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Nintendo 64DD is an accessory for the Nintendo 64. It is a mini-console that can be connected on the bottom of the N64.

About it[]

Nintendo devised the idea of the 64DD since 1997. The console was released in 1999 over the Randnet website, Nintendo's main website. However, due to the way it sold, it became a commercial failure. It did not sell well, and Nintendo discontinued it in 2001. It was never released out of Japan, although it is easy to get the console outside of Japan through the use of online shopping.


The Nintendo 64 logo rises from a white screen and spins around momentarily before stopping accompanied with loud crescendo music. If no game is inserted in the system, the logo will drop on the screen, and Mario will appear and start playing around with the logo.


  • The five Mario games were all Mario Artist games.
  • Nintendo discontinued it three months after the intial release. This is the second Nintendo console that was a commercial failure. The first was the Virtual Boy.
  • Some of the planned games were either scrapped, made as original N64 games or ported to the Gamecube.
  • Many people confuse the 64DD's startup as the Nintendo 64's. The Nintendo 64 has no startup.
  • The games, Paper Mario, Mario Party, Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and Super Smash Bros. were all originally devised for the 64DD, but were instead released as original N64 games.