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Season 8, Episode 161a
Air date November 10, 2011
Written by Sean Charmatz
Vincent Waller
Steven Banks
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Walking the Plankton
Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation

Mooncation is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season eight. In this episode, SpongeBob and Sandy go to the moon.



SpongeBob and Patrick go to Sandy's Treedome, but are knocked aside by monkeys leaving her home. They hold a slide carousel, mentioning they confiscated it. SpongeBob and Patrick ask Sandy what's going on, and she says she has a copy of the slide carousel to show them. The show begins.

SpongeBob meets Sandy, who is preparing for a trip to the moon. She asks him to help her with her luggage, but he runs off to the bakery. He tries to take a number, but gets tangled in the tickets from the dispenser, to the baker's annoyance. The baker asks for "Number 12", and SpongeBob gives him his ticket. Through gritted teeth, the irritated baker asks him what he'd like. SpongeBob says he'd like a bon voyage sheet cake with "yummy letters". He asks the baker to write, "Have fun on the moon", but thinks of what would rhyme with moon (Goon, Rune, Noon, Tune), and goes with "See you soon". He takes the cake to Sandy's, but her rocket just started the countdown. It lifts its ladder, but SpongeBob leaps on, and into the ship. Sandy is annoyed, and says she must adjust for the newly added weight of SpongeBob. The ship blasts off, and soon they're in space. While there, SpongeBob presents her with the cake. She warns him that uncontained food will fall apart in a zero-gravity environment, which the cake promptly does. She says everything will be fine unless it gets into the vent, and once again, the cake does just that. She climbs into a special suit and goes out to remove the cake from the vents. While there, she takes a taste and says it could use "more nuts". She returns to the ship, and the moon is getting closer. Sandy picks a crater as a good place to land.

When they exit the ship, Sandy sandboards on the moon, showing off many of her moves, such as the "Flippity-Doo Dah", the classic Texas tail grab' (where Sandy grabs her tail to a shape of Texas with a star on it )' and the 7-20 nut-job, (where she slices a moon rock to an acorn, and eats it), including one where she lies on Saturn's rings; the "Tour de Saturn". When it's SpongeBob's turn to sandboard, he floats away, since he's too light in the moon's gravity. Sandy uses a lasso made with a rope and a moon rock, and tells SpongeBob to grab it. He does, and falls to the moon. While screaming and holding onto the moon rock, he shows amazing skills, which impress Sandy. SpongeBob tries again, but this time, his board crashes into the fuel tank, causing it to leak. Sandy pulls SpongeBob back to the ship, telling him they need to return home while there's still enough fuel left. They manage to make it back to Earth, but the steep dive means they'll turn into a giant fireball, which causes SpongeBob to panic. Sandy goes outside to "grab this bull by the horns" and lassos the ship, pulling it out of its dive. It flies over Bikini Bottom, doing loop-de-loops, and eventually crashing to the ground. SpongeBob sees an unconscious Sandy lying on the ground and tearfully apologizes for ruining her vacation. Sandy tells him he didn't ruin her vacation, she had a great time. She plans on taking him with her to Mars next, then jokingly suggests he bring her cakes more often, and they laugh.


  • This is similar to Sandy's Rocket, as SpongeBob and Sandy were previously going to the moon in this episode. In fact, it could even be a remake or sequel
  • This episode is one of the Runaway Road Trip episodes.
  • The rocket got to the moon in a couple of minutes but in real-life it takes at least 3 days.
  • This is the fourth of the five episode miniseries on Nickelodeon.
  • There is a brief scene of a man at Nickelodeon Studios looking at Sandy and SpongeBob crashing down to Bikini Bottom. That man is Ernest Borgnine, the voice actor of Mermaid Man. This is his only appearance, as he died shortly after.
  • After the story begins, Patrick isn't seen or mentioned again, so it's unknown what he and SpongeBob thought after the story.
  • When Sandy's rocket is activated, Sandy's suitcases are not there, but once Sandy shows up, all her suitcases are there.
  • This is the fourth appearance of primates on the show. The first was I Had an Accident, the second was Chimps Ahoy, and the third was Friend or Foe.
  • When Sandy is moon-crater-boarding, the music is similar to the music in "Prehibernation Week."
  • Normally, a fire cannot start in space, it needs a flammable substance. Spacecraft and rockets need liquid nitrogen.
  • SpongeBob needed a spacesuit because in real-life he will blow up or his insides will float out of his mouth.
  • The moon is too cold for the liquid water in SpongeBob's helmet to exist, in real life it would have frozen solid.
  • Sandy was shown to take her helmet off in space, however if you actually did outside the space station or a Soyuz-TMA capsule that's not docked to station, you would die instsantly of space exposure.
  • Sandy, and planet Saturn were not to scale size-wise.
  • Sandy skated on Saturn's rings, however planetary rings are not solid, they are just asteroids that orbit the planet.
  • It's impossible to get to Saturn just by jumping off the moon, and if it was, it would take many decades, or even centuries. For NASA's Cassini Huygens, it took 7 years to get to Saturn.
  • The beginning of this episode was very similar to Sandy's Rocket, only the rocket is brown and the one on Sandy's Rocket was white. The rocket beared some resemblance to a US (currently grounded) Taurus 1 minotaur I or Italian Vega Rocket (the esa's newest booster) with first stage removed.
  • Nickelodeon Studios made a third time appearance, the first time was in The Sponge Who Could Fly and the second was in Truth or Square.
  • This is the second time within the vacation mini-series that SpongeBob flies near the moon, the first being A SquarePants Family Vacation. The family boat-mobile flew into a crescent moon and crashed into a cow jumping over it.
  • The "Flippity Doo Dah" is a reference to "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah", a song featured in the Disney film "Song of the South".
  • When SpongeBob was standing on the moon he didn't float away (wich is in tune with the laws of phisics as the moon dose have gravity) but when he was about to "moonboard" he needed a rock to hold him down, then after he crashed into the rocket he didn't need the rock.
  • When the fish on the TV says "Harold, your real father is-" before the TV glitches, it may be a refrence to Star Wars.
  • The satillite SpongeBob hits is actualy a doctered image of the International Space Station's Zaryia Module, the first one of the entire complex shot up in 1998. The actual module has only 2 solar panels.
  • When Sandy says moonboarding is a "can of corn", SpongeBob says he doesn't know what corn is.Yet, in "Walking the Plankton" SpongeBob accidentally tastes corn.
  • This episode is similar to the 1995 film, Apollo 13 (film), and the 2000 film, Mission to Mars.
  • In real-life, the cake would implode upon engine ignition because it was not freeze-dried.
  • SpongeBob's moonboard move is called AAGH!
  • When SpongeBob jumped off the moon, he jumped several hundred meters, however, in real-life you could only jump aproximately 4 meters on the moon.