Nora no hakobune manga cover
Nora Scholar is the main protagonist of Statomi Mikuriya's manga 'Nora no Hakobune' and it's related OAV's 'Nora' and 'Twinkle Nora Rock Me!' where she was voiced by Yuriko Yamamoto.

Nora (Manga - Satomi Mikuriya -1977)


Nora no Hakobune (Manga) (1977-78)


Twinkle Nora (1984)


Nora (January 1985)

Nora scholar nora 1985 depiction anime

Nora (January 1985 OAV appearance)

Nora Scholar is on her way to the Frontia space colony via spaceplane and winds up befriending Prof. Zachariasen, who is leading the way to create colonies on Mars and taking a break at Frontia himself. While there, though, the two wind up having to stop the machinations of Artifiend, a self-learning AI created by the hateful Dr. Dohati, first by simply surviving various catastrophic failures at Frontia and then by trying to stop the human-hating AI from launching nuclear missiles and killing all of humanity. Confronted with Artie and only 15 minutes left before nuclear destruction Nora in frustration utters the word 'Meme-kurage' to describe the madness. This overloads Artie's logic circuits as Artie starts searching for the meaning of the word until frying it's processors.

Twinkle Nora Rock Me! (November 1985)

Nora Scholar twinkle nora rock me depiction 1985

Nora (November 1985 Twinkle Nora Rock Me appearance)

Nora Scholar aids the Galaxy Police in a hostage situation despite them not wanting her help. She does this by using ESP to create an illusion where in the hostage turns into something grotesque and vanishes causing the captor to fall over from shock. She then consoles the victim. She refuses the police chief's payment for her assistance as she did so without intention for reward. Nora is then sent to the planet Dazzle by the Galaxy Police as she's chosen for her ESP abilities to capture Fuuchelle, another ESPer who rules a planet of crooks and other low lives. On Dazzle Nora befriends a dwarf named Max after a brawl with Fuuchelle's thugs and convinces him to take her to Fuuchelle but Fuuchelle, having heard from his brother about Nora's presence comes to them and Nora does psychic battle with Fuuchelle and arises the victor. Fuuchelle is turned over to the Galaxy Police while Nora and Max go on to put on a dance and music act with a cyborg from Dazzle.


In the first OAV Nora's shown as externally a ditsy and well meaning person with a deeply dangerous side she internalizes. By what ever time Twinkle Nora Rock Me occurs she's still a well meaning person but one who has become a bit more comfortable and show offish with her dangerous side. She's still well meaning but less ditsy, having by that point become more competent as well.

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