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PlayStation (or PS1) is a home game console, released by Sony in 1994.

The PlayStation was released by Sony in 1994. It was Sony's first console and the first in the PlayStation series.


Sony announced a deal of producing a console with Nintendo and Philips as an add-on for Nintendo's Super Nintendo Entertainment System. However due to negotiations, both Sony and Phillips decided to make their own console, with Sony releasing the PlayStation and Phillips releasing the Cd-i. However, unlike the PlayStation's success, the Cd-I received largely negative reviews and was discontinued after a year.

The PlayStation received critical and universal acclaim. It sold up to 110 million units, making it currently the the second best-selling home game console. It was the best-selling home game console at the time of it's release.

The console received critical and universal acclaim. Many of the games became famous, and some were high-rated. The console led to a franchise of merchandise, and spawned three more sequels.

The console remained famous throughout the sixth generation, and still more games were released. The console's successor, the PlayStation 2 was fully backwards compatible with the console and succeeded it as the best selling game console of all time. In 2006, Sony discontinued the console after nearly 12 years in the market, just a few weeks before the PlayStation 3 was released. Also in 2014, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the console, Sony released a limited-edition of a PlayStation 4 that was supposed to resemble the console.

The console also was infamous for high failure rates. The number of reports of the high failure rates resulted in Sony having to release better versions of the console. The high failure reports have also happened on all the three other PlayStation consoles.

Two failure errors became popular in Creepypasta videos. One is when the console's laser is faulty, and the console starts up as normal, but the screen goes blank and the small scratching and whooshing noise the console plays when it has accepted a game becomes more louder, and makes a loud scratching noise. This is known in Creepypasta videos as Personified Fear.

Another failure error was when the console's internal memory becomes corrupted. The console starts up as usual, and the logo appears as normal, but then the music freezes and loops, playing a wind chime-like music. This is known as Fearful Harmony.

There are released development kits for the PlayStation known as the Net Yaroze which was an official consumer development kit.


The original Sony logo appears on a white screen with loud crescendo music. The PlayStation logo then appears on a blank screen playing a small whooshing noise.


  • The console sold 110 million units, making it the best-selling console at the time, and the first console to gross 100 million units.
  • The best-selling game for the console is Gran Turismo at 9 million copies.
  • PlayStation was supposed to be released by Nintendo and Sony as partners, as a CD add-on to the SNES.
  • This console is the first console to have pixelized 3D.