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Royal Liver Building are two towers in Liverpool. At 90 metres, it was Europe's, United Kingdom's and Liverpool's tallest building until 1934, 1961 and 1965. One tower is facing the city and one is facing the River Mersey. 

About it[]

Liver Building was constructed in 1909 and was completed in 1911. When it completed, it was United Kingdom's first skyscraper. The building was constructed so people lost at sea, could try and follow it.

The building's clock face is over 8 metres wide, two metres wider than Big Ben's clock face. The building is, along with Port of Liverpool Building and the Cunard Building, one of the Three Graces on the Pier Head.

The two bird statues that sit on the two towers are the Liver Birds. Many legends surround the birds. One is that the birds are the city's heroes who sit on the towers, looking out to ward off curses. One bird, which is the female bird faces the River Mersey, and the other male bird faces the city. Legend says that the female bird looks out to welcome new sailors, and the male bird looks out to protect the city. In a humorous reason, the female bird looks out to the river to see if there are any handsome sailors coming in, while the male bird faces the city to see if the pubs are open.


  • Liverpool celebrated it's 100th anniversery in 2011.
  • It is one of the the most famous buildings in Liverpool and probably Britain.
  • Legend says that if the two birds on the towers fly away, Liverpool will cease to exist.
  • As of 2013, it is the fourth tallest building in Liverpool.
  • Story says that one bird, the female bird, looks over the River Mersey to welcome men home and the other bird, the male bird checks to see if the pubs are open.