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Reef Blower
Season 1, Episode 1b
Reef Blower.png
Air date May 1, 1999
Written by Stephen Hillenburg
Derek Drymon
Tim Hill
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Reef Blower is the second episode of SpongeBob SquarePants. It aired on May 1, 1999. In the episode, SpongeBob uses his reef blower.


The episode starts out when Squidward walks outside and sees a tiny shell on his front lawn. He believes that it ruins the appearance of his lawn, so he kicks it onto SpongeBob's lawn on purpose. Suddenly, SpongeBob pops out of his window and sees the shell. He also believes that it ruins the appearance of his front lawn, so he gets his "reef blower" (an underwater version of a leaf blower) out of his garage. He turns it on, much to the annoyance of Squidward. Squidward plugs his ears and SpongeBob struggles to blow the shell away. After failing attempts, he angrily blows a large column of sand onto Squidward. To fix this problem, SpongeBob blows the sand off, which irritates Squidward's eyes. SpongeBob peers over at his sidewalk and sees a pile of sand. A subtitle "You" appears as SpongeBob points at the pile (no dialogue is heard). He then sucks the pile of sand into the reef blower, which malfunctions. The sand and a few mechanical gears blow out. So, SpongeBob unzips the reef blower and puts them in himself. The reef blower sneezes.

When the reef blower refuses to start, SpongeBob pulls the cord to an extreme distance and before finally starts. However, this causes it to suck in all of the water in the ocean. The reef blower then explodes, returning the water and leaving piles of sand all over Squidward's lawn, while SpongeBob's lawn is perfectly clean. Satisfied, SpongeBob gets out of a pile of sand and then goes back inside, while the shell lands on Squidward's nose.



Associated production music

The following is a list of music tracks used in the episode.

  •  Leaf Blower-The Blue Hawaiians (plays throughout)


The episode is available on DVD on The Complete First Season and The First 100 Episodes.


  • gave this episode a 8.6 out of 417 reviews.
  • IMDB didn't rate this episode but commented on it being unnecessary but funny.


  • When shown on TV, this episode and Prehibernation Week are stuck together. The title card for this episode pops up as soon as "SpongeBob Saw Gamefinishes with no commercials in between. This also happens with other 3 episode packs.
  • This is the shortest episode to date, with a length of exactly one minute and twenty-four seconds.
  • Although this is the only episode to contain no dialogue, SpongeBob says "You!", but no audio is heard. The word is seen in subtitles at the bottom. The sound is heard in the Spanish version, with SpongeBob saying "Tu!" (the Spanish word for you). It's also used in Romanian.
  • Every time a Reef Blower appears its own music can be heard.
  • Squidward is purple above-water in this episode.
  • With the exception of this episode, SpongeBob has had a line in every episode.
  • The episode was originally going to have dialogue, but the recording equipment broke and the episode was rewritten to be silent.[citation needed]
  • This episode aired in Germany on August 23, 2002.
  • A Reef Blower is a parody of a Leaf Blower.


  • When SpongeBob runs past the houses to get his reef blower, Squidward is gone.