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Overbooked is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season six. In this episode, SpongeBob must be at Patrick's birthday party, help Sandy with her presentation, and help Mr. Krabs build a telescope, all at the same time.



  • February 26




At the crack of dawn, SpongeBob hollers when his foghorn blows. Then Gary pops his head out under the foam. SpongeBob's shell phone rings and Sandy asks if he can come to her science presentation tonight and SpongeBob, without hesitation, says he will be there. Then SpongeBob goes to work. When he makes it to the Krusty Krab, Mr. Krabs struggles to fix his telescope and asks SpongeBob if he could go to his house and fix it tonight because his employee report card isn't filled, the only blank thing was "Does a Laborious Task with Supervision". After a while, Patrick sneaks into the kitchen. SpongeBob then sees him and greets him. Patrick finally tells SpongeBob to come to his birthday party and it will be tonight just like the other two requests he got. At 6:00 P.M., the Krusty Krab is closing, and SpongeBob is leaving the Krusty Krab and goes to Sandy's house first to look at the presentation and what's happening so far. He tells Sandy he needs to do something before he could assist her. He goes to Mr. Krabs' house and SpongeBob discovers that he needs a Motorized Hexdrill in the manual. He goes to "Tom's Toolery" but it's closed due to Porpoise Day. On his way he bumps into Patrick and sees him with a bag of party hats. He then goes to Patrick's house. Then he forgets to buy a gift, after Patrick announces that he could put a present at the present table. He goes back to Sandy's Treedome and gets the Motorized Hex Drill. Then Sandy starts the program. She says that this invention may chance modern science forever (eternity). Sandy then requests SpongeBob to remove all his clothes and wear a cyan gown. He then notices the drill is stuffed inside his gown and goes to Patrick and leaves the cake he bought earlier. He then pulls out the Motorized Hex Drill and rips a piece of cloth from the turquoise gown and wraps it. He goes back to Sandy and goes inside the invention Sandy made. But he decided to just continue the program. Once inside, He is requested to take off the gown, leaving him nude all night. Then he asks Sandy a favor then goes to Mr. Krabs, naked. Mr. Krabs asks SpongeBob why he doesn't have clothes. SpongeBob doesn't care about his clothes because he likes being nude and assembles the telescope, in a fast mood. Then Mr. Krabs stops him and SpongeBob goes back to Sandy. Mr. Krabs follows behind SpongeBob. Patrick notices that SpongeBob's clothes are gone. But SpongeBob still didn't care. He asked to borrow the drill but Patrick refuses. So Patrick chases after SpongeBob too. SpongeBob led the to the treedome. Sandy then scolds SpongeBob. Then Mr. Krabs and Patrick scold him too. Then the 3 overbookers argued each other. Then SpongeBob tells the truth that he is overbooked. SpongeBob then follows Sandy as she was the first to call him. SpongeBob then clones himself inside the machine Sandy invented. He is cloned. The two other clones are naked, along with the true SpongeBob, who is now asleep.


  • The cake SpongeBob got for Patrick says "Sorry about the scabies". Scabies is a skin disease in humans where mites burrow into the skin and cause a rash that is similar to Mange in animals with fur. In this case, scabies is an an STD to those in Bikini Bottom, like it would be in the human world.
  • Why does Mr. Krabs have to wear a water helmet? Crabs can breathe air and water.
  • Aside from the color, title card is the same as Naughty Nautical Neighbors and Summer Job.
  • This is the fifth episode where it took place during someone's birthday. The others were Whale of a Birthday,WaitingSpongeBob Meets the StranglerThe Donut of Shame, and I Had an Accident (though it may have been just an excuse to get SpongeBob outside).
  • That can explain the birthday incident in Opposite Day.
  • This is first time Sandy wears a dress.
  • first time Spongebobs back gets pat by Sandy
  • This is the first time Mr. Krabs is seen in Sandy's Treedome and Also, he wears a Water Helmet for the first time. The second will be in The Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom.
  • The store called "Tom's Toolery" is a play on the word "Tom Foolery".
  • The Krabby Patty that lands on SpongeBob is longer than most Krabby Patties.
  • Many minor characters wear a water helmet at Sandy's science presentation.
  • Three games based on the episode can be played at They are: Tasty Pastry Party, Sandy Stacker, and Krabs' Astro Lab, based on Patrick's birthday party, the cloning machine, and the telescope.
  • In Bikini Bottom there is a Shop called Shoes.
  • This is the second time Sandy had to show an invention to scientists.The first was in "Chimps Ahoy".
  • According to this episode, Patrick's birthday is February 26.
  • The 3 events SpongeBob had to attend for his friends:
    1. Help Sandy present to scientists her new invention. (a clone maker)
    2. Help Mr. Krabs build a telescope.
    3. Attend Patrick's birthday party.
  • This episode implies that Mr. Krabs might have an interest with astrology, as he wanted SpongeBob to help him make a telescope. Of course, he might have just wanted to use it to find Stars and And other life planets far away.
  • According to the episode, workers in Bikini Bottom are given "employee report cards" during special times of the year, and if they don't have all necessary requirements marked off, they are fired from their current job. This became important in this episode, as SpongeBob had to help Mr. Krabs build a telescope, as he didn't cross off, "Does a Laborious Task for Supervisor" yet.
  • SpongeBob's slightly high intelligence is shown in this episode, as Mr. Krabs wanted SpongeBob to help him (and building a telescope can be very puzzling), and SpongeBob was able to read a big "Telescope Assembly Manual" in 1 day, while cooking Krabby Patties.
  • In some scenes in the Treedome there are 2 Sadie Rechids. 1 is sitting next to Fred and 1 behind them is behind them identical to Sadie sitting next to Nat.
  • 6th time where SpongeBob is Walks/Runs Naked.
  • This episode has the second most Bikini Bottomites at 1 time with the most being "A Flea in Her Dome."
  • One of the title cards to feature SpongeBob's pineapple

Errors (Goofs)

  • When Spongebob puts his hand on his head, it's on front of his head. When Spongebob leans back, his hand is on top of his head, but when he leans forward, it's in front of his head again.
  • The Tom's Toolery sign says please 'Call' again. How can you call if you are coming into the shop?
  • When Spongebob falls asleep, his hand is INSIDE his Helmet
  • If you look closely, when Spongebob is naked, his legs have tan lines on them.
  • If you look closely, on the sign that's on the door of Tom's Toolery, It says that they are closed for a week because of Porpoise Day. In real life, stores would only be closed for a day on a special holiday (Easter, Halloween, Christmas, etc.)
  • When Spongebob first enters Patrick's rock house (with the drill), his left hand gets stuck between the wall and floor, as if the rock closed on him, implying that the rock was hollow and they were inside it, even though the walls were straight, and in every other episode, the rock is solid.
  • When Spongebob goes into Patrick's house, with the drill, they are standing on bare ground before the rock shuts, but when they show Spongebob inside Patrick's house, he has his hand stuck between the wall and the floor, where the door had been a few seconds earlier.
  • When Spongebob uses the piece of gown he was wearing, for Sandy's experiment, to wrap the drill, there is a spot where Spongebob tore the gown, but in the next scene, the gown looks normal.
  • When Spongebob is inside Sandy's treedome, bubbles accompany his fast actions even though there is no water in there.
  • In this episode, Mr. Krabs kept his first money in a jar, but in Wet Painters and Friend or Foe?, he has it on a picture frame, and in most other episodes, he keeps it in a safe, along with the secret formula.
  • Sandy says her device can give the person the productivity of up to 8 workers but the knob only goes up to 3. So she should've said it gives the person the productivity of up to 4 workers.
  • There is no such thing as a Motorized hex drill.

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