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The Nintendo DS is a seventh-generation handheld game console released by Nintendo in 2004.

About it

The DS' design came from the Donkey Kong II Game and Watch system, as the Game and Watch looked like a DS. The touchscreen is the second controller to the system.

At the bottom of the console is a slot where players can insert Game Boy Advance cartridges in the console and play the game. The slot was also used for accessories, like the sleeve for Guitar Hero and the Rumble Pak for some games.

The console's release saw almost universal and critical acclaim, The console sold nearly 500,000 units in its first day, and had various launch titles. The console was priced at $149 in North America, £129 in the United Kingdom, and ¥15,000 in Japan. The price dropped in North America at £129. The console released almost over two thousand games, the best-selling game being New Super Mario Bros. at 30 million copies.

Nintendo released the DS Lite, which was a smaller, lighter version of the original console in 2006. It was the same as an ordinary DS, but it was more cheaper than the original in the market, and more easy to handle, due to the original console's bulky size.

In 2008, Nintendo released the DSi, which was the same as an ordinary DS, but with a few changes, such as a built-in camera, an online capability, the removal of the Game Boy Advance slot, and a brighter screen. A larger version of the DSi called the DSi XL was released later on.

In 2009, the original version of the DS and the DS Lite was discontinued, but the DSi continued in the market. In 2011, a new generation of the DS was released, the Nintendo 3DS, which superseded the entire DS line. As a result, the DSi was discontinued in 2013.


The DS and DS Lite's startup was the DS logo appearing on the top screen with a six-note tune. The DSi's startup is the same, but a small I is in front of the DS. The bottom screen then states the Health and Safety information, before the player is directed to the main menu.


  • The DS sold 151 million units, making it the best-selling handheld game console, and the second best-selling game console after the PS2.
  • The best-selling game to the console is the New Super Mario Bros game, sold at 30 million copies.
  • Nintendo released newer generations of the DS, such as the DS Lite, DSi and Nintendo 3DS.
  • The original version was discontinued in 2009.