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Penny Foolish is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season six. In this episode, Mr. Krabs becomes obsessed over a penny SpongeBob found.

Penny Foolish



While at a discount store one day, Mr. Krabs spots SpongeBob picking something up, and Mr. Krabs thinks it is a perfectly good penny, but he decides it was just a penny, so he forces himself to forget about it. But on the way home from town, every time he sees something circular, he keeps having visions of pennies, and becomes obsessed. The next day he asks SpongeBob if he found anything, only for SpongeBob to reply that he found a brand new day, not a Penny. Time and time again he tries to crack SpongeBob to give him the penny, until finally he builds a theater behind the Krusty Krab, and he makes admission a penny, so he will get SpongeBob's penny, but he does not have one, so in frustration he destroys the theater. Mr. Krabs decides he will have a show at the Krusty Krab, to show how he does not have a penny, but SpongeBob still does not have one, so Mr. Krabs breaks. Later, he breaks into SpongeBob's house with a metal detector to find the penny, and when SpongeBob comes in, he shows him it was not a penny, but a chewed up piece of gum, for his gum collection, Mr. Krabs leaves and SpongeBob discovers that it is a $500 dollar bill, meanwhile Mr. Krabs is still digging for the penny, all over Bikini Bottom.


  • In the German version of this episode, the episode is called Ohne einen Penny, which means "Without a Penny".
  • The title card background is similar to those of "Dumped," "Patrick SmartPants," and "Mrs. Puff, You're Fired," except this one is lighter and has different colors.
  • The episode title comes from the term, "Penny Wise, Pound Foolish".
  • The movie posters that Krabs had on the wall were "Love", "Scary", "Buddies", "Hero", and "Kids".
  • This episode has the same title card music as Nautical Novice and these episodes are paired together. A similar thing happened with Naughty Nautical Neighbors and Boating School, but they have different beginnings.
  • Bikini Bottom has a few less buidings than usual in this episode.
  • Running Gag: When Mr. Krabs is seen from afar, people hear dolphin chirps. A boy in the boat with his mother, and two people listening to Mr. Krabs announce the new theatre.
  • Debbie is one of Pearl's friends in Tunnel of Glove. She's a cashier in this episode.
  • Mr. Krabs opens a theatre right behind the Krusty Krab and a single movie inside.
  • This is the second time Squidward wears his white tuxedo. The first is in Squilliam Returns. He wears a moustache-like hair just like Squilliam's eyebrows.
  • This is the third out of the five times Mr. Krabs goes crazy just to get one penny.The first was in "Culture Shock" when he smells a penny in a tablet and he took off like a rocket destroying the table.The second was in "Born Again Krabs" where he almost tore a customer's arm off. The third was in "Imitation Krabs" where he chased a penny down the street leaving the Krusty Krab nearly unguarded. And the fifth time was in "Face Freeze!" where he tossed away a customer and messed up someone's Krabby Patty while looking for a penny.
  • When SpongeBob grabbed the gum / ticket, we could not see what was in reality, but some people noticed it was bronze color (the color of pennies) but grabbed what was green.


  • When Mr. Krabs was looking at SpongeBob picking up a "penny", he was out of the line, though when he is told by the cashier that he is holding the line, he is right back in line.
  • The clerk already scanned a few items inside Mr. Krabs' grocery basket, after she asked for the price check on one item, the next scene; the other items are inside Mr. Krabs' grocery basket again.
  • In real life, the dollar Gary spat on wouldn't have gotten bigger, it would have been ruined.


APM Music

  • The Drunken Sailor (a) Title card
  • Happy Choo Choo A - Mr. Krabs spends money on his groceries, spots SpongeBob pick up a penny and leaves the grocery store.
  • The Drunken Sailor (b) - #1: Mr. Krabs is seen complaining while driving.
  • Drama Link A - "Okay, okay, get a grip Krabs. Just concentrate on driving."
  • Drama Link K - #1: The steering wheel turns into a penny. Mr. Krabs screams and let's go of it, then holds it again.
  • Drama Link C - "(laughs) Ah, it must just be the full moon. Wait a second..."
  • Trouble Spot - Mr. Krabs screams and yells: "I GOTTA HAVE THAT PENNY!!!"
  • 4th Achterhoek Dance - SpongeBob arrives to the Krusty Krab and Mr. Krabs asks for his penny.
  • Alien Spacecraft C - "Hey, look! It's my brain!"
  • Big Show Theme - A movie theater is being built.
  • Playbill - Mr. Krabs announces the grand opening of the 'Movie Palace'.
  • The Dreadnought Tea Clipper B - Mr. Krabs shows the 'flipbook' and the crowd leaves. Then, SpongeBob pleads to see the movie but must only give one penny but then says: "I really don't have a penny."
  • Abject Terror - Mr. Krabs screams.
  • From the Dead - Mr. Krabs demolishes the 'Movie Palace'.
  • Cocktail Lounge - Squidward welcomes SpongeBob to the 'Krusty Krab Semi-Annual Charity Night' and shows him to his table.
  • Beautiful Moonlit Night - "As that I realize, the images seen here tonight may be wretchedly hideous, I am going to tell you what you can do to end this travesty: You can give one penny to me: Mr. Krabs. Also known as: Mr. Krabs, the man who doesn't have one." Mr. Krabs sobs and SpongeBob sobs.
  • Drama Link K - #2: "What is this metal detector doing on the floor!? These should only be stored on special racks--*gasps* and you're not wearing your metal detector handling gloves!"
  • Botany Bay (b) - Mr. Krabs apologizes to SpongeBob.
  • The Drunken Sailor (b) - #2: "I feel so relieved! There was no penny after all! Well, I'll be going now. You can keep the metal detector, SpongeBob!"