Miguel Joaquin de Eleicegui was born on 10 July 1818 (died 20 November 1861) in the small village of Altzo, in the
Migueljoaquindeeleicegui (12)
province of Guipuscoa, in the Basque country. He grew up normally until the age of 20 when he had a serious disease after which he started to grow very quickly to a 7'8". He was the fourth child out of nine brothers and sisters. He had 3 older brothers and 3 younger brothers. His 2 sisters were the youngest. His parents were Miguel Antonio de Eleicegui (1790-1872) and Antonia Ignacia Ateaga (xx-1829). his father was from Altzo, his mother from Orendain. The size of his parents and brothers and sisters were never documented. Miguel is 10 years old hen his mother dies.

The people from Altzo were used to his size, however when he went to nearby Tolosa people gathered around him, in awe of his size. It is the same time that Phil Taylor Barnum (1810-1891) is exposing his circus. The international reputation of Barnum influenced Miguel Joaquin de Eleicegui to exhibit himself and he started earning a living touring Europe.

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