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Noramyako's first appearance in the original Doraemon manga.

Noramyako was Doraemon's first love interest. She's a feline robot from 22nd century Japan. Noramyako's character has undergone various redesigns over the years with the only consistant aspect being that she was Doraemon's romantic interest until he lost his ears. She's currently the most redesigned character in the franchise.

Original Manga

Noramyako is a very minor character in the original manga. Appearing simply as a small recollection by Doraemon of his first love interest. She was his girlfriend until his ears where eaten off by rats. She dumped him after that.

Doraemon (1979 anime)

Noramyako retained her original manga appearance and made some minor appearance during the anime's ending bumpers. Her most significant appearance was in the episode "Surprised All Encyclopedia: Doraemon and Dorami-chan" as a background character when Nobita and Doraemon travel to the future of 22nd Century Japan to meet the creator of the Doraemon type robot.

2112: The Birth of Doraemon (1995 short film)

Noramyako and Doraemon with springing insects.jpg

Noramyako, having been Doraemon's former love interest, is featured in the 1995 prequel film 2112: The Birth of Doraemon though the designers of the film gave her a rather updated more Humanoid look with the impresion given to the audiance being that she's a more recent model than Doraemon. She doesn't really break up with him over the ears but rather her laughing about it really hurt his feelings. In his absence she did move on to another love because of this. The writers decided to develop more of the relationship the two had with Noramyako saving Doraemon from the garbage disposal incenorator (which he almost fell into due to an electrical surge at the factory) and getting him enrolled in a class for 'special' robots like her. Essentually she and Doraemon along with the other classmates where 'functional defects' at the factory and would have an opportunity to be taken into the care of a concerned family. Noramyako's audition went rather smoothly and such was a rather emotional moment for her. Doraemon on the other hand only got taken due to an accident when the family who got him's baby boy hit the button to do so. Noramyako became a dancer, as was her models' purpose, while Doraemon became a caretaker as per his model's purpose. Despite being taken in by two different families the two kept in touch until Doraemon lost his ears.

The Doraemon Manga

Between the release of the 1995 prequel film and the 2005 anime series a manga was published set with in the time frame of the film. In this manga Noramyanko maintains her 1995 appearance and the events take place while Doraemon is still in Robot School. Doraemon feeling sad because his only friend is Noramyanko has this emotion exploited by two bully characters, Jairobo and Sunerobo who coerce and push him to steal from an elderly shopkeeper. Noramyako's intervention saves Doraemon from the shopkeeper's wrath. After this Doraemon explains to her why he did what he did and how his longing for friendship saddens him. Noramynko mentions hearing about a Friendship Telepathy (program) card however she hears the only way the card can work is if the two under go some hardship together. -you can help the wiki by expanding this-

Doraemon (2005 anime series)

Noramyako in Doraemon's classmate list.

Noramyako is given an appearance that's closer but also softer than her original form and given the role of an actress rather than a cartaker or dancer. In this iteration she doesn't laugh at Doraemon's lose of ears, rather she reacts with terror and this reaciton makes Doraemon feel unloved- like something repulsive. When Doraemon traveled back to the future for the Robot Class reunion she briefly noticed him but didn't go over to talk to him. Latter when Doraemon goes missing while Nobita visits his great-great-grandson in the future Nobita locates Noramyako to help find him. Noramyako agrees to do so after her theater crew has finished thier performance. Once meeting up with the group she overthe course of the investigation correclty determines that the factory manager is responsible for Doraemon's disapearance. While trying to escape the factory the elevator gets stuck and she fixes the problem. She and Shizuka stand off against a crab robot as the others escape and are seemingly devoured by it only for her to pry the machine open and the two to escape. This was her first and last major role in the series with the rest of her appearances being minor as a cameo or a gag.