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Play Smart, Check The PEGI Rating! - Violence


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Play Smart, Check The PEGI Rating! - Online


Play Smart, Check The PEGI Rating! - Language


Play Smart, Check The PEGI Rating! - Fear

  • 3: Suitable for ages 3 and older. May contain mild violence in an appropriate context for younger children, but no explicit language is allowed.
  • 7: Suitable for ages 7 and older. May contain mild, cartoon violence, sports, or elements that can be frightening to younger children. Fear and violence descriptors may be added.
  • 12: Suitable for ages 12 and older. May contain violence in a fantasy setting, coarse language, mild sexual references or innuendo, or gambling. Sex, bad language, and gambling descriptors may be added.
  • 16: Suitable for ages 16 and older. May contain explicit violence, strong language, sexual references or content, gambling, or drug use (encouragement). Drugs descriptors may be added.
  • 18: Suitable for ages 18 and older. May contain graphic violence, including "violence towards defenseless people" and "multiple, motiveless killing", strong language, strong sexual content, gambling, drug use (glamorisation), or discrimination. Discrimination descriptors may be added.

The current design was introduced at the end of 2009. Black and white icons were used until June 2009, when the newly color-coded PEGI icons were announced, with green for 3 and 7, yellow for 12 and 16 and red for 18. Plus signs were removed from the icons, and the background text changed from 'ISFE' from the old, black-and-white icons to 'PEGI' from the new, color-coded PEGI icons.

8 content descriptors are also used.

Fear, Sex, Discrimination, Bad Language, Violence, Gambling, Drugs, Online.