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Party Pooper Pants is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season three

. In this episode, SpongeBob throws a party that later gets out of hand.
Party Pooper Pants


Plot (Patchy Segments)[]

Patchy organizes a house party, and all the guests come except for SpongeBob himself, who can't understand what's written on the invitation because it was destroyed by the water. Pottyinvites The Birdbrains, a band consisting of birds. Patchy attempts to remedy the music situation by performing his own (horrible) song, and Potty tells Patchy that it's time for his flute solo. Patchy starts playing, but soon realizes that he plays a fife, not a flute, and that the "flute" is actually dynamite. It explodes, leaving only his head intact. The Birdbrains then have the opportunity to play music, singing "Underwater Sun". After they finish, Patchy returns to end the show, with a barrel for a body being kissed by girl parrots.

Plot (SpongeBob Episode)[]

While shopping at the Barg 'N-Mart, SpongeBob finds a "Plan Your Own Party Kit", and decides to throw a party using the kit. Despite the kit advising to invite "only your closest friends", SpongeBob invites nearly everyone in Bikini Bottom. When all his guests arrive and start partying, SpongeBob stops them from doing what they want and forces them to follow a very elaborate and specific schedule of events that he planned. These include discussion cards and reading newspaper comics to his guests. SpongeBob accidentally locks himself out of his house because he got the wrong newspaper, allowing the guests to have fun. After continually trying to get into his house using different methods, he grabs a pickax and attempts to break in while dressed as a bunny. The police find him and place him under arrest, but when SpongeBob explains everything, they don't arrest him. However, the police attempts to make him miss the party by arresting him for not inviting them. When he gets back, he is depressed because his party failed, until Patrick comes and tells him that it was the greatest party all of them has ever been to, and that he should do the exact same thing next weekend. SpongeBob smiles gladly and becomes proud and finds Gary wearing a lamp. The episode ends as SpongeBob turns off the lamp.


  • This is the fourth time the main characters (SpongeBobPatrickSquidwardMr. KrabsSandyPlankton, and Gary) all appear in the same episode. The first is "Culture Shock" The second is "Sleepy Time" The third is "Christmas Who?"
  • Mr. Krabs is first seen talking to Patrick, later to Plankton and when the last guest arrived, he was talking to Squidward. This happened to other characters too.
  • Patchy said he invited Spongebob to his party, when Spongebob and Patrick thew their invitations into the fire that reveals that Patchy also invited Patrick.
  • The creepy farm girl laugh from "Gary Takes a Bath" was heard at the ending to renact the female parrots' smexy laughter.
  • During the marathon leading up to the premiere Of this episode in 2002, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Dana Harvey made special guest apperances during ads and commercial break warnings.
  • If Spongebob has a reserve key under the mat (which is shown at the near-end of the episode), he should have used it earlier, after he gets the newspaper.
  • According to this episode Patrick was not in Spongebob's kindergarten class or was just gone the day they took the photo.


  • At the end of the episode when Patrick closed the door, the door handle was the same color as the door but in the next scene it was a gold handle.
  • Irony: Spongebob and Patrick cannot read the ink of the invitation due to the physical limitations of being underwater. So they throw it in the fire. Fire can't exist underwater due to the physical limitations of being underwater.
  • The cake had blue frosting, but in a later scene it had pink frosting, and in another seen it had blue frosting.
  • In the scene where Spongebob reads Comics to everybody, his couch is blue and red.
  • It's way too wrong to arrest someone for not inviting them.
  • Tom's eyes are different in this episode, but in a later scene they are back to normal, and in another scene they are different.
  • In one scene Gary's mouth did not move when he said, "Meow".
  • When Spongebob arrives home after spending the night in jail, he finds that the door is still locked. Wouldn't the partygoers have to unlock the door to leave?
  • Spongebob pulled the reserve key under the carpet, but when he enters the house the carpet is gone.
  • Captions misspell Potty's name to be "Polly."
  • in the music video for spongebob, spongebob quite see a single tooth, when it is obvious that he always carries two

APM music identification[]


  • This is SpongeBob's party schedule
  1. 8:00-8:05 - Guests arrive
  2. 8:05-8:15 - Opening remarks and general dicussion
  3. 8:15-8:27 - Craft corner
  4. 8:37 - Read aloud from newspaper comics
  5. Unknown Time - Nametag disturbution
  6. 8:27 - Cracker eating/tongue twisting contest
  7. 8:52 - Cake can be eaten
  8. 9:03 - Laughing
  9. 9:07 - Running cherades
  10. 9:20 - Fingerpuppet theather
  11. 9:38 - Charity applebob
  12. 9:57 - Electric jitterbug dance marathon
  13. 10:00 - Dance Your Pants Off
  14. 10:09 - Knock Knock Jokes
  15. 10:41-10:47 - Light Conversation with Mr. Krabs
  16. Unknown Time- Bunnyhop
  • SpongeBob's mat was never present except for 2 scenes.
  • Even though Spongebob invited about 177 guests, only about 20 were seen or even attended.
  • SpongeBob's couch is red instead of green.
  • The blue Fred with glasses said he wasn't going to the party but was later seen there.