoln about it. Starfire comes to mend things and explain her concerns to Mandy. Mandy gets upset and Blackfire, who has been ruling Tamaran for decades now, takes them both prisoner. Rather then go to Tamaran she insists a duel for the throne be held despite her already having the throne. During this fight between Starfire and Blackfire Mandy's powers awaken and she repels Blackfire. She becomes a Titan, the girl she has a crush on asks her out and they start to go steady. Mandy decides that her 'superhero' name will be Mandy the Destroyer and that perhaps she was never really failing at life but rather finding herself.


  • Starfire, Mother
  • Blackfire, Aunt - Mandy was never told about her aunt. First time she met her was when Blackfire tried to take her captive presumably to lure Starfire into a duel though dialogue at the time of capture suggests other plans for Mandy. Mandy learned that the reason Blackfire has disdain for Starfire is because Blackfire's powers manifested late and because of this, despite being the oldest, Starfire was declared heir to the throne of Tamara. Blackfire then lead a rebel army that ousted Starfire driving her into exile on Earth. Mandy drove Blackfire away after intervening in the duel on Earth.
  • Lincoln, Friend


  • Green Rays from her hands.
  • Nova like Green burst centered on her.
  • Flight


(Details on how the character was conceived by the writer(s)).


  • Look. This idea that everyone has to do the same thing to get ahead? Is a scam. No offense.
  • As an anarchist, you should be chucking this forced filtering of future ambitions with me!
  • Oh my God, don't give me a stupid superhero speech.
  • You don't know what it means to try and do something you can't do.
  • Yeah I'm like the ultimate combustible deliquiate teen now.
  • I thought you told me immigrant kids where bound to be disappointments.
  • My full name is Mandy the Destroyer.


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