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The slimline version

PS3 showing 'Yellow Light of Death'

The Yellow Light of Death

PlayStation 3 or PS3 is a seventh generation home game console made by Sony in 2006. It is the third home game console in the PlayStation series and the first to have full Internet capability.

High failure rate[]

The original version of the PS3 was infamous for having a high failure rate, with up to 10% of all systems sold in many countries falling to errors. One such error involves the system failing to turn on, and instead displays a yellow light on the power button for a second before it switches to a red blinking light. The UK investigation program, Watchdog, investigating these errors, with the yellow light error being dubbed “The yellow light of death” by the show, a name which then caught on for the error.

Sony initially refused to claim responsibility for the failure rates, instead blaming the owners of the systems for placing it in low ventilation areas which voids the warranty. After an investigation showed that the errors are caused by poor construction of the systems, with the motherboard melting and damaging the disk drive, Sony eventually apologised and issued a recall of all original PS3 systems, before updating the systems. When Sony released the slimline versions of the console, the systems were more sturdily built, ensuring the disk drive doesn’t become damaged or the motherboard melts due to overheating.


Older versions had a wavy pattern surround the screen with slow flute and violin music. A text saying "Sony Computer Entertainment" appears. Then the PlayStation 3 logo appears if a game is loaded.

Newer version had the wavy pattern, but the slow flute music has been removed with just the violin music. A text saying "PS3" then appears. The PlayStation 3 logo then appears if a game is loaded.


  • The system is the first console ever to use augmented reality. The second will be the Nintendo 3DS.
  • The system has a choice on the main menu with shops and Wi-fi. The PlayStation Portable has this too.
  • Since it's release in 2006, 70 million units were sold as of 2013.
  • The console's best-selling game is Grand Theft Auto V at 20 million copies.
  • The system surpassed the PlayStation 2 but it was surpassed by the PlayStation 4 in 2013.
  • On PlayStation Store, some games for the PS2 were released onto the shop.