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Rule of Dumb is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season four. In this episode, Patrick becomes a mean tyrant when he is crowned king.

Rule of Dumb






A starfish from the Royal Ministry comes to visit Patrick for a delivery. After Patrick opens, he thinks the starfish is a librarian and has come for overdue library books. Patrick runs to SpongeBob's house and cries about it. SpongeBob covers for Patrick by coming up to the man and greeting him. The starfish then asks SpongeBob if he knows Patrick, but SpongeBob lies and says, "No, I don't know any starfish!" in surprise. When the starfish announces he has a gift for Patrick, which is a crown; Patrick dashes out of SpongeBob's house and grabs his gift. He starts chewing it and licking it, and announces it's a terrible-tasting gift. The starfish explains it's an item to wear, not to eat. Patrick is pleased when he gets the shiny crown. SpongeBob becomes Patrick's servant and shows a treaty to the citizens of Bikini Bottom whenever Patrick takes something from them. SpongeBob assists Patrick firstly by going to the Krusty Krab and ordering for Patrick when Mr. Krabs looks at Patrick in shock and comes to him in a happy way. But SpongeBob is thrown away by Mr. Krabs and Patrick orders for himself with 10 Krabby Patties, a large fries, and a shake; Mr. Krabs lays out a buffet for him on the table consisting plates of Krabby Patties, a dozen shakes, and fries. Soon, Patrick requests for more ketchup, but Mr. Krabs tells him to pay a bill instead. Patrick then states that he has no money and anything he gets is free. Mr. Krabs gets upset at this and kicks both SpongeBob & Patrick out of the restaurant and screams out the front door, "Nobody eats for free at me restaurant, king or no king!", and closes the doors. He then finds a fish with a Krabby Patty and a shake and asks if he was going to eat it, and when the blue fish says he was planning to, Patrick takes it. Then a nerdy fish, Horace, comes up with a comic book collection, and becomes overjoyed at it especially at one of the comics "Wonder Space Fish", and states his 40-year old life and his comic book collection are complete, but he bumps into Patrick and Patrick takes the comic books, and Horace (who worked his whole life on the comic book collection) becomes sad. When the nerd begins to cry, Patrick laughs viciously, and he exclaims happily that he loves being a king. Patrick then gets other citizens to line up leading to his rock, which is turned into a magnificent castle, with one of their possessions. After SpongeBob gains a walker from an old man for Patrick, he comes down to give Patrick his opinion on whether to put his plasma screen TV by the fancy egg display or the indoor swimming pool, which is seen shaped as a star, and is obviously known because he is a starfish. Next morning, Squidward wakes up and he is blown away by the wind inside of his house because Patrick is making a crane move it back a little to build a ferris wheel. Squidward finally explodes after coming out of his house and announces to everyone that Patrick couldn't be a king because he is much too stupid and tells them that he can't be a king of anything (except of being a moron). Patrick then explodes and requests SpongeBob to attack Squidward. SpongeBob pretends to go to Squidward right away but really asks Squidward to sign a treaty. But Squidward rolls up the treaty and plugs it into one of SpongeBob's craters just by throwing it. Patrick's insane and awful attitude inside his castle makes SpongeBob afraid of him, and he slowly walks away, saying he needs to go to the Krusty Krab for work. Realizing that his servant just left him, Patrick goes for a drink. On his way, Patrick looks at himself in the mirror and sees that he is literally turning into a monster. He gets frightened at this sight and goes back to the starfish who made him king. He gives the crown back to the Royal Ministry starfish and rechecks the paper of ancestors who was made to be king. After wiping a stain on the other side of Patrick's family he realizes that Gary is the one who really has struck royalty. SpongeBob and Patrick become servants and Gary gets the crown. The episode is finally ended with a happy and questioning "meow" from Gary.

Cultural References[]

  • Rule of Dumb is a pun of the idiom "rule of thumb", which is a principle with broad application that is not intended to be strictly accurate or reliable for every situation.
  • Music from Dunces and Dragons can be heard at the Banquet.
  • When Patrick hides in SpongeBob's house, he makes a mess. If you look carefully, you can see a book called Guide to Fitness by Richue Salmons. This is a reference to fitness instructor Richard Simmons.
  • When Patrick gave back the crown, the man from the royal ministry said, "With great power comes great responsibility.", as Voltaire, a famous French philiosopher once did. It is also a famous quote from "Spider-Man"


  • While Patrick orders an attack on Squidward, his house is black.
  • This episode aired in the United Kingdom before it aired in the United States.
  • This episode was previously called "Starfish of Royalty".
  • The German title for this episode is "Königlicher Quatsch" wich translates as "Royal Nonsense" and in the Netherlands it is called "Koning Domheid" which translates as "King Stupid", while in Brazil it is called "Reinado de Idiotas", meaning "Idiots Rule" or "Idiots Reign".
  • The other people in the family line are: King Amoeba, Queen Mildew, Princess Tulsa, Prince Callows, Prince Dingus, Carl, Billy Bob, Maw Titter, Sluggo, Herb and Margie, and Gary.
  • When Patrick is taking items from the citizens there is a small gray tower on his rock. When he is annexing Squidward's house the tower is missing and his old antenna is shown again. When Squidward is saying that Patrick is a bad king, the gray tower is back on the rock.
  • The is the second time where Squidward's house is hoisted off the ground. The first time was in Bubblestand.
  • After SpongeBob runs away from Patrick, he rips his coat off. But when it zooms out, the coat isn't there.
  • This is the fourth and final episode transcribed into a comic in the SpongeBob/Tokyopop book the "Mistaken Identity". The other three were Once BittenThat's No Lady, and The Thing.
  • Patrick's parent's names are shown to be "Herb" and "Margie"
  • When Squidward's house is dropped into the ground, its "nose" is above the ground, however during a close-up of the house, the house is buried up to its windows.
  • There is a closed captioning error when Patrick starts to become a tyrant. After SpongeBob says, "what being king is all about", the captions suddenly freeze during the scene where Patrick takes the comic books away from the comic book collector, then, the captions fast forward to the point where Patrick says, "I love being king!", after the point where the person with the comics says, "I spent my entire life collecting those". This goof was fixed on September 28, 2012.
  • When Patrick was burning his books (literally) he showed SpongeBob a book that says: How To Read.
  • This episode is similar to the 1991 film, King Ralph.
  • It makes sense that the oldest king and queen were bacterium and amoebe since those life forms existed before others.
  • The part where Patrick sees himself in the mirror relates to Roller Cowards where Patrick says, "I thought we settled this last time!"
  • When Patrick looks in the mirror, her monstrous reflection resembles the king koopa of the super mario bros TV series because both have monstrous reptile face, crown and spikes in the back.
  • In this episode, we learn that Patrick and Gary are cousins.


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