Mungo baobab star wars droids cartoon
"Galaxy upon galaxy. Vast, unexplored realms of space. It is a wild, untamed universe we live in. There is much danger here and therefore much need for armies, generals, and soldiers. But along with those who wage war there is also much need for those who explore new worlds and make possible the exchange of knowledge and goods—who bring civilization. These are the merchants and scholars and I, Mungo Baobab, am proud to count myself among them." - Mungo Baobab, Star Wars: Droids episode 'Treasure of the Hidden Planet'

Mungo Baobab is one of C-3PO and R2-D2's former masters in the 1985 animated television series; Star Wars: Droids. Mungo Baobab is owner of the Baobab Merchant Fleet and by show's end a resident of the planet Roon.


Mungo Baobab is from the world of Manda where he was born into the prestiges Baobab heritage known for the Baoabab Archives and work as tutors at the Academies of Manda (such as the Baobab Merchant Marine Academy). Baobab, as heir to the family's Merchant Fleet was sent to the planet Biitu by the Baobab elders. During his stay on Biitu he found precious minerals, began learning the local language, and establishing connections among the natives. He hoped to negotiate mineral exports with the primarily agrarian locals to begin export of these minerals to the Empire but such plan was dashed when Biitu was invaded by the Great Heep- a massive automated mineral refinery which began evaporating the planet's moisture and starting an automated strip mining operation. While imprisoned by the Great Heep Baobab learned that a rival from back home, the Imperial Admiral Screege who had a personal vendetta against his family, was not only allowing the Great Heep to do this but also had arrangements to secure through the Great Heep the planet's minerals.

Baobab would breakfree with the aid of the droid C-3PO who had been sent by Baobab's elders to come into Mungo's service only to be captured along with other droids upon entering the planetary system. Once free Baobab along with many tens of droids destroyed the Moisture Evaporator and thus the Great Heeps mining operation as the machine was not water resistant and broke down in the great storm that came from the machine's destruction.

Baobab would leave Biitu, the Merchant Fleet having been financial set back by the events on Biitu and he himself being wanted by Admiral Screege for the downfall of the operations on Biitu. Baobab's plan for recovery was to chart a hyperspace route to the legendary Roon system, which due to it's isolation had remained outside Imperial rule. -you can help by expanding this article-


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