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Nintendo Entertainment System Model

Nintendo Entertainment System (or NES) is an 8-bit (3rd generation) home game console released by Nintendo EAD in 1985.


In 1983, a massive recession known as the Video Game Crash of 1983 occurred which affected Atari, Nintendo and other game companies badly.

Nintendo's Color TV Game and Game & Watch ended up in landfill sites and Nintendo went into debt. Nintendo released the NES so Nintendo can successful. They succeeded in this and the NES became the best-selling console until 1989 when Nintendo released its Game Boy. The NES remained the best-selling home game console until 1994 when Sony released the Playstation.

The NES was the best-selling Nintendo home video game for 21 years at 61 million units sold until the Wii surpassed it in 2006. The Super Mario Bros., which was released in 1985, was the best-selling video game ever until Wii Sports surpassed it in 2009.


  • The NES was created to end the Video Game Crash of 1983.
  • The slogan to the NES is Now you're playing with power!.
  • Some of the NES' games were released on Wii's and the 3DS' Virtual Console.
  • The console was discontinued in 1995, but was still being sold in Japan until 2003.