Leonard nimoy as narad zombies of the stratosphere 1952
(portrayed by Leonard Nimoy) is one of the three Martians sent to position a Hydrogen Bomb on Earth as part of the Martian plan to switch the orbits of Mars and Earth in the 1952 film "Zombies of the Statosphere". In the end he's the only survivor of the Rocket crashing after a battle in the stratosphere with an experimental Earth Rocket. Narab informs the Earthman Larry Martin where he can find the Hydrogen Bomb and with this knowledge Larry disarms the explosive.


When the Martian Rocket arrives on Earth Narab is the first to start unloading equipment from the ship to a terrestrial van when their Earth contacts arrive. Once the group has out maneuvered a member of the Earth Defense Force (Larry Martin) he is ordered to continue unloading equipment into a cave. While Marex persuades Dr. Harding (via blackmail due to Dr. Harding's Atomic Researching having been sold to the Martains and thus a hostile foreign power- something that he could be imprisoned for) assist the Martians in their plan Narab is asked by one of the Earth contacts how long Martians can stay underwater to which Narab rather happily explains that Martians have adapted to live on very little oxygen do to their atmosphere. He states Martians can stay under water for about half an hour with out need of an external air supply and proceed to make his way through an under water passage to a secret chamber prepared by the Earth contacts for the Martians to use. Stunned by Marex's quick return he continues to put the equipment into storage. After Marex gives more instructions to the Earth contacts (regarding the acquisition of Uranium) Marex joins Narab in the storage area where they begin to prepare the equipment. Narab is the one to inform Marex that the Rocketman has made his way into the base. With this knowledge Marex activates their Robot and remotely controls it with the intention of destroying the Rocketman. However the attack fails and the Rocketman, Larry Martin, informs his superiors of the cave. Narab is ordered to prevent the Earthmen from discovering the hidden storage area. Taking a knife Narab waits underwater for the Earthman to get close. But Larry Martin can't see very well under water nor stay under as long as Narab- thus Larry swims right into Narab's ambush. They struggle with Larry barely making it out alive. Narab returns to the storage chamber to inform Marex, however the intercom system picks up the Earthmen's dialogue and the Martians learn that the Earth people intend to bring diving equipment and to take the robot with them in hopes of learning where the remote transmitter is. Marex orders Narab to continue to protect the secret chamber where the explosion is to take place. While the Martians plan to use the Robot to assault the Earthmen from the Earthmen's laboratory Narab is joined by Marex at the chamber. The Robot's assault fails and Marex and Narab know the Earthmen will return to the cave. When Marex asks if they have any explosives that can work underwater Narab informs him that TNT should do it and is told to prepare such charges. Narab does so as Larry Martin, with diving gear, enters the underwater passage. The blast  incapacitates Larry Martin but amazingly fails to kill him. While the Earth contacts prepare to acquire Uranium, as their earlier attempt failed. Narab nears to completing the H-Bomb. With the Uranium acquired Narab needs only the detonator to complete the explosive which Narab receives thanks to the Earth contacts. Narab again has a fight with Larry Martin underwater as the Martian plan nears completion though this time it's Larry who ambushes Narab who quickly cuts Larry Martin's air supply and leaves Larry Martin to drown, but Larry Martin- unknown to Narab improvises a repair- something he discovers when the intercom picks up the Earthmen discussing the incident. Marex asks where the gas bombs are and Narab retrieves them and witnesses Marex kill Dr. Harding who suddenly wants to abandon the plan and shut off the bomb but shows no concern for this. He then tosses the gas into the cavern- the Martians are able to use their low oxygen breathing to travel through the gas unperturbed and continue to use it against  the Earthmen as they make their way to their Rocket. Narab drives the Earth car to the Rocket at Marex's command. With the Earth conspirators defeated by Larry Martin and his associates the Martians take off themselves. But an Earth
Narab informs larry martin where he can find the hydrogen bomb
Rocket pursues them into the Statosphere and fires a ray gun at them which sends the Martian Rocket crashing down. Only Narab seems to have survived the crash and leaves the wreckage heavily injured. Larry Martin comes to his side asking about the others to which Narab states he thinks them to all be dead. Larry Martin insists on getting an ambulance for the Martian but the Martian insists that Larry first stop the H-Bomb in the cave and gives Larry details on how to disarm the bomb. As Larry goes off to disarm the bomb Narab collapses to the ground. After the incident we learn that Narab is alive, though the Earthmen refer to him as a Zombie and state that he should be capable of consciousness soon and thus able to explain the situation. In fact they refer to all of the Martians as Zombies in the ending scene.
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